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  5. The Canvas Engine
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  8. Sega please add trophies support.
  9. Valkyria Chronicles Game Con 2008 trailer
  10. Leveling up.
  11. Glitches
  12. Possible PSP version
  13. When Valkyria Chronicles is released state side...
  14. Is the artbook exclusive to EBGames/Gamestop?
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  22. Two questions
  23. Rapper Soulja Boy Tell 'Em bought this game
  25. Xbox 360 Port?
  26. English voices.
  27. Valkyria Chronicles 2
  28. Didn't get my artbook
  29. Valkyria Chronicles Voices English and Japanese comparison
  30. No sound???
  31. Valkyria Chronicles selling well in the US?
  32. This is a terrible game. We've been had.
  33. Whats with Ty the Immortal and other "the" charach
  34. First week sales in Europe...
  35. Valkyria Anime next year
  36. Why no Multiplayer?
  37. Added Effect Weapons
  38. Favorite Attacks? Combo Attacks?
  39. Characters you use, more background is unlocked?
  40. This game is a masterpiece, what do u like to see the next!
  41. Trophies patch?
  42. Valkyria Chronicles: Star Wars Battlefront style
  43. How do I compliment the chef?
  44. Anyone else get random freezes?
  45. R&D Facility Question
  46. Great Game!
  47. An idea to boost sales.
  48. DLC, like new missions---
  49. Valkyria Chronicles awards
  50. this game pretty much needs to come to 360 to sell
  51. An Angry Consumer.
  52. online Muli- player
  53. Valkyria Chronicles CYOA
  54. Some advice on this operation(spoilers)
  55. Valkyria Chronicles on Twitter
  56. Reviving Valkyria Chronicles - Porting to the Xbox360
  57. I have a question about the opening :D
  58. Lancer Elite WEAPON question! Theimer vs Lancaar-SH
  59. Welkin didn't even shed ONE tear for Isara. *spoilers*
  60. Darcsens = Jews
  61. Valkyria Chronicles will keep on selling.
  62. Levels, where should you be when?
  63. Valkyria Chronicles NYCC Community Cosplay -Pictures posted!
  64. When or is DLC coming to NA?
  65. Valkyria Chronicles... Cake!
  66. Q&As retry. (INFO SPOILERS)
  67. Favorite unit for each class?
  68. Deresolute by account. I don't trust this forum no more.
  69. Trophies
  70. Valkyria Chronicles Manga
  71. To sega of america: If there is a sequel please localize it
  73. This is a gem among the tried and trues!
  74. Has Valkyria Chronicles been Discontinued ?
  75. A future classic
  76. Can't wait to play VC!!! (pointless thread, btw)
  77. can we all agree on something?
  78. Valkyria Chronicles Theme on Piano
  79. Wheel Of Fortune Guess on Twitter
  80. Valkyria Chronicles FPS or 3rd Person Shooter?
  81. Question about EX Hard Mode DLC ?
  82. "The Best" series collection question
  83. Valkyria Chronicles DLC
  84. Fix for Buzz controller in a Patch?
  85. Question about the cut scenes??
  86. Valkyria Chronicles 30 dollars at Gamestop
  87. Valkyria Chronicles $29.99!!!
  88. Regarding Valkyria Anime links
  89. Valkyria Chronicles sequel/prequel ideas?
  90. Valkyria Chronicles English Voice Actors
  92. The anime is out.
  93. @RubyEclipse
  94. Valkyria DLC Spotlight #1 - Hard Mode Ex
  95. Expert Skirmishes guide
  96. Which Valkyria Chronicles DLC should I get?
  97. Why hasn't Valkyria Chronicles sell well?
  98. Valkyria Chronicles DLC Contest #1 - Win free merch!
  99. Valkyria Chronicles sales jump in the US
  100. Spoiler from Behind her Blue Flame
  101. Valkyria DLC Contest #3 - SEGA Nerds!
  102. Valkyria Chronicles 2
  103. Valkyria Chronicles Browser Game
  104. Your favorite squad matchup.
  105. Emergency! Requesting assistance with DLCs. Anyone, there?
  106. New weapons assistance.
  107. Emergency! Requesting assistance with Expert difficulty.
  108. LBP Valkyria Chronicles
  109. Amazon selling Valkyria Chronicles directly again.
  110. Valkyria Chronicles in Top 5 for Japan AND US
  111. Randgriz Crest of Honor assistance.
  112. Final time. Assistance or no more Valkyria Chronicles topic.
  113. Valkyria Chronicles DLC ideas
  114. Which new Valkyria Avatar would you like?
  115. It's getting kinda lonely here
  116. Question about DLC
  117. Valkyria Figurine Giveaway at Toronto Thumbs
  118. Yahtzee Reviews Valkyria Chronicles
  119. Hard EX skirmish youtube walkthroughs
  120. Which soldier class would YOU want to be?
  121. Which soldier class would YOU want to be?
  122. I've finally completed Valkyria Chronicles!!
  123. Which VC Girl character would you date?
  124. Which VC girl character would you date?
  125. Which VC Guy character would you date?
  126. Cross Region Question
  127. My Fan Art!
  128. Valkyria Chronicles Sales increase by over 400% in April!
  129. If Valkyria Chronicles were a cereal...
  130. Who did you sacrifice for The Splintered Horn?
  131. Ideas for a VC sequel or prequel?
  132. Valkyria Chronicles DLC contest for Canadians!
  133. New DLC anounced on Famitsu!!
  134. Looking for some good (dedicated!) fans - Update: So it begins!
  135. Alicia cosplay in Hatsune Miku -Project Diva-
  136. Valkyria Chronicles MMO?
  137. The Valkryia artbook... why the delays?
  138. I wont buy this game.
  139. Valkyria in LBP
  140. When will US get the new Edy DLC?
  141. Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PSP confirmed
  142. If you were to write a Valkyria Chronicles fanfiction...
  143. Valkyria Chronicles cosplay at San Diego Comic-con!
  144. Do you think Valkyria 2 will be released outside of Japan?
  145. 35 classes in VC2?
