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  1. Upto Date War Map!!!
  2. The Battle has begun
  3. Sal Kar to victory!
  4. Tarakia Offensive
  5. Tarakia is no more
  6. Cold and Heat
  7. Morskoj FTW
  8. Tarakia has risen from the ashes.
  9. Tarakian/Morskoj alliance?
  10. Im confused
  11. Weapon help
  12. A Multi-Pronged Attack?
  13. Neroimus war question
  14. when is this coming out
  15. So who's up for a temporary Tarakia/Morskoj cease fire?
  16. War Stories!
  17. After how long does the server reset?
  18. swap sides?
  19. Tarakia holding capitol and retaking Baleares?
  20. The Great Tarakian Alliance
  21. Wtfs Wrong with Tarakia
  22. Kind of Ticked at SEGA About Neroimus and US Launch
  23. Quick Question about the War
  24. now an then
  25. what happend to the american takaria thing?
  26. Any RT already in shortage for Tarakia?
  27. IT"S GONE!!!
  28. Opinion to SEGA: Reflection on War Mode Issue
  29. War Medals
  30. Central Xeres
  31. [BUGS] No voice chat in match / No one in lobby ...
  32. Tarakia, this is a call to rise
  34. Tarakia. How do we buy things. How does the lottery work?
  35. Takaria in need of aid right now!!
  36. Confused/Need help.
  37. A thought on Shops
  38. Tarakia has a shop! WOOOO!
  39. can anyone answer this about capitals?
  40. Who do I fight and how does it affect the war to win/loose?
  41. reset???
  42. tarakian assault- 7-15-2006 at 5:00pm PST
  43. What can you do for the war cause when your squad is not on?
  44. Tarakia is OURS!
  45. How do you defect to another nation?
  46. Will eventual server reset affect purchased parts, etc?
  47. I can't connect to games
  48. Tarakia, your time is up.
  49. The War's Over!
  50. Morskoj control 100%, WAR OVER!!!
  51. war is over.....then.....
  52. I need war 2
  53. It's up.
  54. Its reseted!
  55. Americans not living up to the hype lol
  56. Morskoj Elections
  57. Will the Kal Saris ever learn?
  58. hi ive got such a noob question
  59. This is a joke....
  60. how do you get thermal and night vision?
  61. [url]www.tarakia.com[/url]
  62. Elections?
  63. Server Latencey Symbols?
  64. help me
  65. Are parts tradable between clans?
  66. How much DL does the online mode use on average?
  68. what is the best singleplayer class and why
  69. abilitys
  70. Tarakia is holding their own.
  71. Most embarrassing moment.......so far
  72. Tarakia alliance
  73. Single player parts accessibility
  74. nations
  75. What are the little red dots on the territory maps by names?
  76. Do the map markers move the AI troops for your team?
  77. Is Morskoj scared?
  78. so who stayed loyal tarakia during the first war
  79. Current Battlefield Reports
  80. money glitch need help
  81. Capture points?
  82. Well it looks like the new Tarakian capital will be Sal Kar.
  83. Don't frag your chickens before they hatch
  84. Game Fixes SEGA/FROM please read...
  85. Holy.....WOW. Just...WOW.
  86. Requesting squad mates to take back the Tarakian capitol.
  87. crap looks like i am a coward
  88. anyone knows the effective of different president ??
