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  1. Who is going to buy it ?
  2. Techniques?
  3. Preferred Platform for PSU?
  4. Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2005 show footage
  5. New stuff in PSU
  6. PETE.
  7. if i import an american copy...
  8. No Teams...
  9. Offical PSU forum?
  10. Reasons NOT to be a *cast now?
  11. RA Targeting
  12. Max Level?
  13. Space Channel 5?
  14. PC requeriments? for PSU
  15. Wheres the tp bar?
  16. Japanese Pre-Order?
  17. The FPS mode announced in PSOW
  18. Which class will you play?
  19. WOOT!!!!!!!!!
  20. if i import a japanese copy...
  21. Its really short notice...
  22. About Dual-wielding
  23. Glitchy looking
  24. So who played PSU this weekend...?
  26. Seeing some parallels....
  27. Newest PSU Scans
  28. Naming for online characters/Pete?
  29. Hold onto your' seats
  30. Are you buying and playing it online on day 1?
  31. PSU Interview with Takao Miyoshi
  32. Basic lowdown on character classes
  33. Things I want to see in PSU that I probably wont see in PSU
  34. Online fee? Voice actors? Communication?
  35. Give PSU some love!
  36. Xbox 360
  37. You know what would own?
  38. Dual Wielding
  39. Photon Arts
  40. Japanese PSU site transtlated.
  41. Item drops from monsters? pics please.
  42. What Version of PSU are you planning to play ?
  43. hello there a quick thought on psu
  44. mags?
  45. can't wait
  46. Joint servers?
  47. Photon Bow
  48. How is PSU going to affect BB players?
  49. Character Creation.
  50. Your Psu Character Statistics?
  51. New information!!
  52. Section Id's and rares
  53. PSU video by Axios
  54. Release Date for U.S?
  55. PSU music
  56. Just a question
  57. Release date revealed! (USA same month?!)
  58. what happens if it sucks?
  59. RAREZ
  60. A question about PSU
  62. PSU is on its way...
  63. Who else is looking forward to vehicles?
  64. PSU for the PC question
  65. I know this sounds like a long shot...
  66. psu benchmark
  67. dual wield attack implementation/method
  68. Patches become a reality!?
  69. Cross Compatibility
  70. I can't Beleave no one said anything yet.
  71. PSU is now available for preorder!
  72. hey plz
  73. Phantasy Star Universe Website in English: When?
  74. Phantasy Star Universe Theme - Vocal Version
  75. PSU Patching Question.
  76. PSU Online Mode and RPers
  77. Graphics Cards
  78. Would you like to have the option to hear the JPN voices?
  79. What are?
  80. PSU english preorders
  81. Transport
  83. whats psu?
  84. Think we'll be able to play the Japanese version online?
  85. Will PSU have content patches and moderators?
  86. Anyone read anything about PSU PC being Gamepad compatible?
  87. Possiblities That You'd Like.
  88. Spoilers already...?
  89. Who's planning to hit the level cap?
  90. Fall release
  91. Character Appearance
  92. Question!
  93. Good news everyone, I found a PSU screen saver on Sega Link
  94. What do you think about the photon shovel?
  95. How will the general gaming community see PSU?
  96. What do you think is the future of Online RPGs?
  97. Would you like the PSU servers to be joined?
  98. Let's talk offline
  99. Think SoA and SoE will take PSU seriously?
  100. Name a weapon from PSO you'd like to see in PSU
  101. Do you think that there will be a Beta for NA and EUR?
  102. Still party based?
  103. theZEROs
  104. PSU Delayed in Japan (Official)
  105. PSU?? i think its not looking good.
  106. death
  107. Poll and Comment... What will be your first class?
  108. Reply from SoA says that PSU is still schedual for Winter
  109. Waiting for the mail of sega >< today!!! for play psu
  110. PSU update jan 13
  111. Phantasy Star Universe Ad! =O Now with pictures!
  112. somthing i thought of
  113. Secret Stuff
  114. PSU Servers
  115. More UPDATES
  116. battle system
  117. PSU USA pushed to Fall 06.
  118. Female Beast Character Fur Burger Peep Show
  119. Rares?
  120. Custom offline characters
  121. Is PSU gonna have Beta Test in US?
  122. Question for PS2 version of PSU
  123. Planet War
  124. So that's why that never happened before! (End of the World)
  125. Am I the only one that wishes they would make a PC only...
  127. Effort vs. Luck in PSU?
  128. who would like PSU to come to XBOX360?
