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  1. Phantasy Star Portable (Ownage on the small screen!)
  2. Phantasy Star Portable
  3. Petition To Show That The West Wants Phantasy Star Portable
  4. XLink Online Test
  5. So...
  6. PSP is coming out on the PSP?!
  7. Is it just me...
  8. Can't play the demo
  9. Just got my hands on the PS portable demo and...
  10. Truly impressed
  11. the "hey let's Ad hoc" thread (locations)
  12. dumb question: where and how can I download the demo?
  13. ***Get the Demo here English and Japanese Thread***
  14. EU/US Release/Language pack?
  15. This is My Most Anticipated Game
  16. Demo Drop List
  17. E3 = Epic Failure
  18. I Decided I'm Not Gonna Import
  19. Force
  20. How do u transfer items between chars?
  21. Can you make more then one character in the demo?
  22. PA Variance
  23. What's your first impression's of PSP?
  24. To the ppl who played the demo (and other questions...)
  25. Question about the Multiplayer
  26. Do you plan on buying?
  27. any idea on when the en patch or us release of psp?
  28. YAY!
  29. Sign Here if you want a english version of PSP
  30. pc ps2 360/PSP Promotion mission
  31. Class Discussion
  32. Suspicious Info on the non-English Release of PSport
  33. PSP Japan Sales
  34. OOPS!
  35. pstar portable- selling out (jp)?
  36. Classes
  37. How do you pronounce "Neumann" anyway?
  38. EU version!
  39. Would you get PSU for PSP if it were in your language?
  40. Hiragana & katakana
  41. Grinding weapons
  42. Name / Extra selection...?
  43. Goggles: Where are they or how to get to blocked areas.
  44. Translation Guide
  45. Yay!! new missions 21st
  46. When is PSP gonna be released in U.S?
  47. YG-01U BUGGES (The red ones)
  48. story mission help
  49. Lasers, launchers, or shotty?
  50. PSP
  51. PSP games w/ad-hoc to go online via PS3 this fall.
  52. PSU PSP exclusive linking mission and the 360...
  53. eu and jp version
  54. Partner Machines
  55. How's the lag on this?
  56. ...Quick Question...
  57. ~~~General Tips for PS:P~~~
  58. seasonal rare enemies?
  60. Any tips on download mission 4 (story mode)
  61. Gurthal Channel 5 S rank handgun
  62. Ad-hoc - the how-to-do-it thread (for non-japanese readers)
  63. importing.
  64. Trustworthy Import Sites?
  65. U.S. release planned for March 2009 (according to 1Up.com)
  66. Satoshi Sakai Interview
  67. Offical Press Release
  68. Finally finished it
  69. Spring 2009 release for Europe
  70. Bought a PSP for this game last week
  71. Known Issues/buggy stuff
  72. adhocParty (beta) has arrived.
  73. OMG NO WAI!
  74. Amazon finally has PSP listed!
  75. Phantasy Star Portable Online?
  76. Phantasy Star Portable vs. Phantasy Star Zero...
  77. Did anyone checkout the new Double Sabers in this game?
  78. Are they going to release a US demo for this?
  79. US PSP Trailer!
  80. English Voice Cast?
  81. Release Date
  82. Is anyone going to stop playing the PSU online game...
  83. Official PS: Portable site (US)?
  84. Phantasy Star Portable (PSP)
  85. Demo Impressions so far
  86. Gemaga Dungeon
  87. 8 character slots?
  88. Are they keeping the downloadable missions for NA?
  89. re: makeovers / transferring char from demo to retail
  90. how hard is it for sega US to change the control scheme?
  91. WOW
  92. Grinding system?
  93. PS:P hitting the UK?
  94. Levels carrying over
  95. Protransers
  96. Demo Weapons.
  97. A Weapons.
  98. Demo is out.
  99. PSP demo is out.
  100. Will Imports be region compatible with the US version?
  101. Big Differences btw the main PSU and PSP?
  102. Should I buy an older model PSP to play this?
  103. Playing the demo.
  104. Having HUGE trouble with my PSP
  105. Grr.. more PSP help
  106. White PSP?
  107. is that it?
  108. I dont see the point.....
  109. Sabers, Claws, or Daggers
  110. Phantasy Star Portable
  111. PS:P
  112. Who all wants to play PS:P?
  113. Easier Level Progression in PS:P Demo?
  114. Will our demo characters carry over???
  115. Clothes/Makeovers and whatnot.
  116. Good enough to get a PSP for?
  117. Tomorrow.
  118. I wonder if the Formal Wear is demo exclusive.
  119. Ok.
  120. Whyyyyyy~~~
  121. No love for PS:P in Htown
  122. So is stuff the same as PSU, like jabroken, caps, etc?
  123. Converting Japanese Data to US Data
  124. WTF was the earth dragon!!!!????
  125. Bil De Golus
  126. Class changing
  127. Yay!
  128. Official PSP website? DLC Yes/No confirmations?
  129. phantasy star portable video and review
  130. I'm sorry but Kalaam...
  131. If you want to play online, look here.
  132. Worth buying a PSP for PS:P?
  133. "Bardiche"
  134. PS:P online
  135. Juicy Line
  136. Rare Map Spawns
  137. what stuff has everyone found so far?
