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  1. Phantasy Star Zero (DS game announced)
  2. PS0: Because Nintendo deserves some lovin.
  3. Famitsu Article Analysis: Classes
  4. This better come out for the US/EU
  5. What can we expect of GM support for PSZero?
  6. Official Japanese PS0 site open!
  7. Embarassing question
  9. Psp-Psp Or Ps:Zero-DS?
  10. Importing or waiting? (Or both?)
  11. OMFG PSZ on Nintendo DS!!
  12. Think reaching cap in PS0 be possible in a lifetime?
  13. Imagine if the European and US versions of PSZ had no Wifi!
  14. Lobbies may be possible.
  15. Does Any1 Actually play this
  16. Will PSZero have its own community forums? Like PSU.
  17. Which Acronym - PSZ or PS0?
  18. Nintendo Dream interviews Satoshi Sakai
  19. single or online
  20. Phantasy Star Zero Trailer.
  21. Phantasy Star Universe Vs. Phantasy Star Zero
  22. Hmm......I just had another crazy idea.
  23. More Gameplay: FOnewearl
  24. New Character Additions
  25. weapons revealed
  26. Don't bother with this...
  27. Phantasy Start : a PS0 French website (sorry :p)
  28. Touch Screen?
  29. Chain system and MAG details
  30. DO WANT! Oo
  31. PSOBB players on PS0!!
  32. New Video
  33. PSZ to be free online (nintendo power)
  34. so whose the main character in story?
  35. PS0 - Japanese Features Trailer
  36. Lots of Phantasy Star Zero Info.
  37. A plethora of new PS0 Videos
  38. Just placed my order on playasia :D
  39. Post your friend code!
  40. so when do you guys think it will come here?
  41. how much would this cost on ebay?
  42. How many characters can you create?
  43. Ranger Gameplay Vid
  44. my game came today!
  45. First Impressions as peoples copy's arrive.
  46. storage lady
  47. Bad, bad Play-Asia
  49. PZ0 better than PSU in my opinion
  50. how many games sold in JP soo far?
  51. *spoilers*how do i get to the sewers?
  52. so im at the last boss
  53. What's your 6button pallet? :O
  54. Vending Codes
  55. You Get What You Deserve If You Buy This Game
  56. Rate PZ0 1-10!
  57. Grinding system?
  58. kraken thingie?
  59. PSZ Release?
  60. Phantasy Star Zero Mini Announced (DSiWare game.)
  61. PSZ question
  62. will this have any dsi content?
  63. Finally played the JP PS0...
  64. release date
  65. Win PSZ merch in this week's Free Stuff Friday
  66. PS0 Translation Guide
  67. Which Female NPC do you think is cute?
  68. Suggestion for the upcoming U.S. Version!
  69. Just pre-ordered Phantasy Star Zero
  70. PS Zero Merchandise
  71. 40 New PS0 English Screenshots
  72. Who should voice the NPC characters on PS:Zero?
  73. Depth of the game?
  74. Which game mode would you rather play on PS:Zero?
  75. Phantasy Star @ SEGA Summer Sizzler 2009
  76. Phantasy Star Zero Video Demo
  77. Phantasy Star Zero to feature free online multiplayer, and region free co-op!
  78. Ask your PSZ Questions here!
  79. PS Zero's Strategy Guide! Coming in November!
  80. Eu release 27/2/2010?
  81. Ruby is going to TGS - ask your questions for the PSZ team here!
  82. Japanese Voices in EU and US Version?
  83. Four new PSZ Avatars have arrived!
  84. What's the story to Phantasy Star Zero?
  85. Live near San Fran? Come play PSZ early and win rare SEGA swag!
  86. Pre-Ordered VIP Weapons in America?
  87. How's the class balance in this game?
  88. Can Cast use Traps like they did in PSO?
  89. PSZ mini?
  90. official English Phantasy Star 0 homepage!
