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  1. mario and sonic at the olympic winter games - ideas
  2. Welcome to the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games forum!
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  4. What do you think Festival Mode would be?
  5. character stats
  6. Which character has the hardest model to make?
  7. So... Boobarella won't make an appearance again?
  8. Babylon Rogues
  9. Release Dates Announced.
  10. Release Dates Announced!
  11. Sonic speed needs to be full
  12. Sonic or Mario which do you prefer
  13. ANOTHER Leaked Character...... (SPOILERS)
  14. Poll: Diddy Kong or Rosalina
  15. DC for the olymics
  16. Jet or Rouge?
  17. Why does this game doesn't have any gameplays yet?
  18. Ideas of the full roster
  19. which new sonic characters do you want?
  20. love or hate
  21. Don't you find it odd how SC/MC hold guns?
  22. Draw your hoping Character Contest: 10 SEGA Fourm Competitors Only
  23. New Character Models for Shadow, Vector, Eggman, Blaze released
  24. Mario @ Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games @ SEGA Summer Sizzler 2009
  25. M&S rated for Wii, DS by ESRB
  26. Ideas for the four final characters!
  27. 2D Crowds, Again?!
  28. Should Silver be in this game?
  29. Mario VS Sonic!
  30. what we expect. add ur excpectation here
  31. What music do you want in the game?
  32. The trailer with Silver and Bowser Jr is back!
  33. New Screenshots!
  34. New Character Art & Trailer
  35. New Gameplay Video!
  36. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games @ GamesCom 2009
  37. Website Update!
  38. Hockey Gameplay
  39. Official Site is up!
  40. Online Multiplayer in Wii version?
  41. The LAST Characters left for the website
  42. check Out M&S environment at GamesCom '09
  43. Bowser Jr strong as knuckles?
  44. You might want to bring salt if you're hoping for more characters...
  45. My Theory
  46. A Debut Trailer!
  47. Question...
  48. Which events interest you most?
  49. SEGA please, 4 more chars and that's done!
  50. More Screens
  51. Which character(s) will you use?
  52. Just an idea...
  53. Another Gameplay Video
  54. New Wii and DS Trailers (18 Sep)
  55. This games should have Wii Motion Plus
  56. New Section on the Site
  57. Just one question????
  58. New Wii Dream Events Trailer
  59. Final stats (Wii and DS)
  60. Here's are Bosses
  61. First Review: Nintendo Power
  62. Wii version online?
  63. New DS Dream Events Trailer
  64. New DS images showing Adventure Tours
  65. Italian Wii Video Preview
  66. Wii Connect24 Announced!
  67. Merchandise?
  68. DS demo up on the Nintendo Channel.
  69. We got bosses in this trailer!
  70. Adventure Tours Trailer!
  71. Tournament.
  72. Something I found...
  73. Wii Boss Trailer
  74. Commercial Trailer
  75. Missing Artworks
  76. New M&SATOWG gameplay video
  77. New Update to the Website!
  78. Sonic Adventure on Ice!
  79. GameRadar Wii Review: 8/10
  80. Wait, this game's out right? *Spoilers*
  81. Question on the DS version
  82. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
  83. Endless Black Heroes
  84. Character pairings
  85. Nintendolife review: 9/10
  86. Best Event so far?
  87. Woo renders.
  88. ONM Reviews.
  89. Favorate Character Costume so Far?
  90. This game will have a quick price drop... right?
  91. World Records!
  92. Controls funky for anyone else?
  93. Is Chaos A Boss In This Game?
  94. Team Names!
  95. Should I get this game for the DS or the wii?
  96. Gametrailers review
  97. Credits Still Show Rivals?
  98. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Wimter Games Action Replay Codes
  99. Mario and Sonic sales so far
  100. The Totally, Absolutely, Positively (Not) Official Help Thread
  101. Make Mii out of Not Playable Characters
  102. Anyone agree that this is incredibly BS?
  103. Ski Jumping
  104. Bobsleigh demo on Nintendo Channel
  105. Help I'm stuck!!
  106. Ds m&s
  107. The Funniest Animations!
  108. Do you think they'll make a game on the 2012 Olympics?
  109. Removed Material?
  110. Post your Records
  111. Favorite themes ?
  112. I've started a Fantasy Challenge.
  113. Game Crashes during Moguls
  114. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: Favorite Character
  115. Game downloads?
  116. Help Me Find Santa and his Reindeer!
  117. That didn't take long. Mario and Sonic 2 Wii hits a million
  118. Skate function not working???
  119. Is the DS version any good?
  120. How do I change the main language on the game?
  121. Giant Slalom Problem (Wii)
  122. Please rate this game(Wii)
  123. Ds help please
  124. Mario & Sonic Adventure Game
  125. Players???
  126. Getting gold on Bobsleigh is impossible.
  127. If you like mario and sonic u'll love this.
  128. should sega also make sonic and mario at the olympic winter games for xbox360 and ps3
  129. Nintendo boots Sega off Olymic games
  130. Mario and Sonic at the Olymic Winter Games; A Retrospective Look
  131. Finally! Commercials!
  132. Metal Sonic Render, Please Help.
  133. Need Help! DS Version, Adventure Tour
  134. Losing Gold?
  135. why wont my game read?
  136. How about a racer?
  137. (DS)How to unlock all events in single player for those that hate adventure mode.
