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  41. Wal-Mart has it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  59. Is this game as good as it looks?
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  61. Ign gives this a 6.0
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  63. Pc is same as ps2 burn sega
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  65. i defeated the four enclave sectors & i need 7 enclave g
  66. Shame on you
  67. new hulk game on pc
  68. Marvel Games till 2011
  69. I want my money back SEGA!
  70. Serious lack of effort
  71. I'll only buy this game when it is fixed
  72. Gamespot gives it a 5.5
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  74. Plz insert the disc and press ok then restart the applicatio
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  76. Cannot Map Controller for PC
  77. The game is not worth buying
  78. No cinematics on PC
  79. BI-BEAST ?!?!?!
  80. Where can I go to get help with this game?
  81. Anyone here have "Ultimate Human" comics?
  82. Bad game typical...getting lied too aint standin for it.
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  94. i have almost done all upgrade except trick u-foe ,but....
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  96. help me
  97. How do you defeat Abomination?
  98. Why is there no Red Hulk avaliable in the UK?
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  100. Help please
  101. Need help in Hulk's default keyboard settings (PC)
  102. don't buy this game
  103. I know how you get the Iron Man Hulkbuster suit....
  104. When do you get to fight Abomination?!?
  105. I beat the Game!
  106. It is not just Sega afterall ... these developers are lousy
  107. what are the enclave scarabs
  108. help for step 4, bomb desactivation
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  110. What Was Your Fastest Boss Battle So Far?
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  125. How To Transform Banner While Falling
  126. Gamespot gives a 3.5 rating
  127. Awesome work Sega!
  128. Where is the Brazil mission on the map?
  129. Anybody still play the first Hulk Game?
  130. mission : trip to Brazil
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  140. Need help second levelwith Incredible Hulk getting past