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  1. Squad Recruiting
  2. Dangerous Dads recruiting now
  3. Finn Force recruits! Attention all Finnish players
  4. White Fang recruiting!
  5. Roleplay Squads
  6. Alpha One now recruting
  7. Dark Agents Recruiting
  8. Camerons recruiting
  9. Morskoj:Blue Ravens
  10. Killer Grunts reqruiting!
  11. Mitglieder für Deutsche Squad gesucht!!!
  12. Join HellzHoundz!!!!
  13. join Soviet Union
  14. All Squads join into one Squad.
  15. Anyone wanna play?
  16. Aries Angels recruiting
  17. Dangerous Dads - Recruiting - Nation Tarikia
  18. Any competitive/Organized U.S. Squads? (East Time Zone)
  19. ChilledOps looking for good laugh, fun HOUND pilots
  20. The Soviet Army Is Recruiting!
  21. Join the Killer Angels!
  22. Looking for a squad
  23. Seeking mature-ish Tarakia squad
  24. Looking For Squad
  25. Swedish squad recruiting
  26. Tarakian squad recruiting
  27. need a squad we got one
  28. New Morskoj Clan
  29. Looking for Squad
  30. Morskoj based squad in need of recruits
  31. StormScape accepting Morskoj recruits
  32. join up and try and save tarakia
  33. 538th Shiznos Looking For Loyal Sal Kar Recruits
  34. (---Crows Nest - Morskoj Squad - Filling Roles---)
  35. Playing fo Morskoj, looking for squad.
  36. SSX - Shattered Star Exiles
  37. UK Morskoj Squad looking for mature firepower!
  38. Soldier / TC looking for a competitive squad
  39. xX ILLuSioN Xx Recruiting
  40. Mature gamer in Central Time Zone looking for squad....
  41. squad black wolf needs you
  42. DOG 1 Recruiting
  43. Command N Vodka Needs You
  44. tarakian squad
  45. Oompa Loompas
  46. BBR Squad Recruiting
  47. Willit Hunters recruiting hounds for Sal Kar
  48. Casual Sniper Looking for Tarakian Squad
  49. Tarakian Forces Is Recruiting
  50. Looking for a casual Tarakian squad.
  51. Defender RT looking for a Tarakian squad
  52. Tueurs de Dieu recruiting.
  53. Divine Crimson - Morskoj squad. Laidback and casual
  54. Morskojian looking for squad.
  55. Squad Search Problems
  56. do you need a sqaud?
  57. morskoj dd kill needs you
  58. Looking for Tarakia squad
  59. Sal Kar xXPORN0STARSXx
  60. Unvoiced Heros looking for recruits
  61. Sal Kar Defender and Sniper looking for Squad.
  62. squad issue
  63. Moriskoj - Thundering Herd - Open Recruit
  64. Someone who needs a purpose.
  65. Morskoj soldier looking for a squad with people 25 or older
  67. RECRUITING- Mercy Killers (Morskoj)
  68. Blood Ravens member drive
  69. Experienced Tarakian looking for good fun loving squad.
  70. Cold Blooded Recruiting for all kinds of members!!!
  71. Blacklisted LFM@ Sal Kar!
  72. Sal Kar-based Soldier looking for a Squad
  73. Super Predators
  74. looking for a quad?
