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  1. Welcome Back to P....S......O.....
  2. The main boards are already lost
  3. Lets hope this game brings more people to online
  4. What did Famitsu give PSO 3?
  5. PSO Release Date
  6. Going out to buy the game after school
  7. For some reason I cannot log in to the forums?
  8. Can anyone post their impressions of PSO Ep. III?
  9. Big, will sega ever add more card packs online?
  10. Should Sega should get more involved in their community?
  11. Sega make new message boards
  12. Something I found interesting...
  13. i cant get pso 3 tommorrow ;_;
  14. Something I noticed
  15. Hi people,i'm new here..
  16. are we still allowed to play pso 3 with our pso acounts?????
  17. New clan website!
  18. So ends my first day of episode 3!
  19. Phantasy Star vs. Final Fantasy XI
  20. Best PSO WEEK OF MY LIFE!!! (and my worse)
  21. PSO : CC First Project. To determine if this clan is hackers
  22. Is there a sound test mode in ep3?
  23. is 28.8 Kbps enough to play PSO3 online without Troubles?
  24. Question about the PSO3 Exp. system
  25. Got it!
  26. Pick your favorite side! Hunter, or Arkz? Hero or dark?
  27. How many Episode III players are online on average as of...
  28. CLASS CHALLENGE! Vote for the class you think is the best!
  29. Memory Card Topic (From Character files to Download Quest)
  30. When you get a new pack of cards...
  31. Do cards do more damage as you gain levels?
  32. Your Section ID Poll
  33. Graphics: They truley are nice!
  34. I'm back...again EpIII oh yea!
  35. thanxsega
  36. PSO plus
  37. My computer is broke...
  38. The Clock
  39. Sega only adding cards if Japanese PSO does?
  40. Phantasy Star Online_Episode III
  41. This quest..I cannot beat!
  42. PSO Ep.I&II vs. PSO Ep.III
  43. finally up!
  44. Higher quests = unfair
  45. Class???
  46. Question!
  47. what boards are better?...
  48. Bluerouge106's PSO Ep.I&II and PSO Ep.III Guide.
  49. Download Quest?
  50. **Spoilers** First Boss
  51. An Offical vBBS
  52. lets get to know our fellow board members...
  53. population online
  54. Pioneer 2 Lobby! (Chat Thread for the message boards!)
  55. I can't use my pso 3 cd key for pso 2
  56. It has already started
  57. WhY?
  58. A few questions..
  59. wow it's been forever!!
  60. (sigh) PSO 3 is dissappointing
  61. canceling sub ?
  62. To all PSO GCN posters: please read
  63. A toast to Sonic Team! =^-^=
  64. Buying Ep 1 n 2
  65. emoticons help...
  66. Phantasy Star Online 3 Pub
  67. A Great Idea for Episode I, II, AND III!!
  68. Battle Servers?
  69. Sonic Fanfics, please check them out!!
  70. Are you browsing the forums via...
  71. I'm back on PSO!!
  72. So let me get this straight (Hunter's License related)...
  73. Got it!
  74. Downloadable GBA content?
  75. 152 woohoo!!!
  76. "Moo" v2.0 (Chat Thread)