  146. Got the Game B4 it ends up like PSU
  147. Anime gets DVD release
  148. New VC2 screens
  149. Petition for trophy support in Valkyria Chronicles
  150. vc2 jp tv spot
  151. Story Q&As. (SPOILERS)
  152. New VC2 " Blink and you'll miss it" trailer
  153. VC2 Music
  154. New Valkyria phrase surfaces on Twitter and Facebook
  155. The new DLC announced for the West?
  156. this is a rare game for sure
  157. Question about the DLC
  158. I hate chapter 7!! (spoilers)
  159. Valkyria Chronicles Trophy petition
  160. VC2: gameplay videos!!
  161. any statement from the developers
  162. Why I think VC2 is on the PSP.
  163. Hint phrase on Twitter
  164. Valkyria Chronicles 2 announced for the West!! [PSP]
  165. Ruby is going to TGS - Submit your questions for the Valkyria dev team!
  166. Valkyria to head back to PS3?
  167. Thank you for this wonderful game
  168. Hey Ruby
  169. Creating the first Valkyria Fansite - banners, anyone?
  170. Just had to show my appreciation somehow.
  171. COLUMN: Battle Klaxon: The People Power of Valkyria Chronicles.
  172. Changing your troop lineup?
  173. Will VC2 be available on the PSP Go?
  174. Replay value
  175. Completed!
  176. VC2 jp demo november 2nd!
  177. Chapter 7 woes
  178. Coming Soon...!?
  179. VC2 site update!
  180. HP Question
  181. Re-release?
  182. Valkyria Chronicles 3 and praise
  183. How did YOU learn of Valkyria Chronicles?
  184. TGS Interview / SEGA Podcast?
  185. If Valkyria Chronicles was turned into a live action film...
  186. The western comunity should need JP translators...
  187. Valkyria Chronicles - Avatar Gallery Poll
  188. Alicia's Scarf
  189. Valkyria Chronicles: 8th best video game of the decade
  190. Valkyria Character Mudbox!?
  191. Favorite Valkyria Chronicles soundtrack song
  192. Senjou no Valkyrai 2 Playable demo
  193. Senjou no Valkyria goods
  194. All Sega PSN DLC 40% off for Christmas!
  195. New Valkyria Chronicles review at InDis (5/5)
  196. Would you like to see Valkyria Chronicles 2 ported over to the PS2, Wii, or PSN?
  197. How would YOU change VC's ranking system?
  198. Locazation Tread on Valkyria Chronicles 2
  199. Valkyria Chronicles 2 Discussion tread
  200. Video recommendations
  201. Valkyria Chronicles 3 - Suggestions
  202. Valkyria Chronicles fans PlayStation Network accounts
  203. UK VC Meetup
  204. awesome skin
  205. Valkyria Chronicles 2 Successful 1st Week
  206. What cameos would you have like to have seen in VC2?
  207. Tank emblems - UaW
  208. Does anyone have any custom avatars of Noce?
  209. Chapter four took me freaking forever...
  210. Trophy patch incoming for “very good game,” says IGN
  211. Ruby, what's going on, bro? Where's the US/EU release for the next DLC?
  212. I caved in.
  213. Love Conquers All Bundle
  214. Would you play a real-time Valkyria Chronicles third-person shooter RPG?
  215. Valkyria Chronicles - DLC Spotlight #1: Jann's Lancer Challenge!
  216. I have arrived...
  217. It's going to be a collectible
  218. Does DLC require me to be online on PSN?
  219. Dear SEGA please patch VC1....
  220. Is the latest addition to the VC DLC missing something?
  221. PSN VC avatars please!
  222. Valkyria Chronicles DLC explanation?
  223. All DLC on Sale
  224. Valkyria Chronicles the Movie
  225. Infiltrator
  226. Gamespot VC Forums?
  227. "Valkyria Chronicles: Cosplay Megathread" or "Squad Seven, Dress Up!"
  228. How did I miss this the first time round?!?
  229. A little help against snipers?
  230. I can't find a balance
  231. The characters of Valkyria Chronicles II
  232. Something Interesting [SPOILERS]
  233. Help with 10b (Liberation of Fouzen)
  234. VC merchandise: Pricey & Spicey
  235. Theoretical VC-C&C: Red Alert crossover
  236. final boss help...
  237. Want to win some Valkyria Chronicles swag? No $karma points required
  238. "This is gonna take a lotta Sundays..."
  239. [Suggestion] Valkyria Chronicles Zero
  240. VC2: Am I the only one anxious to know the release date? :)
  241. Will the anime ever be dubbed?
  242. If you could have any weapon from any game in VC...
  243. Sony Exclusive games
  244. VC2 US Release Date: Aug 31
  245. Really dumb question:
  246. You are now ALICIA MELCHIOTT.
  247. Funniest valkyria chronicles moments
  248. Valkyria Chronicles II picks up Best RPG of E3 and Best PSP Game of E3 awards!
  249. Im freaking stuck on Chapter 15 battle 2
  250. Blank disk