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  1. Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing (plays like Outrun!)
  2. SEGA announces SEGA All-Star Racing
  3. Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing
  4. Petition for characters in Sega All Star Racing
  5. Sonic IN A CAR? That's it, i'm done with Sonic.
  6. Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Wishlist
  7. SEGA All-star Racing (name change please!)
  8. Sega Music track requests!
  9. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Screens and Video
  10. Arena battle / vs Mini games (requests)
  11. Opinion of the game?
  12. Sonic & Sega all-star racing: what character do you thinks in it?
  13. PlayStation Network and PC Download?!
  14. hmm im not sure what to make of this
  15. Racing is cool but when will we ever get another FIGHTER???
  16. Random Game Suggestions
  17. Dont complain about Sonic in a car. Read This First!
  18. SEGA All-Stars Racing Stages Request Wishlist
  19. So what kind of gameplay do you want/anticipate?
  20. in sega all stars raceing
  21. what characters that you want to be unlockable?
  22. Whats the big deal?
  23. First gameplay footage
  24. Gameplay Footage thread!
  25. SEGA All-star Racing (gameplay vids)
  26. *sigh* Is pimping Sonic THIS necessary?
  27. About the land mines
  28. Sonic & SEGA All - Stars Racing @ E3
  29. what cool sega charecters do you think won't be included in all star racing
  30. The one thing I hate...
  31. More consoles?
  32. Not released until Feb. 23, 10!
  33. What Karts do you want in this game?
  34. Sega will made part 2
  35. Alternate Costumes for the characters?
  36. SEGA Podcast Summary for All Stars Racing
  37. Costumes
  38. My Impression on SASAR at Comic Con
  39. Fancy interviewing Sumo at GamesCom 2009?
  40. Special moves.
  41. 411mania.com hands on @ SDCC '09
  42. How about a story mode?!
  43. How many racing cups do you want in the game?
  44. National Tournaments
  45. SEGA All-Star Racing Track/Course Wishlist
  46. What course do you want for final circuit track?
  47. Sumo Q&A at SoS 2009
  48. Older characters in this game
  49. New Screens with 4 new characters & 3 new stages !
  50. New Trailer - GamesCom 09
  51. Anyone know the framerate for this game?
  52. Gamescom Developer Interview Video
  53. GamesCom 2009 impressions
  54. SUMO! I ask for multiplayer local network
  55. Does SONIC really need to be in the title
  56. Sonic and sega all-star racing
  57. New trailer (featuring Knuckles)
  58. Easiest and Hardest character to unlock
  59. Sonic & SEGA - All Stars Racing @ Summer of Sonic 2009
  60. I Sent An E-Maiil Reguarding ToeJam and Earl!
  61. Sumo Digital *may* be looking at including ToeJam and/or Earl as we lurk the boards.
  62. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Hint Phrase
  63. Seganerds.com with SumoDigial (vid interview and more!)
  64. House of the dead stage.
  65. Songs you would like in the game?
  66. PS3 Wallpaper
  67. New Gameplay video - with Knuckles
  68. What character are you going to use?
  69. More nostalgia please!
  70. SEGA Im gonna buy this game because...
  71. Your Own Made-Up Vechiles for your favorite SEGA Characters.
  72. SASASR should have this music
  73. New Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Gameplay! (Shows Knuckles and Shortcut)
  74. Hint Phrase Game Confirms Ryo from Shenume
  75. Tempo is deconfirmed.
  76. Will there be more Jet Set Radio characters racing?
  77. all-star racing online
  78. what chericters are gona be in this game
  79. Items Which gonna be in this game.
  80. What happened to the thread regarding downloadable content?
  81. Which characters from Tennis won't return in Racing?
  82. Why do fanboys hate this game already?
  83. The announcer
  84. Rumor: Final list for this game
  85. Toejam and earl fans, unite!!
  86. Who's excited to get S&SASR?
  87. Vectorman turns into a mobile vehicle in Vectorman 2, right?
  88. Gum
  89. Ryo Hazuki!!!
  90. Ryo comfirmed
  91. Now that Ryo is confirmed, can we have Lan Di?
  92. Wishlist (Stages) for kellie.
  93. Why is Phantasy Star being ignored?
  94. I wonder when?
  95. Change the title of this game: Poll
  96. more hints
  97. Raise your hand if you wanna see VECTORMAN!
  98. Nice Idea For Sonic All-Star Racing!
  99. Raise your hands if you also want to see Shinobi!!!
  100. Raise YOUR hand for B.D. Joe and Axel
  101. Raise hands if you want to see Metal Sonic!
  102. who wants pulseman
  103. Please let there be an option to turn the announcer off.
  104. My character roster/analysis based on what I've seen so far (please read)
  105. Raise your Hand for ''The Star of the Galaxy'' (Ristar!!) :D
  106. Alternate Costumes as Downloadable content.
  107. Character vehicle history and All-Star move background
  108. Version Exclusives?
  109. Epic Boss Battles.
  110. How about another Samba de Amigo character?
  111. Wii Version Screenshots & Ulala spoiled in December`s Nintendo Power
  112. Just for fun comps once game is released
  113. Trailers on Xbox Live?
  114. RUMOR: Akira yuki from the Virtua Fighter series to be an unlockable character?
  115. Opa-Opa should be in this game as a flying vehicle type.
  116. 4 New Wii screens (not magazine quality)
  117. More stages confirmed from Nintendo Power (and missions)
  118. Chu Chu Rocket fans
  119. My Hopeful Final Roster!
  120. New HD Screens *drools*
  121. Jacky: Sumo it would be so cool
  123. 1 New Stage, and the other been hinted.