  75. Canadian Squad available...Sign up now.
  76. Squad Royal Canadians
  77. The Troopers looking for members
  78. new guy looking for a squad
  79. looking for squad sal kar
  80. Scorpion Troop are recruiting
  81. The 2k squad is recruiting
  82. General 5 Stars looking for recruits
  83. |\\|PrimeDeath Recruiting|//|
  84. New Tarakian...
  85. xDASx Squad Recruiting
  86. New Squad
  87. Looking for squad
  88. Gods Assassins Now Recruiting....
  89. Squad looking for members
  90. Looking for mature gamers
  91. Looking for Morskoj squad!
  92. Hey new squad everyone, looking for recruits
  93. Good Squadmates
  94. Heavy Gunner/ Defender looking for squad.(Morskoj)
  95. Serenity Now looking for Daytime Players
  96. Infighters: UK based Sal Kari squad
  97. Tarakian Squad - Whisper Company - Looking for new members
  98. Looking for Squad
  99. Section 09 of Tarakia is now recruiting
  100. TeaM TeeBags: NOW RECRUITING FROM THE (808)
  101. Steel Mafia (Legend), Recruiting 21+ mature, Officer Ranks
  102. wanting to join a Morskoj squad
  103. Looking for a Tarakia Squad
  104. Looking for a Morskoj Squad
  105. Another looking for squad post
  107. Blacklisted Needs You! (Tarakia)
  108. 'Geddon' UK Morskoj Squad recruiting
  109. Need squad (Tarakia)
  110. Pink Mechs
  111. Tarakian Sniper ready to deploy
  112. Takarian Squad-Fangs
  113. Recruiting Players
  114. StreetSoldiers are now recruiting!
  115. Takarian Squad: Dragon Front.
  116. Recruiting squad members for recreational play on Wed. night
  117. Looking for mature Sal Kar squad
  118. Nine to Fivers (Morskoj)
  119. Heroes of Xeres.
  120. tarakia clan recruiting
  122. Looking for a squad to join or members for my squad(Morskoj)
  123. Lunar Dreams recruiting(Sal Kar)
  124. Ready for a squad (Tarakia)
  125. RHYNO SQUAD looking for new members rec zone (Morskoj)
  126. squad looking for members
  127. Looking for more Members
  128. Atropos Squad Seeking New Members!
  129. hell demonz-positions open
  130. TC/Scout LF new home in Sal Kar army
  131. Boomstick Clan - Morskoj - looking for mature gamers
  132. Any UK based Sal Kar squads recruiting?
  133. Mature player ...Looking for group of course :)
  134. Looking for squad members
  135. Mature player looking for squad
  136. Mature French or 'Frog friendly' squad....
  137. Opie and Anthony show Squad Looking for members
  138. Morskoj squad looking for recruits (all positions)
  139. Morskoj Squad Looking for members
  140. Tarakian Squad Recruiting!
  141. Tarakian Sqaud on the Regular 217DUBZ
  142. Can not find squad
  143. Sal Kar Wants some wins and so do "The Accused"
  144. Grey Death Legion needs new blood
  145. I need a stable squad!!(Only tarakia plz)
  146. Sal Kar player needs squad.
  147. Uk guys Looking for a Squad Clan in Morskoj
  148. New squad seeking members
  149. OM recruting
  150. Tarakian Squad - KOMA-INU - Looking for members
  151. Morskoj squad looking for members
  153. Tarakian Squad Looking for members
  154. Fun/Skilled Guy Looking for tarakian Squad
  155. Looking for Squad *Tarakia*
  156. recruiting for the 501st Hound DIV
  157. QuickStrikeUnit for Tarakia now recruiting!
  158. new squad recruiting - Chrome Ghost
  159. Tarakia squad D0GS OF WAR is recruiting
  160. Need a good Morskoj squad
  161. Commander needing Sal Kar squad
  162. Recruiting 101
  163. Need Morskoj squad members!
  164. New Morskoj Clan called XxXF.E.A.RXxX Recruiting
  165. Scout needs a squad with active players
  166. Older Gamer looking for Tarakia/Morskoj squad/clan
  167. Snipers United (Tarakian Sniping Based Squad)
  168. Looking for a Tarakian Squad!
  169. looking for new members (Morskoj)
  170. DeathDealersX in Morskoj
  171. Need Comander/Solger/SniperRT'S
  172. Boomstick Clan - Sal Kar - looking for mature gamers
  173. Mercs for Hire is recruiting
  174. Opie and Anthony Show Squad looking for members!
  175. Funny Farm Looking for squad members (18+,European,morskoj)
  176. New Morskoj Squad
  177. Im playin now,need squad(tarakia)
  178. Any UK Afternoon time players?
  179. New Tarakia Squad; Casual play
  180. Join ThunderHeart: For Gold, For Glory!
  181. 51st Mechanized (Tarakia)
  182. Morskoj squad looking for...
  183. LowScore recruiting 18+ [Ohio]
  184. SAL KAR RECRUITING! join CLAN_OM RANK 6th in war 4
  185. Dutch Clan Recruitment
  186. West Coast, USA: Dad looking for 9pm+ squad
  187. Morskoj squad now recruiting!!!!!
  188. Morskoj squad west coast evenings newbies OK! mature plz
  189. New Squad: Morskoj. Looking for Serious Squad
  190. 538th Shiznos Looking for Squad Members
  191. Caledon Ravens Now Recruiting (Sal Kar)
  192. Squad 77 recruiting
  193. Recruiting Morskoj players, must be active
  194. SENIOR CITIZENS UNITE! "Older"gamer looking for th
  195. ThunderHeart is looking for members.
  196. Blind Echo
  197. Maple Leafs Sign up now
  198. (Sal Kar) B00NDOCK SA1NTS.. Looking for serious players
  199. $100,000 if you join in the net 30 minutes
  200. Looking for Morskoj Squad
  202. Sal-Kar Squad Recruiting - The Straight Razors
  204. BANE 666 squad come here!
  205. Morskoj: Looking for a Squad
  206. xTERRASQUADx is recruiting
  207. Hydra Project NOW RECRUITING
  208. Achilles is lookin for members
  209. Morskoj squad need member for mission
  211. QC player looking for a squad.
  213. Opie and Anthony
  215. Looking for Squad
  217. DOGS 0F WAR is recruiting
  218. Hospitalers Recruiting
  219. White Fang - Tarakia (Recruiting Now)
  221. Sal-Kar Defender Looking for Squad
  222. Join ThunderHeart and get $300,000 up front.
  223. KMFDM (Sal Kar) Squad - Recreational Players
  224. Team player looking for Tarakian squad
  225. Tarakia Solider/defender looking for a squad
  226. New Tarakian Defensive Player
  227. Godz of Havok(Tarakia)
  228. Cake or Death Squad UK
  229. Uk player in need of Tarakia squad
  230. Searching For A Squad that is Tactics Based
  231. Sal Kar Soldier Looking For Squad
  232. Frost Ghosts new recruiting
  233. Weapons Runner
  234. ChromeCaskets 2-4 times a week min play.
  235. XtremeChaos Squad Recruiting a few new players
  236. F.O.C.S. recruiting.
  237. Seeking UK Sal Kar Squad
  238. need members for a tarakia squad
  239. Dark Deeds Recruiting!
  240. Looking for mature, casual Tarakian squad
  241. New Tarakian Squad Looking For Casual Players
  242. looking for squad
  243. Morskovian looking for a home
  244. Sp0rk -- Currently recruiting!
  245. Sal Kar Pro Squad Recruiting
  246. Hound Hackers are now recruiting!!
  247. Looking to join Canadian Squad
  248. Pro Sqaud Recruting, All Nations!!
  249. Looking for Sal Kar squad
  250. Looking for UK based Tarakian Squad