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  1. what's your favorites?
  2. Lock-ON Games
  3. Has anyone noticed this yet?
  4. Sonic Wish List
  5. sonic and knuckles link why not
  6. Xbox.com Game Page
  7. More collections!
  8. DLC please
  9. SUGC retakes fifth spot in the charts
  10. COOP over Net?
  11. no sound on mega drive ultimate collection
  12. More add-on stuff to this game
  13. Instruction manuals
  14. Favorite sonic character
  15. 1000G / 35 Trophies
  16. Special Stages
  17. Just a random question...
  18. Back on top of the charts
  19. HELP! Can't Get To 2 Player Option
  20. How come you need to beat the first level of Sonic 2 to unlock Phantasy Star 1?
  21. Why was Shadow Dancer in the last collection but not this?!?
  22. Sega wake up please...
  23. Too Cool
  24. About the Demo you can download on XBOX Live...
  25. Is it just me or...
  26. Why isn't Knuckles chaotix in this game!
  27. Does anyone know how to do a network game?
  28. Does the Knuckles Lock-On work in this game?
  29. Is It worth buying it AGIAN?
  30. Have You Ever Changed Your Opinion of Older Games?
  31. Sonic 1 Glitch Riddled?
  32. What games would you put in the next Mega Drive Collection???
  33. Sonic 1 2 3 and knuckles
  34. Ultimate Genesis Collection for iPhone
  35. sonic 2,3, and sonic and knuckles
  36. sonic 3 and knuckles lock on feature
  37. Saturn collection
  38. Should I get this game or not?
  39. Dont you wish?
  40. Why doesnt this include Sonic 3 & knuckles?
  41. Who had to Use a Guitar Controller as 2P?
  42. The one game that i think SEGA should have not skipped.
  43. Pretty damn good sales for a compilation of old school games.
  44. Other games - Where are they?
  45. Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection achievement speedrun
  46. Ultimage Genesis Collection on 3DS
  47. Ultimate Genesis Collection on NGP
  48. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection 2
  49. These games seem harder.
  50. Speaking of Collections.
  51. Knuckles vs. Roo (Victy)