  138. Who would you like to see in the next Mario & Sonic?
  139. Do you know what they forgot?
  140. Why is Silver happy?
  141. New forum skin for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games!
  142. Should I buy this game?
  143. Name your figure skating record!!!
  144. So How is This Game? Is it Worth Getting?
  145. London's Calling Mario & Sonic!
  146. nice skin fail SoA
  147. Character Wishlist
  148. Hype thread
  149. Sega have made all 3 Mario/Sonic cross overs. Nintendo soon?
  150. This game is really fail
  151. So,is there ANYONE ELSE who is looking foward to this game?
  152. Will the controls be less terrrible this time around?
  154. Dream Events wishlist
  155. LOL Skin Fail Sega
  156. Wheres My Mario & Sonic Adventure Game
  157. "Ruby why inist There A Mario & Sonic Adventure Game"
  158. Drop It
  159. I've said this before, but...
  160. So, how many of you say you don't like this game?
  161. Online Multiplayer Request Thread.
  162. Wii Motion Plus
  163. So, If We're Only Going To Get 20 Characters This Time...
  164. Questions?
  165. The same old thing? Just a new city?
  166. What if........
  167. *sigh*...
  168. What's this? SOCCER'S in the game?
  169. Nintendo Power: Images + COVER! OVER 50 EVENTS!
  170. THIS may be interesting...
  171. Sonic Soccer WTF ????!!!!
  172. Why is the M&SatOWG background still up? What about M&SatL2012OG?
  173. New screenshots & detalis for M&S2012!
  174. Do you want story mode to return?
  175. Windy Valley! + interview
  176. Ideas for next story mode
  177. People who think that 20 characters in MaSatLO sucks
  178. Character Interaction
  179. Kinect version???
  180. Seems a little pointless
  181. So i was looking at the title of the game for a while and...
  182. The Character Anthem Thread.
  183. ....So....is anyone annoyed about...
  184. What event are you most looking forward to trying?
  185. Level Remakes
  186. Trailer goin' up
  187. Badminton Gameplay (Not much)
  188. My Desktop (Related)
  189. Comedic Commercials?
  190. Story Mode is 3DS Exclusive, Plus Release Dates and Boxart
  191. So... Who's Going to Get This Game?
  192. New skin for Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
  193. Allowing more Mii features
  194. Wii Motion Plus? Should it be used?
  195. Nintendo, SEGA, please add more characters or else we're gonna be like mobs
  196. Some New(?) Footage of Things We Already Knew About
  197. New M&S Gamescom Trailer its Awesome
  198. Sega CGI & Orchestra = Awesome
  199. Seag Can I Have MP3 Of The Orchestral Theme
  200. *New* Dream Horse Riding Event Revealed! YEEHAW!!
  201. Music Sample, Birdo Sighting, plus Footage of Football and Beach Volleyball!
  202. 3DS Judo Gameplay Starring Tails + Badminton Practice
  203. This Game Starting To Look Pretty Good
  204. Does This Game Have Classic Controller Support
  205. What New Do You Think They Will Add This Time
  206. Has anyone else noticed...
  207. Sega does what Nintendon't?
  208. Mario & Sonic Website Updated
  209. Should do a wrestling event
  210. *New* Dream Event Accidently Revealed?
  211. Preorder bonus: UK T-Shirt and Collector's Tin
  212. Should this be the last Olympic title?
  213. Additional Characters Wishlist
  214. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Limited Edition
  215. Mario and Sonic Gameplay Impressions
  216. I Wish That M&S@ London 2012 Olympic Games 3DS Release Date Is In My Birthday!
  217. New Turquoise Wii Bundle includes Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics
  218. This game is lame and nobody cares about it.
  219. Wow, does 3D Sonic better then Generations! (Trailer)
  220. Amy UPSKIRT (yay) + NO SAWNIK PUT THE GUN DOWN!!!!!!!!!
  221. Favorite Event or Mode of the Game
  222. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Xbox 360 and PS3 version Announced!!
  223. school me
  224. Gameplay Trailer #2
  225. 3DS Boxart!
  226. Mario & Sonic TV Commercial Time!!(London 2012 Edition)
  227. Why is no one excited?!?!
  228. First Review "Mario and Sonic 2012 is a Winner Overall"
  229. New Screenshots for the Wii Version!
  230. The Funniest Thing You'll Ever See
  231. The Music is Sounding Great!
  232. Eggman Nega (Sol Dimension Eggman) confirmed as boss
  233. Newish Info About The Game (Spoilers)
  234. Why it's Mario&Sonic at the olympic games and not Sonic&Mario.
  235. Mario & Sonic - Celebration Trailer: More Dream events + Monkey Ball Cameo?
  236. EGGMAN at the London 2012 Olympic Games *MAY CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE
  237. This game is out today right?
  238. So I went to Big K-Mart for some headphones and...
  239. The Official Impressions and Help Thread
  240. Werehog confirmed + Super Sonic
  241. This should be the next Olympics game!
  242. Is Eggman in a Speedo?
  243. Fan Service and Continuity Nods in the Game
  244. Who's looking forward to horse riding?
  245. Why is Sonic & Mario Olympics selling so well?
  246. Hopefully This Thread Isn't Considered Spam...
  247. Mario & Sonic at the Incredibly Long Drawn-Out Game Title.
  248. 3DS Screens - Cutscenes?
  249. New Footage of 3DS
  250. "Friend Pending" for WFC