  89. Tarakian Soldiers Unite!!
  90. I have a few suggestions.
  91. Is there some sort of glitch here?
  92. ATTN: Tarakian players!
  93. Tarakia's disadvantage.
  94. As a Tarakian, I say to my comrads - Stop complaining.
  95. tarakia
  96. Sal Kari Unite!
  97. Tarakia brought this on themselves
  98. Thanks MORSKOJ for ruining the game!
  100. After the war question
  101. parallel
  102. A Idea for the game
  103. A Serious Problem: Constructive Feedback
  104. I want a refund!
  105. WTH?
  106. A much needed improvement
  107. Regional Servers
  108. The first thing sega needs to work on....
  109. Wow. What's up with the complaining?
  110. Serious Question from a noob
  111. Morskoj, we are coming for your ^%$
  112. Xeres back in Tarakian Hands
  113. Tarakian squads post here
  114. Sal kar gone?
  116. War 3
  117. CENSUS
  119. Good job Morkoj. Now on with war 3!
  120. CPU player rewards
  121. how to fix the complainers
  122. The way to help Tarakia
  123. New form of rushing?
  124. Pro Skills won the Gold Cross medal :D
  125. 9 million
  126. how sega can fix themselves
  128. Solutions not Whinning...
  129. My take on what this game needs improvement on
  130. GJ Tarakia!
  131. i think its funny
  132. Tarakia isn't outnumbered anymore
  133. Let's guess ! how many days will Season 3 last for ?
  134. Morskoj attacking St Yves again !!!
  135. PvP
  136. Tarakia stop attacking Sal Kar
  137. Tarakia use Server down technique
  138. Battle Status: Tarkia and Sal Kar must stop fighting
  139. How many days for the war to end?
  140. To those bagging on Americans who ditched for Morskoj
  141. Greatest Moment So Far
  142. take THAT morksoj
  143. *sigh* Sal Kar...
  144. Hot damn morskoj
  145. Coincedence?
  146. See what happens when we work together?!?!?
  147. Tarakia victorious!
  148. Good Job Tarakia
  149. Next War?
  150. Is it me??
  151. Making wars last longer?
  152. Will Sal Kar ever RISE?
  153. Screw it
  154. 6v6-PvP Battles
  155. Most annoying aspect of Chromehounds
  156. Squad leadership needs work
  157. The single greatest moment in my CH career.
  158. Heat seeking rockets are ridiculous.
  159. Patch in the future?
  160. Home advantage
  161. Poll: How to balance the impact of AI in the war
  162. Poor Sal Kar.
  163. GO SAL-KAR!!!!
  164. WTH happened?
  165. Red always win
  166. Sal Kar to win this current war?
  168. Morskoj = Non-US Players
  169. How can this happen in 2 hours??
  170. Wars should last weeks not hours
  171. How do I join in on the War? Seriously!!
  172. Are computers seriously that fun?
  173. So much potential.. now, so not fun
  174. Who do I have to go down on to get these things fixed?
  175. Uses for the little dude?
  176. Elections?
  177. Troop Strength
  178. oops, -60,000 and no mechs...
  179. Neroimus PvP
  180. Well, the game is no longer fun.
  181. okay everyone dont play cpu play other people
  182. A suggestion on how to make wars more balanced.
  183. OH......MY.......GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. how can you tell when a war is over/reset?
  185. In regards to the behomoth.
  186. war number 4*
  187. the lottery.....
  188. No shop working in Sal Kar???
  189. Going up in rank is a bad thing.
  190. Tarakia and Sal Kar Unite against Morskoj
  191. Tarakia Loses Capital
  192. Awesome Stories?
  193. How do you make donation.
  194. and war 4 is over
  195. The Shop?
  196. Noob needs quick help. (Cheers!)
  197. WAR 5
  198. Should the roads be randomized on reset.
  199. Very tired of everyones "what if" and "this g
  200. Why can't I find any missions with any players in it?
  201. Backs against the wall
  202. Gun Run
  203. The subject of balance
  204. War balancing...
  205. How do you go up in rank?
  206. "Newbie" Bashing
  207. Defend Gazi (Kal Kar)
  208. Obstacles communicating
  209. tips on which missions to start first
  210. Persistent Map
  211. how do i participate in the war???
  213. I am stunned
  214. Big Problem with my squad winning matches
  215. Being able to swap allegiances so easily
  216. im not sure about this but i think it would help
  217. Question about countries
  218. Replacing one cheap tactic (weapon) with another...
  219. Sal-Karian Super Weapon??
  220. Holy crap Morskoj guns
  221. Just Solved the Nation Swap Problem!
  222. I just got an update...?
  223. Squad leaders switching factions suck...
  224. Mercenary Unit
  225. Here is something I would like patched before anything else
  226. What's the point in being Sal Kar now?
  227. Who won war 5?
  228. Do you believe armor in front of the kokpit is cheap?
  229. have you noticed this?
  230. Morskoj is too powerfull!
  231. Tarakia vs Morj
  232. Small Games
  233. season over!
  234. Damn you, Tarakia!
  235. SDI or Sal Kar Defence Initiative Lets defend sal kar!
  236. People Post lots of Dumb Questions on this Forum
  237. What the hell happened?
  238. Red vs Blue
  239. Neroimus War
  240. 2 Days for the WAR
  241. Relative power of weapons, a simple comparison.
  242. This neroimus war is just....
  243. All you :):):):):) :):):) Morskov's & Tarakians
  244. Well, It is Awesome Again
  245. How long will the servers be down?
  246. Sal Kar...
  247. What was changed this update?
  248. Is everyone Afraid?
  249. super mechs
  250. Whats with people quitting and nulling the match?