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  1. [Xbox 360] The Messenger Kit (controller chatpad)
  4. Other than gameplay changes, what would you want for PSU?
  5. What motivates you to play PSU?
  6. Why I don't play PSU?
  7. new mission
  8. Sega Can You Please Address The Slow Down Issues?
  9. Combine Servers
  11. Ugh Protransers...
  12. Announcing the Suggestions and Ideas Forum!
  13. PSU needs new weapons!!!!!!!
  14. Something for the meat shields! [Human/Newman Abilities]
  15. Universe Wide Lobby
  16. Team System/Chat
  17. In Game Guild system
  18. Unique weapons
  19. Future updates forum?
  20. Deliver updates when promised
  21. More In-Game communication?
  22. Sub-forums for Fighmaster, Gunmaster, and Masterforce
  23. Removal of certain, problem missions.
  24. Fixing the Delivery system
  25. More variety
  26. Customized Weapons
  27. More Character slots.
  28. "Endgame" Content
  29. Challenge Mode.
  30. Guide to Brainstorming
  31. Actually making the game fun!
  32. logout should be for logging out
  33. The ability to customise your PMs speech
  34. Another Protranser Stormline Argument
  35. Great idea, or greatest ideaż
  36. Player vs Player(PvP) Modes
  37. Now, thinking realistically
  38. 2-handed Katanas and Scythes
  39. Multiplayer Casino Games please?
  40. Driveing/Rideing
  41. PM improvements
  42. The Central Hub Topic
  43. No Gameguard, server-side security instead
  44. Fix Svaltus Collision detection.
  45. In Game Message Board?
  46. MST & DFP
  47. Online, active GM's.
  48. Give the PC players their promised voices.
  49. Would higher graphic options be possible?
  50. Ranger Improvements
  51. Reduce the number of universes.
  52. Hey, remember those real hand weapons?
  53. Who wants a superboss in their PSU?
  54. Get rid of the PS2!!!
  56. Jabroga's Auto-aiming
  57. Difficulty
  58. Techers Never get nothing NEW
  59. Regarding the new calendar
  60. Removal of the AotI Subforum
  61. MAG Boost Road
  62. [Xbox 360] Merging Demo and Main Game Servers?
  64. Weapons
  65. Different Frameskip Setting, Different Game. Video Example!
  66. Fixing the Language Filter
  67. Request to Sega (all do-able with the current game content)
  68. Better way to change line shields
  69. A use for the Gunners' second button.
  70. Talking Points
  71. Custom classes?
  72. YEA AND
  73. Less re-used music in "new" areas and out-of-comba
  74. What this game really needs is...
  75. Drop ps2 and merge 360 and PC servers
  76. We need Job specific only clothing.
  77. EX Trap Release
  78. Kakwane suits!
  79. SUV & Weapon switch
  80. Offline Multyplayer
  81. I want a DS Phantasy Star
  82. instead of GBR....
  83. Here's a suggestion....
  84. Variable Stats
  85. Let's use our unique ideas to help you!
  87. Maybe a dodge system?
  88. PSU Pet Decorations and Pets!
  89. Friend messages
  90. Suggestion?
  91. Graphical bug: Lens Flares
  92. Non-transferable weapons and items
  93. get PSU into the shops and advertize
  94. edit post wait time
  95. should players get photon energy shields? REVISED.
  96. More cities and options on the planets.
  97. Original S rank Items
  98. Improved Enemy A.I.
  99. Suggestion for "CLASSIC STUFF" (Not only PSO)
  100. Rebalance Drops
  101. EX Trap Device
  102. Item Desynthesis
  103. Room decoration points
  104. 3 event issues and a lotto-idea
  105. Stackable Daily Casino Coins
  106. Afk leveling.
  107. Difficulty
  108. Regarding avatars...
  109. AOTI offline mode for 360 users
  110. Customizable PMs
  111. Max Meseta Limit Needs to be Raised
  112. Shop Idea
  113. new forum avatars
  114. acrofighter...please sega
  115. Billing
  116. New element add-on for close combat weapons/GRINDING.
  117. Bring back Materials!!!! OH AND 15 star suggestions.
  118. The warp crystal in caves in MAG.
  119. Screenshots REVISED
  120. How about a sub-forum for events?
  121. Re-Frager
  122. clan making option@etc
  123. Multiple S rank drops per mission
  124. Filters are a lil too protective...
  125. MAG Poster
  126. Battle Arena for PSU.. Just a thought...
  127. Quit the restriction on Casino items, PA frags, etc.
  128. Return of Chao Garden (Jaggo Style)
  129. Hire better billing support
  130. Like the meat sheild idea, but instead, the Photon Shield
  131. Time attacks, Mission time and defeated monster count.
  132. is there a way to check..
