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  1. Themes and Gamer Pictures are now available on Xbox 360
  2. [Xbox 360] Rumor Control- No Change to Monthly Fee or DEMO
  3. PSU news and a new GM!
  4. New Mods join the GUARDIAN Enforcers!
  5. Event Calendar and Suggestions forum added
  6. New PSU Calendars!
  7. New SEGA SUPPORT Center
  8. Mission Spotlight FAQ
  9. GM Live Support - Friday sessions moved to Thursday
  10. All grinder glitch bans now locked in place
  11. PlaySEGA.com Change!
  12. Phantasy Star Portable release date announced!
  13. New server changes, a new GM, and Live Support
  14. 10/24/08 - Server Changes and additional notes
  15. PSU: AOTI - Now on sale for 800 Points on XBL!
  16. New PSU Community Portal now live!
  17. Announcing the PSU Screenshot Competition!
  18. Phantasy Star Zero is headed west!
  19. PSU Screenshot Competition - Winners Announced
  20. Phantasy Star Portable Launch Event!
  21. Win Free Phantasy Star Swag at PSO-World!
  22. Congratulations to Shadowblackhedgehog, our new PM!
  23. Twitter Giveaway - Real Life PSU Swag!
  24. New SEGA Forums Incoming Next Week
  25. Phantasy Star goodness at San Diego Comic Con!
  26. New Phantasy Star Portable Forum Skin
  27. Four new PSZ Avatars have arrived!
  28. PSZ is here! New Rappy T-shirt, Avatars, and more!
  29. Spring cleaning now in effect on the SEGA Forums!
  30. Join us on Tuesday, August 10th, for a full-scale demo celebration!