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  1. PSO Gripe Board
  2. Sega, here are ways to do a 150 and create the best online..
  3. A rant about some things I don't like, but can be fixed.
  4. the only advise i can give...
  5. Monitor the cheaters/hackers
  6. list of hackers
  7. Clan features...
  8. player "Staff"
  9. plz remove the outdated threads...
  10. Xbox version
  11. Episode III seasonal Ladders
  12. Why not monitor once in a while with the monitor character l
  13. Admins reply to our suggestions?
  14. How come the JP get a Sonic Team website
  15. Serial Stolen???? I Can Help
  16. A ship for Roleplayers
  17. New quests? When? Where? wait.....errr
  18. Combine ships
  19. is there still no way to....
  20. Suggestion: sonicteam visit pso servers!
  22. The Dice in PSO 3 Are Out of Control. Read and Contribute.
  23. Update billing site
  24. game ruining controlers!!
  25. headsets
  26. Post who was banned and why!
  27. this person <-demon-> or <-dem0n-> however his n
  28. More
  30. suggestion Boards Clean up!...)
  31. thanks to all of you who have been sending in abuse reports
  32. Need old Episode 3 online quests.
  33. Organizing the Servers
  34. WTH?
  35. Maybe now we can get the second save removed?
  36. Make an online character shop!
  37. A 16 player team tournament.
  38. Uh... anymore balance changes?
  39. Drop prices of HL per month
  40. Let players make quests! ( no bull )
  42. New MMORPG PSO Idea
  43. Symbo Chat Issues
  44. Monthly Tournament.
  45. Card Revolution Patch
  47. CrimsonKnights
  48. Board Title Suggestion
  49. Better site plz
  50. It is unreasonable for you to keep the double save in PSO.
  51. Update the welcome screen!
  52. Make the Smileys move and look better
  53. Off topic?
  54. The Best Thing To Happen To PSO EVER!
  55. Suggestion for future pso game.
  56. poll for the future of pso
  57. monthly areas/quests!
  58. more effort
  59. Might be a problem..
  60. Bring Back Festivities on the Beach!
  61. FSOD and Second Saves
  62. Web Browser with Phantasy Star on Gamecube [Online Petition]
  63. More Ep3 quests!
  64. Dolor Odor Protest
  65. Episode 1,2,and 3 problems.
  66. Well...
  67. Fix the tournament start times in Episode 3
  68. How about this one.
  69. New Quest idea
  70. Crimson knights clan
  71. New weapon for PSO
  72. BE class
  73. New User/Welcome Forum
  74. HP and such
  75. Feedback, eh?
  76. Ever thought of making an rp forum?
  77. PSO Board Battle Tournament?
  78. Phantasy Star: Religious Holidays
  79. Forum advise for users...
  80. Heres a decent suggestion...
  81. There should be new quests for other holidays too
  82. DL Quests
  83. what is sega doing? nothing?
  84. Role Playing Forum/Option Change
  85. pso trilogy online
  86. Forum Ranks
  87. Make Episode 4 for GC!
  88. plz plz plz let the U.S. get a beta version of psu
  89. MAKE PHANTASY STAR FOR THE NDS!!!! (Tell me what you think!)
  90. PSO EP 1+2...
  91. Here's a suggestion!
  92. Invisible mode
  93. New forum template :: demo inside
  94. Seat of the heart 2: when evil attacks
  95. Same acount, more useable games
  96. PSU or Ep4 Forum...
  97. VR Set
  99. Weak Points
  100. Are you tired of FSODers and cheaters?
  101. Crafting/Synthesis in future PSO games
  102. Name suggestion
  103. Make it for PC & MACINTOSH!
  104. GC Boards
  105. Ideas on Ep4 for GCN
  106. Online Prepaid Cards
  107. PSO for PS2
  108. Release "Fragments of Memories" for the GC please
  109. Sega needs a better GameCube PSO forum!
  110. Seriously, we need this game for the Wii.
  111. tagclouds?
  112. Bring Online Play Back!!!