  133. New music & posters
  134. My main problem with PSU
  135. TRAP USERS compensation.
  136. jukebox option
  137. Fix the 360 Trade Window
  138. Compensation for PC/PS2 players hit by 065 billing error
  139. Regarding the newest MGG fix
  140. A few ideas.
  141. Lou.
  142. Forum Idea
  143. Cut-in-chat turned off + NPCs
  144. Spawns that cause lingering slowdowns. (360)
  145. Banned Players Idea
  146. Message When stuff Sells or is Synthed
  147. "I don't want these."
  148. The "auto" target.
  149. A clock on the main page.
  150. Page layout and PM storage system.
  151. Old Room Remods Updated
  152. Makeover Room
  153. lv 20 newmens and humens
  154. THE REAL GAME FREE PLZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. Idea! (more emotioncons)
  156. PSU should have a PVP mode
  157. ep3
  158. Feature Request for skills....
  159. What's the point of this topic? ^^;
  160. Security: Invisiblility
  161. Chat Filters and observations.
  162. Im offended, but will always fight back. never be walked on
  163. Debate Forum
  164. Needle Exchange
  165. My List of Ideas and Suggestions (Lengthy)
  166. ideas (please read psu makers ONLY and people w/ info)
  167. Weapon Ideas--3D Concepts, Descriptions, "In-Game"
  168. For ranged weapons: auto / rapid fire
  169. Disconnecting
  170. billing.playsega.com
  171. making Techs more usefull
  172. PSP on PSP revised
  173. Girls and sitting
  174. IDEA!!~!~!
  175. 360 Demo Content
  176. Another Max Attack?
  177. Scaled strength per party
  178. God Missions
  179. Custom PA'S 0.0
  180. Please give us lines in Story Mode cut scenes
  181. Make Debuffs Practical
  182. Update the Support section
  183. Calendar wallpapers without PSU logo or Calendar.
  184. ATA + guns
  185. Make Defenses Worth It
  186. Lots of New Features
  187. Recent searches
  188. A Chat System
  189. Flexible Rewards
  190. its fun but...
  191. room options for the next expansion
  192. STAT rebalance suggestions.
  193. The best advice I can offer to SEGA
  194. I dont care what it is, but please help us Techers out!
  195. Do the Developers actually look through these threads?
  196. Combined Missions (i.e. World Tour)
  197. Two-Handed Melee/Ranged Weapons with a 2nd PA linked
  198. Minor Improvements...For the Most Part
  199. More Makeover options
  200. Photon Charges and Dual Weilding
  201. New Casino games
  202. Downloadable Version of AOTI for PC/PS2
  203. Blow away impact damage to monsters.
  204. PHOTON CHAIRS!!!!
  205. Symbol Chat!!!!
  206. faster PA lvls
  207. An arena or subjob (FFXI style)
  208. Alternate Flight Option
  209. SEGA themed music discs
  210. PA Frags
  211. Add a universe cube to the Colony 5th floor.
  212. Lumilass feature ideas.
  213. PSU Suggestion after servers are shutdown...
  214. Make PSOX Lobbies as Rooms
  215. Racial abilities for Newmans and Humans
  216. Guardians National Bank
  217. How?
  218. Combination PA's o.o
  219. Just a few lil suggestions
  220. Grinder Grades
  221. Possible money sink: Weapon repairing.
  222. is there a place we can send ideas to sega if we want it to
  223. Bunny Ears and other accessories
  224. These reskins are disgusting. They're an insult to old ST.
  225. Synth boards upgrades
  226. Sega site redesign...
  227. Got new event reward ideas?
  228. Increase the time it takes to post again after making a post
  229. Possible PA Frag sink: PA level up.
  230. Protranser: They should be able to destroy traps w/o googles
  231. Ideas on stopping party booting
  232. New Weapon Type
  233. Exact time needed when finish mission.
  234. Want to make a Machinima?
  235. How about dropping the fee from 15$ CDN to 10$ CDN
  236. Opening Presents with item in inventory...
  237. Payment Options
  238. Starting in your room.
  239. Should st give prizes for 101-500 place in time attack mag?
  240. PvP for PSU
  241. Sonic Team
  242. your shops portal on 3rd floor
  243. Color scale for clothing.
  244. I hate buying materials or photons, it's SO annoying when..
  245. Lottery
  246. Cast colors
  247. how about some new techniques for psu?
  248. Should arofighters get an update?
  249. PM settings
  250. I have 2 ideas one for the beach lobby and a idea for casts