  129. Section ID colors (PSU)...
  130. 2 concerns...
  131. Will PC and PS2 share serials?
  132. Shared Banking (What we've always wanted)
  133. New Trailer - Gametrailers.com
  134. When is the new release date
  135. SELLOUTS!
  136. Don't do it...
  137. wished for feature
  138. will the jp version have english subtitles?
  139. JP PSU delayed
  140. another possable PSU play mechanics issue ^.^
  141. WTF?!?
  142. sega link registry
  143. Anybody know?
  144. PSU English Beta
  145. psu beta anywhere plz reply and dont lock topic plz
  146. char switch
  147. PSU beta information here
  148. May 2005 EGM
  149. Is there a beta for this game?
  150. Reason for the pushback from march to some other time
  151. How many Game Masters (GMs) will PSU get
  152. Import US version to EU
  153. Ok, constant internet connection, even for offline...
  154. Im back again bout beta info
  155. Special item reward online for completing offline
  157. Thanks for the book SEGA
  158. Video showing Character Creation and Network.
  159. There is a beta? Miyoshi you've just :):):):)ed us off.
  160. A PSU poll
  161. about the servers
  162. PSU Release date?
  163. Quick operating system question
  164. Racing
  165. clothing
  166. A slightly more relevant OS question
  167. Phantasy Star Universe On Macs
  168. PSU Download ??? ** Link Fixed**
  169. A Proposition
  170. PSU to hit Xbox 360!
  172. Ffuzzy-Logik
  173. Official PSU Screenshot Thread
  174. can somone explain...
  175. PSU Beta Video!
  176. PSU DS
  177. Dark Falz
  178. Bound to be a problem later on..
  179. [rickyricardovoice]Clumsay...you got some 'splainin to do...
  180. PSU
  181. In phantasy star Universe..
  182. two questions...
  183. 360 Servers to be separated...
  184. Help me to get same servers for all versions (360!)
  185. do anyone know where....
  186. PSU Doomed
  187. beast = pointless
  188. a quick question...
  189. Pre-order
  190. No Free Roam explanaition...besides the obvious
  191. PSU Beta.
  192. JP PSU Credit Card Crisis...
  193. which PSU versions are you getting...
  194. Pre-ordering NA version, and release date? Gamestop.com=^.^
  195. Stupid question but...
  196. New NEWS!!
  197. Clumsy...why?
  198. Closed Beta and Open beta?
  199. contest ^.^
  200. Hey Clumsyorchid (or any other mod)...
  201. I'm not finished yet Clumsy....
  202. Windows Vista & PSU
  203. Besides the new vids, we haven't heard **** about PSU at E3
  204. Max level
  205. Internation Server Split
  206. PSU complications? eh?!
  207. Job level max = 20 ?
  208. Fun Poll... What level of R0XING j00 S0X will PSU give you?
  209. New Ways Of Buying An Account
  210. JP release date: August 31st 2006
  211. PSU=&>.Hack
  212. Does my PC 3D drive works on PSU??
  213. Rare drops handled the same?
  214. PSU is gonna rock if...(2 things)
  215. 1 word: retarded
  216. So, how low are the odds of PSU on the Wii?
  217. *Unofficial* Create your own PSU character!
  218. Hello everyone!
  219. Mac?
  220. Why is this forum so quiet? Let's look forward to PSU :D
  221. pre order!!
  222. Do you care about the offline game?
  223. Put names here if you are buying the Japanese version!
  224. Who is getting american version of PSU for 360?
  225. I have a good idea for PSU HL.
  226. How's this possible?
  227. This forum
  228. Simple Question (PSU)
  229. Seperate servers for age?
  230. Hunter license
  231. ClumsyOrchid, will it be downloadable?
  232. recommend
  233. I might just be paranoid... but...
  234. Something I Made
  235. Official PSU Specifications Released
  236. hrmmm I see the lies have already started
  237. Release date..
  238. what computer specs are you going to be running psu on?
  239. Which Character are you choosing?
  240. Original goods from Sega Direct!
  241. Sega are making a free giveaway of PSU beta for PS2!
  242. Official release date(from SEGA) for this game yet???
  243. lol
  244. Cross your fingers
  245. IRC channel now set up
  246. I've pre-ordered PSU PC (JPN)
  247. PLAY Phantasy Star Universe Interview
  248. dual layer or double sided disc?
  249. ZOMG they need to...
  250. The name/buddy list.