  124. A really random yet quite decent idea. . .
  125. Please SEGA, give us weather conditions switching
  126. Any chances of Jack Cayman in Wii version?
  127. I demand Rolf and Rhys from Phantasy Star be in the game!
  128. Streets of Rage?
  129. Guardian Heroes anyone???
  130. Sega character wishlist
  131. Most wanted music?
  132. Sketch Turner from Comix Zone
  133. Does Steve "Soldier 0f Legend" Lycett have an account on these boards?
  134. List all SEGA characters who could have a cameo in this game.
  135. Curien Mansion Revealed.
  136. It is possible that ToeJam & Earl may be a preorder bonus.
  137. Why not make the item boxes the TV sets from Sonic 1?
  138. Random Idea
  139. NEW Character Spotted on Halloween Trailer!!
  140. A museum/info section.
  141. Updated possible final roster!
  142. Raise your hand if you want Arle Nadja(Puyo Puyo)
  143. Newsflash: Bayonetta and Jack Cayman will NOT be in this.
  144. The Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Roster
  145. All weapons seen/mentioned so far.
  146. Sparkster: why not?
  147. Axel from Crazy Taxi
  148. Skies of Arcadia
  149. Curious about character voices...
  150. Vectorman has every single right to appear in this game.
  151. Third-party character exclusives????
  152. Items and stuff
  153. Would a "Story Mode" be interesting?
  154. Please don't put SEGA all-stars racing for the zeebo, we demand you(SEGA)!
  155. Segata Sanshiro
  156. Alerntative Costumes!
  157. What minigames would like to see
  158. Which System?
  159. Email received from Stele Lycette (SUMO)
  160. BAD NEWS, EVERYONE! VectorMan WON'T be in...
  161. November 9, 2009 = the day too much information was relinquished :(
  162. Shining Force
  163. What's this I'm hearing about Vectorman not being in?
  164. Controllers for the Wii?
  165. Anyone notice this ?
  166. Fan-Made Character Entry
  167. ASR Developer Diaries
  168. So...Who's Gonna Be Next?
  169. Want NiGHTS in Sonic and Sega Allstars Racing?
  170. Thread for Laughs
  171. Is it true EVERYONE hates Big the Cat...?
  172. Steve Lycett explains email response
  173. How many franchises does SEGA fully own?
  174. DLC Character Wishlist
  175. Soundtrack details
  176. I think i solved the Final Roster (might contain spoliers)
  177. WrapUp Topic
  178. Ryo Hazuki's return
  179. Character hint phrases?
  180. Thanksgiving
  181. we need charicters!!1!
  182. xbox live downloads
  183. No Japan realese? And why?
  184. So I've been playing Sonic Drift again.
  185. This is odd
  186. Nice Idea For this Game!!
  187. one more sonic character PLEASE
  188. More Info on ASR, with New Pictures for Wii, and PS3
  189. Final character list not yet determined?
  190. Regarding DLC...
  191. Wii version still having framerate issues
  192. New Video Interview
  193. we got a problem
  194. Hoping SASASR comes out amazing
  195. Steve and Craig hinted that their favorites will be Playable!
  196. Who is your favorite SEGA character of all time?
  197. Poll FaceOff!!:Ristar or Nights
  198. Why as no one said anything about our magical princess not being on the roster
  199. Wii Owners! Let's show SEGA/SUMO how much we want the Gamecube controller compatible!
  200. Gamesradar Impressions - Very positive!
  201. is Silver In the game?
  202. 1/10 - IGN, Terrible and broken game
  203. Panzer Dragoon character?
  204. Why I think NiGHTS should not be playable in this series
  205. New level revealed!
  206. There are 18 SEGA Franchises in This Game!
  207. Leaks...
  208. Captain Falcon or Mario for the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing?
  209. RUMOR ALERT Bango & Kazooie in ASR box art
  210. guest chararacters in Sonic allstars racing?
  211. Were going to have 20 Characters (told by TSSZNews.com)
  212. Cliffy B. adds Ristar to his "Top 10" list.
  213. Christmas!! :)
  214. The Next Superstars Game
  215. Does the PS3 version have Sixaxis control?
  216. Oooooh toys!
  217. So Much More is Our Main Theme Song for the Game
  218. Roster Time!
  219. courses so far
  220. Jazwares to make toys
  221. SASASR Action figures
  222. What do you think the Mystery Accounment is going to be?
  223. SEGA RPGs, where are they? Show your support!
  224. Poll: Which characters will you play?
  225. Car colours...?!
  226. Want Ristar to be in this Game?
  227. Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing has a Rating.
  228. Who's getting SASASR for PS3?
  229. Streets of Rage vs Virtua Fighter
  230. To those who believe 20-24 characters is enough:
  231. Anyone excited about Zobio and Zobiko?
  232. The Wishful Thinking Topic
  233. Amitie!
  234. DLC Confirmed
  235. If there's Puyo Puyo representation, which character would you rather have?
  236. Who needs to be playable?
  237. Raise your hand if you do or don't want The Ooze
  238. Official: Wii and DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing delayed to March
  239. Contest! Guess what day the announcement might be shown!
  240. IGN UK Hands-on
  241. The final track.
  242. Box art is up on SEGA.com
  243. Sonic and Sega All Star Racing with Banjo Kazooie.
  244. what about Shyna Nera from Silhouette Mirage?
  245. PSX Extreme - Preview
  246. ??? in the wii version as console exclusive?
  247. PS3 exclusive character?
  248. Idea for the All-stars move!
  249. is that NIGHTS!?
  250. You can play as your avatar?