  138. Point of titles?
  139. 1% chainsawd
  140. Rutsularod
  141. Anyone have Phantasy Star Portable yet?
  142. Bogga Robado?
  143. Picture of Bil De Golus
  144. Should I buy a psp just for phantasy star portable?
  145. Fun but over too soon
  146. Some pretty lame stuff!
  147. any word on DLC yet?
  148. Cheaters!(maybe?)
  149. TECHNIC drop locations?
  150. General PS:P Thread!
  151. Limited amount of PA's you can learn?
  152. Will we ever see the downloadable missions?
  153. play psp online?
  154. Mikunas set
  155. help plz & thanks
  156. har / quick.
  157. About collecting titles.
  158. Humans now the best?!
  159. where is everyone on psp online
  160. Endings *MAJOR SPOILERS*
  161. Casino outfit
  162. fortefighter in Portable
  163. trade between characters?
  164. Sweet Line
  165. PS:P Drop List.
  166. Stuff I just found!!!
  167. Anyone want to--?
  168. Videos?
  169. Tornado Dance, Absolute Dance, and Dus Majarra?
  170. importing chars from psu?
  171. Your Shag He:):):) collection
  172. Uber Gunmaster Game: Badria Ball
  173. no more psp
  174. General question about Phantasy Star Portable.
  175. PSP Adhoc Guild on PS3
  176. price drop on psp
  177. To anyone that wants psp
  178. PSP Uk Version Question
  179. anyone know were..
  180. PS:P Enterable Lobbies, (POLL)
  181. Differences between PAL and US
  182. Is it safe to delete the demo?
  183. any way to transfer stuff?
  184. What're you doing in PS:P right now?
  185. Phantasy Star Portable Question
  186. What's up with AdhocPARTY?
  187. Is it worth buying?
  188. Is online play possible if yes how?
  189. item/storage limits, gameplay questions
  190. Why this game rocks
  191. story mode question
  192. Goggles?
  193. PSP User Locations
  194. What levels are missing from the psp version?
  195. bikini swimwear...is this a bug?
  196. Story Mode Question
  197. Nosdiga
  198. Item Help!Cant find double blade S type.
  199. i like the game but...
  200. Which site do you use for PS:P info?
  201. PSP Japanese Budget Re-release
  202. what are the best maps for exp and weapons (s rank)
  203. can I play online on ps:p without...
  204. レスタ missing
  205. Phantasy Star Portable 2 confirmed
  206. PSP
  207. Does anyone play online over PS3
  208. Vivienne and Helga boss fight video-
  209. PSP: Japanese Import
  210. Xlink
  211. Why didn't they just make a new game?
  212. PSP2 News (Infastructure, new areas, faction)
  213. How does everyone like PS:P?
  214. Phantasy Star Portable 2 *update*
  215. Chao Staff
  216. So, it seems we have to start a new game on PS:P2-
  217. Opening video of psp2
  218. PSP2 Promotional Video
  219. Fun! Fan! PSP2
  220. If I'm bored of PSU....
  221. ☆~PSP:2 information portal!~★
  222. [PSP2] Player rooms and decorations! Ahh Fanta... the German drink!
  223. US PS:P2 / PSP bundle under consideration?
  224. PSP2 Demo ?!?!
  225. PSP on PSPgo?
  226. PSP2 Concerns- extra content, OLD levels, etc
  227. PSP: Technical assistance required.
  228. Does Anyone even play this online?
  229. A question about the psp 2000 and 3000
  230. Odd question: PS:P EU/US Ad-Hoc compatability?
  231. How good is the online gonna be?
  232. Amazing New PSP2 Footage! (PSO Dragon Inside!)
  233. Do NOT mess this up SEGA. Please read.
  234. How would you customize your Battle Type in PSP2?
  235. PSP2 Demo Now Available!
  236. Thoughts on psp2
  237. how do i update my flashed psp's firmware with out turning it into a brick?!?!
  238. Online battle titles
  239. adhoc Party (finally) coming to US/EU.
  240. What is the best place to get EXP
  241. psp2 import
  242. is psp2 gonna be PSU ep3 offline?
  243. Phantasy Star Portable 2 items
  244. SP/MP Question:
  245. Questions about Importing PSP2. . . :-)
  246. nanoblast activagtion
  247. just a few quick questions concerning psp2
  248. Cosplay!
  249. PS Perfect
  250. Got Phantasy Star Portable 2 today