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  1. Lag!
  2. I found a bug
  3. Bug Errors, System Specs, Information On How To Post.
  4. Client Crash at start of match.
  5. client crashes
  6. Can't access Multiplayer
  7. Submitting feedback
  8. My windows live thing doesnt work
  9. Ports Needed?
  10. xlive.dll
  11. Corruption Strikes!
  12. how do you make this work?
  13. Filename bug
  14. Xlive Not Working?
  15. Windows live signs me out?
  16. Error in LIVE
  17. Medal chest crashed game
  18. Mouse Pointer Vanishing
  19. Problems joining/creating games
  20. Black Screen
  21. Host Bug
  22. Cant play the game it freezes on startup.
  23. is this a bug?
  24. Download link not working
  25. Multiplayer - Taking long to find a game?
  26. Game will not start. Crashes on connecting to network.
  27. Problems finding/joining games.
  28. Crashed Out to Windows at End Game
  29. Live Logging on problem
  30. A few bugs in the game.
  31. white screen
  32. ERROR!
  33. Oh noes!
  34. gme not installing
  35. 2 problems
  36. _except.txt
  37. No mouse cursor
  38. Crash to desktop
  39. Random crashes.....anytime, anywhere
  41. Werid Vista Problem 2, Problems
  42. Please Sega.
  43. Word Filter - Too harsh?
  44. keep getting disconnected from windows live
  45. Abduction bug
  46. Game crashes a couple minutes into the menu
  47. connection problems
  48. Live useless on pc
  49. Kick Crash
  50. Install/Uninstall Problems
  51. Game won't boot
  52. Can't start the game!
  53. Windows Live fix.
  54. Where is the game installed ?
  55. after first match beta impressions and improvements
  56. Fix for Getting into Multiplayer past Custom
  57. So...Many...things...need...FIXING
  58. Game Crashing Bug
  59. Selection and Drag box
  60. found a bug
  61. GFW Live
  62. Mecha's All-in-One Feedback Post (Bugs, Suggestions)
  63. Out of control scrolling
  64. AdWatch complains: StopPop harmful process identified
  65. Can not enter Games for Windows LIVE token
  66. Synchronization error
  67. One Wish for Skirmish mode
  68. General issues that need to be addressed.
  69. can't even play the beta =(
  70. Game wont let me quit
  71. OPEN HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  72. HELP!!!!!!
  73. hmm, can't even play? white screen as well? o.o?
  74. Menu Freezing/Slowing issues
  75. White..White...and more White
  76. Found a bug
  77. need help really rally badly
  79. Game sputters/bogs then crashes
  80. Really, really weird "problem"...
  81. I think a revision of the minimum specs is in order
  82. Chat "Bug?" - filtering chat with no bad words
  83. Ideas for the release, could be added to the beta maybe
  84. connecting
  85. logging in network
  86. In-game bugs, concerning the Novus
  87. bug for the masari
  88. Black Screen at Match Start
  89. Connecting to network...
  90. Black Screen during game
  91. i realize it's a beta but come on.
  92. Defcon : black screen
  93. My Bug list so far.
  94. Flow not working as intended?
  95. Connection Issues
  96. sent back to main menu?
  97. Unable to get xbox live profile?!
  98. Tried to log on 9 times, came tru the tenth time then
  99. Tips for ATTUALLY playing the game.
  100. crash on loading
  101. How do I change directory to which the installer files unzip
  102. Logged and get greyed out options
  103. my screen turns white
  104. It's blindingly obvious
  106. Compatibility Mode error
  107. Bugs & Players in Custom map
  108. Is it the computer or the game???
  109. Strange Bug
  110. Live says Product Key Invalid
  111. Get signed out to live whenever doing ANYTHING live related
  112. application failed to start
  113. desyncing?
  114. UAW will not launch
  115. Synchronization Error Detected
  116. Few things I've found
  117. Virtual Address Read/Write Exception
  118. running on windows 2000
  119. HELP! Can't login to Windows Live ID, no matter what I do.
  120. cant read name in custom game list
  121. Crash to desktop.
  122. 999 and nothing able to select
  123. Sold the builder and couldnt continue.
  124. Incorrect Audio Clerifications
  125. cant load xlive helper.dll
  126. still not working
  127. forced to watch?
  128. HOTKEYS!!!!
  129. Sync error?
  130. Major Install Problem
  131. Microsoft Live - Always Disconnects
  132. Tuttomenui's Bug Log
  133. Word Filter list
  134. Have to reinstall it Each time i want to Play it!!!?
  135. Here's an interesting one - Hierarchy Beware!
  136. medal Crashing error
  137. Crash in the middle of playing
  138. Install "glitch"
  139. Retrieving game list then kicks to title screen
  140. graviton bomb prevents me from moving my sciencewalker
  141. Multiplayer Game Load
  142. Xbox Live thingy
  143. Loads Halfway then Stops
  144. "Exceeded the usage of your product key"?
  145. HELP!!! Link to download UAW wont work
  146. Hierarchy Resource Medal Bug
  147. Here is the address the ingame feedback link sends you to..
  148. Warning : you are posting on the wrong site
  149. stops responding while loading
  150. The problems i have found while playing the game.
  151. Interface Lag issues
  152. Screen Resolution - Blank screen
  153. research tree won't open
  154. Can't access guide: no one seems to know how to fix
  155. "Synchronization Error Detected" popup
  156. Win/Lose bug... a very real bug. Please read.
  157. Windows LIVE + Eception error
  158. Why is my screen black.
  159. Text Garbled
  160. Downloading Game Problem <found solution>
  161. Can't play as Masari EDIT:Never mind
  162. Reinstall of the OS
  163. guide button
  164. i have a new restart button for my computer
  165. i cant acces the guide why?! help!
  166. Auto Sign off..
  167. Crash to desktop when press "Custom Match"
  168. Cant download patch
  169. Xlive.dll
  170. Can't Download
  171. Game Screen is Black
  172. Please help
  173. Multiplayer- Infinite Loading?
  174. what should i do with this window?
  175. Problem loading a custom Match
  177. zooming in disconnet
  178. UAW error on start
  179. A Few problems
  180. random CTD's
  181. error when downloading patch
  182. Crash report...
  183. no cursor
  184. Crash on install (reboot) of system beta program.
  185. Game Crash
  186. Can't sign into Windows Live. Beta key issue.
  187. Research for Novus
  188. Sync error
  189. can't play online
  190. Unit on the edge