  77. Usergroups?...
  78. My problem...
  79. Question about Online Game play
  80. Question about Gamecube Hardware (PSO Related)...
  81. Wouldnt it be cool if there were forum ranks?
  82. Real!
  83. 2 Questions
  84. Which PSO should I get???
  85. Two questions on both games.
  86. A few quest questions invlolving both games.
  87. Tournaments : COMP partners vs human players is gg
  88. About hunters license.
  89. Poll related to the "2 questions topic"
  90. Usergroups?
  91. Corouption question
  92. PSO vs. FFXI
  93. Arkz > Hunters in tournaments...
  94. Is PSOextreme out there?
  95. Plenty of Spam
  96. How do you delete threads?
  97. Q's of going online for EP. 1&2
  98. Keyboard for PSO?
  99. Finaly....
  100. Trade around the world
  101. Free isp dial-up
  102. The story mode is so short and easy...
  103. Newb question: How come I cannot summon some guys?
  104. ISP.....
  105. Drasticaly need help !
  106. First 2 weeks of release and no updates?
  107. HL Fixed
  108. I Just Got PSO III and WOW
  109. #1 problem in story, this is the worst AI EVER
  110. Question for SEGA WORKERS ONLY
  111. Downloadable Quest coming!
  112. v
  113. I dont get it
  114. Need Reassurance about online...
  115. Snapshots anyone??
  116. Can you use your offline account online?
  117. Who here has the game?
  118. What do photon drops do?
  119. What level are you online?
  120. Question About hunters lisence
  121. Sega bit me in the but
  122. How much do you guys think...
  123. Rank, Record, and Money
  124. question
  125. For any one who dosnt know about the story about flown.
  126. Alright, I will be getting Episode III for free after...
  127. What level do i have to be to go on ultimate mode?
  128. Everyday I check the billing site for updates
  129. An Open letter to Sonic Team, all memebers please read.
  130. In need of a couple more people for PSO : CC
  131. HELP!!
  132. Just got Episode III...
  133. GC users can post on Sega main boards...
  134. I'm going online with Episode I, II, and III today...
  135. PSO PC
  136. Spring Break Gaming
  137. Are patches possible for pso 1, 2, and 3?
  138. PSO Font Chart!
  139. Beat Both Story Arcs - PSO3/No Spoilers
  140. Moderators
  141. Congrats!
  142. Awww.....!!!! :(
  143. Competitveness or Cooperation?
  144. A simple guide to stop spammers
  145. PSO 3 Petition: Should Sega update the news more?
  146. Hey All im online now!
  147. A topic with poll that`s probably been done before...
  148. Branskins review of Episode III...
  149. Welcome Hunters Get out you ARKZ!!
  150. another poll by me, probably not done before.... I hope.
  151. My First Review for This board -- PSO Ep. III
  152. PSO EP3: Comp teamate loss?
  153. What's with Prima? -WARNING! This might be a spoiler...-
  154. Upload your snapshots!
  156. About Duping/Cheats
  157. Something weird happened to me...
  158. can u find more rares online or offline?
  159. I'm back online...
  160. PSO : CC website updated!
  161. Should i get Episode III?
  162. A little late
  163. Is Sato still banned? (Episode 1 and 2)
  164. Plz Read Me I have a question
  165. I'm leaving...
  166. Things you learn from video games
  167. wazzzzzzz up
  168. PSO: Comunity Clan's new forum!!!
  169. Tournament Update:
  170. question
  171. Slow leveling
  172. Woo! Online! HL is now renewed!
  173. Official PSO Message Board Ship/Block! Your vote counts!!
  174. Phantasy Star Knights
  175. About the recent CARD changes.
  176. For Fun
  177. FSOD in ep 3 lobbies? Factt. Sega MUST do something.
  178. A tempoary fix?
  179. Do something about abuse, or I mention it in the UK review
  180. Little piece of Paradise
  181. Game is biased HEAVILY in favour of Arkz
  182. I have A problem
  183. Does your account keep track of age?
  184. PSO Plus - Some questions =/
  185. hmm no one on thats weird.
  186. armion and psoxtreme is everywhere <gasp>
  187. making ur own websites
  188. I'm coming back...I guess
  189. about my hunters license its weird
  190. Have you ever corrupted (FSOD-X)?
  191. whats HTML?
  192. Is somethign wrong with server?
  193. messages messages messages, type any problems or anything.
  194. am i alone
  195. PSO I&II for Gamecube
  196. The stripes in the lobby?
  197. Legit...? sortof
  198. How bad is the cheating?
  199. anyone else notice?
  200. PSO vs FF11
  201. Action Disrupter-PSO 3 CARDS
  202. PSO episode 4?
  203. thinking of gettin a pso game
  204. Tournament Of Arms 2004 for Ep1&2
  205. AIM
  206. Defence. Draw. Change.
  207. ..Piping?
  208. Gah, Sadness.
  209. corruption...
  210. bluestar quest?
  211. switch?
  212. Can u use 2 memory cards online for the same price?
  213. I need a "Guinea Pig"
  214. Anyone who can help
  215. Waiting...
  216. how and where do u get your icon pic
  217. For all those getting FSOD, i got GREAT news for you!
  218. AHH!!! What happened!?! (possible spoilers)
  219. what is the link to the japanese Minhiro Site?
  220. help spells
  222. What is LUCK for anyways?
  223. HMMMMMMmmmm...
  225. If this fits here...
  226. What do the colored rings do? (pso 1 and 2)
  227. Whoa...
  228. How do I download quests?
  229. I can't get the online 2 start up!! Help!
  230. Weekly ranting from the "Other Hero of Time"
  231. If you get episode 3
  232. Drop Charts for Ep1-2?
  233. Working?
  234. I am NOT in "IG"!
  235. What is corruption
  236. Final mission in Hunter Story
  237. corupted memory
  238. Why do pan-arms dodge so much (pso 3 related)
  239. Huge Decision (And I mean HUGE)
  240. Can you use the cards you find offline during an online game
  241. WHY Couldn't SONIC TEAM be more like this?
  242. need help with mini game
  243. OMF
  244. How do you get a better ranking?
  245. Great Posters Old Sk00l
  246. I need your help!
  247. WHy do I have to enter codes every startup?
  249. "Does not effect story characters"
  250. A hunter's deck