  91. A question to ponder....
  92. English Phantasy Star Zero First Review?
  93. Getting the First Day?
  94. Psz level cap ?
  95. What class will you choose?
  96. Scythe looking weapons
  97. Just got the Strategy Guide....
  98. A new Phantasy Star Zero forum skin has arrived!
  99. Does PSZ support WPA on the DSi?
  100. Playing online with a WPA setup.
  101. Well, at least the old school folks will finally get to play the HUmarl...
  102. So does gamestop have this game today?
  103. Download(?)
  104. first exciting online PSZ event
  105. PSZ is here! New Rappy T-shirt, Avatars, and more!
  106. Phantasy star 0 mini release date (need to know when)
  107. Storyline
  108. Advanced WiFi
  109. Help me get PSZ online...
  110. Waht you do against Cheater?
  111. Phantasy Star Tastic!
  112. Different cloths/hair styles? Are there more?
  113. what should i play as i cant decided
  114. Playing Alone online?
  115. Vending Machine codes.
  116. Never been able...
  117. Online Chat
  118. Traps for casts?
  119. Potentially important question (those who played PSO will understand best).
  120. Kyria and Alicia characters
  121. Server?
  122. Anyone know what the best daggers are? Also what about armor?
  123. Giant Octopus
  124. We really need a join game forum.. or topic...
  125. Party Thread
  126. Is anyone else getting this error?
  127. The "Omfg! its xs anime/games item" thread
  128. Anyone reach 100 and have a 100 mag?
  129. Think new items will be added in?
  130. Official Quest List
  131. ISSUES! Too all who added me
  132. Trading Thread
  133. Obtaining new MAGs?
  134. Hollow Gimlet (3 star red box).
  135. Has anyone used the vending machine yet?
  136. Visual Chat Art
  137. Lettering issue
  138. Holding YBA
  139. Different endings? *spoilers*
  140. Yes! PS0 is dial-up compatible!
  141. Samus's Power Beam weapon
  142. Playing Online Complications Explained!
  143. Hope the game does well in sales
  144. Range attack power?
  145. Anyone having issues with free play?
  146. IDK what stat items to use...
  147. Active Players List - Characters, Levels, Friend Codes
  148. fav weapon
  149. Vending Machine codes - HERE!
  150. The Tower.... X_x
  151. Friend roster lock/unlock?
  152. Road to Lv 100 - fast or slow?
  153. Were do you trade stuff like photon drop
  154. Does anyone want a Grant LVL3
  155. Add me please!
  156. Chain System
  157. Mag time again
  158. what do all the cheats do?
  159. I lol'd. *very minor spoilers*
  160. Prototypes are back!
  161. Ogi is a pervert? (Story)
  162. How to tell if someone is cheating (using action replay)
  163. Shifta,Deband
  164. My friend code changed? Why
  165. Sub-Forums
  166. PSZ problem in Friend Play
  167. Souls from Vending Machine?
  168. Anyone for an online run?
  169. Team run in 30 minutes!!
  170. Chat room
  171. Palette Setups?
  172. How do I beat the Dragon in Gurhacia?
  173. Party Shoutbox
  174. Ps0 irc!
  175. Play with SEGA! Event sign up list - going live at 3 PM Pacific today!
  176. Achievements
  177. Looking for Resta Lv 6+
  178. General Chat about PSZ and everything in it!
  179. Event Classes for Event 11/17/09 4-6pm PST
  180. Dark Falz looks sooo...cute..
  181. I cant find anyone
  182. First PS game?
  183. To Party 1 for Tomorrow's Event
  184. I miss PSO
  185. PSZ Voice Actors
  186. Shifta,Deband
  187. A question for the GMs (Sort of)
  188. looking for radam soul
  189. Arena Challenge Spottings
  190. Question about Mags
  191. Gimmie your sandwich!
  192. Looking for someone to Party with.
  193. The event was awesome!
  194. Clearing out my Trunk
  195. A question about the HUnewearls for PSZ [It's art related!]
  196. Addslots..
  197. Looking for Doublesabers Doppel and up
  198. Over End
  199. Phantasy star zero hub
  200. Phantasy Star Xfire group
  201. Freebie Giveaway (Trunk Clearance)
  202. Mayor's Mission problem
  203. Defense Mag?
  204. what happened to marketing?
  205. Question about Grinders/Power Up items.
  206. (Spoiler) Boss Strategies (Spoiler)
  207. photon arts
  208. Error: 91010 Issues?
  209. Phase 1: Operation Trunk Empty
  210. Friend Play Issue (Solved)
  211. Experiment
  212. This is freakin .....
  213. Wallpapers and fansite kit?
  214. Unlocking Super Hard mode
  215. Links with Phantasy Star and ∀Gundam
  216. Play Online and Friend Codes
  217. ElementalBoost Slot Unit
  218. Add Me!!Please!
  219. level 100 hundred on anything in ps0
  220. any way to equip party members?
  221. Double Sabers and Radam Mags
  222. Super Mode for Forces Explained
  223. Bakery and Pizza Parlor
  224. Ifrians Giveaway for New Players.
  225. Tweeg's PS0 Online Play Guide
  226. Did anyone look in the dead Sands of Destruction forum?
  227. trading frigiand +30
  228. Mag - What to use to NOT raise defense
  229. what is the password machine for?
  230. Competition! Endgame content?
  231. Need advice on how to Pwn the final boss in Normal Mode! (spoilers)
  232. Weapon Modifiers
  233. Come Join My Party!
  234. Chat Places For Phantasy Star Zero Name Here
  235. Looking for Players
  236. My Phantasy Star 0 Review!
  237. I envy all of you...
  238. Wanting to Trade
  239. PSZ forum almost more popular then PSP forum!
  240. Weps Hit% is a must?
  242. The worst luck evah...
  243. question about online play
  244. Is your store sold out of PS0?
  245. Anyways to get items back?
  246. Troubleshooting the illusive Error: 86420
  247. Why are UK waiting months for the game?
  248. Pizza Box
  249. my personal review
  250. PSZ problem for my friends