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  1. Why the new model..
  2. Welcome to the official forum for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I!
  3. GameSpot gameplay trailer issue (please read!)
  4. Sonic 4 Story Details!
  5. A downloadable 2D Sonic sequel? Thank you, Capcom, for showing SEGA the light
  6. Disappointed with the fanbase.
  7. @rubyeclipse
  8. Project needle mouse is Sonic the hedgehog 4:Episode 1 Coming to Wiiware/XBLA/PSN
  9. Discussão em Português
  10. Sonic 4!! FINALLY!!!
  11. Thoughts on the announcement trailer!
  12. No PC Version?
  13. i dont like it....
  14. Möbius Strip
  15. Sonic eyes.
  16. Second character
  17. Hyper Sonic?
  18. THere should be a petition for
  19. Three Questions
  20. Sega botched it by making it DLC! Why?
  21. Any there any classic bosses you want to see in this game?
  22. for All who never could watch the Trailer from Game Spot
  23. Sonic 4 Discussion and Suggestion tread
  24. Do you think this would have a physical release because of episodes?
  25. Im afraid they are going to add more modern stuff in sonic 4
  26. Dash Panels
  27. Sonic Science
  28. Super Sonic... What do you like more? (Vote)
  29. Saving
  30. So who actually thought of this before?
  31. Sonic 4 website
  32. Things that need to be FIXED on Sonic 4!
  33. Why Doesn't The Outline Of The Needlemouse Logo Fit The Sonic 4 One??
  34. Two Concerns
  35. Impressions
  36. Omg. Wtf is this
  37. June 23rd Release Date??
  38. Why people is arguin' so much because 3 secs. of footage?
  39. 3 High Resolution Screenshots courtesy of SEGAOnline
  40. It's time to boycott Sega.
  41. Will not buy.
  42. Time attacks (stuff to do until sonic4 is out)
  43. An idea for the people who are complaining about his looks.
  44. To all those who are complaining about sonic 4
  45. Sonic 4 out July, Iphone version
  46. My opinions about Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I
  47. Level Cliches of Project Needlemouse, now known as Sonic the Hedgehog 4
  48. To those of you who enjoy the look of Sonic in Sonic 4.
  49. Still hyped?
  50. Why isn't Sonic holding up 4 fingers like he is supposed to!!!
  51. Let's get serious. Isn't the game about SPEED?
  52. All Game Collectors Should Unite Against Downloadable Games
  53. This guy should be in charge of the art direction of the new Sonic.
  54. Why does it have to be called Sonic 4 episode 1?
  55. Theres something wrong about the Teaser.
  56. Sonic the Hedgehog 4
  57. All the complaints, all the whiners.. why :S:S
  58. Here's my view--what's yours?
  59. Good but flawed
  60. Guys
  61. Wiiware...
  62. I agree with this guys reaction to the new trailer
  63. SEGA, please......
  64. I think most can agree on one thing ...
  65. Oops! Sonic 2 beta footage!
  66. What the hell - Fighting over his eyes?
  67. Should Homing Attack be removed from Sonic 4?
  68. Settle it with statistics -- green eyes or black?
  69. Price of Sonic 4
  70. Guys, I love the wheel animation as much as the next guy, but...
  71. OMG Sonic The Hedgehog 4 website hinting there's a new Sega console?!
  72. Dear Sega. Not Everyone is a Whiny *****
  73. Spoiled Brats
  74. Tomorrow's Website Update.......
  75. New Sonic 4 Idea.
  76. Anyone noticed...
  77. Which alternate character do you wish to play as: Tails or Knuckles ?
  78. What's more important?
  79. Tails or Knuckles playable?
  80. I know who's the character is.
  81. Fellow Classic Sonic fans...
  82. Characters menu on official site.
  83. Special Stages
  84. the episode aspect
  85. A little something from the past that I'd like to bring up
  86. Want to know what's behind the ???s on Sth4.com ?
  87. Sonic 4 Story Line revealed + an extra character not revealed Yet
  88. In English now...
  89. Who's appearing in this?
  90. How do you Think the Episode Format Will Work?
  91. Call me crazy, but...
  92. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Pixel Complaint
  93. why is not one for ds
  94. I love the story. This is what I always thought about.
  95. soooo, Super Sonic...
  96. Please help?
  97. What's Digital Download?
  98. ATTN SEGA: - Heal the fanbase: Let us select the designs of the models
  99. Hedgehog Engine.
  100. Want Tails to follow Sonic again?
  101. Optional Characters.
  102. I feel like there's no way SEGA can win
  103. Insta-Shield vs. Homing Attack
  104. Episode 2 already has a site!!
  105. Sonic 5 has 7 Episodes too.
  106. Knuckles: His hat from the OVA
  107. FINALLY! SONIC is back to is 2d roots!
  108. Sonic 4 - retro, but new Sonic Model?
  109. Before this comes out...
  110. You know, I remember when Sonic 3 came out I didn't like the model change either...
  111. Sonic 4 Intro story found on Japanese site
  112. Grass.
  113. Thank You Sega/Sonic Team
  114. Which system you getting it for?
  115. I wish just more people could understand.
  116. Sonic 4 Episode 1 Full Story Line Leaked!!! (SPOILERS INSIDE)
  117. Sonic 4 : Guesses to who is the Foe?
  118. loving the cheesy new intro music!
  119. The reason why Sonic has green eyes
  120. How Many Sonic 4 Episodes Will There Be??
  121. Release Date guess.
  122. does anyone else want tails and knuckles to be playable?
  123. Poll on running animation
  124. This is amazing
  125. Sonics running animation - ******ed
  126. How do you think...
  127. You know what, Sonic Rush has a small form of homing attack.
  128. Who do you think will be composing the Music for Sonic 4
  129. Want Super Sonic to be playable in normal levels?
  130. My short rant on the trailer
  131. Neutral, Bubble, Fire, Lightning, Invincibility Shields
  132. same music? same action?
  133. The model thing has been settled.
  134. Multiplayer?
  135. Sonic's running animation?
  136. Character models and names
  137. xbox live, wii ware, ps network, and what else?
  138. Bring Back the Sonic 2 Boss Battle Theme!
  139. Hey, SEGA, fix the Intro section on the Sonic 4 site
  140. If you want the Classic Sonic model in Sonic 4
  141. Why would they name this Sonic the Hedgehog 4?
  142. Is anyone looking forward to Sonic 4, no matter what it's like?
  143. I think Shadoes should be in Sonic 4
  144. Cutscenes. Do you want them, or no?
  145. The full game in a disk
  146. WHY!?
  147. Why!?
  148. News from SEGA on Sonic's running animation!
  149. Atleast they should of have Tails and Knuckles
  150. How would Tails & Knux be playable
  151. Well, it had to be done: a counter-rant!
  152. To everyone who wants Classic Sonic in this
  153. Sonic 4 for PC
  154. Sonic 4 and Android?
  155. No Talking.
  156. There has to be a Volcano
  157. Metal Sonic as a boss?
  158. Episodes 2, and 3 to include tails and knuckles?
  159. Dream Comes True to work on StH4?
  160. Last chance
  161. The Logo
  162. What You Want in the Soundtrack
  163. Developing a new Sonic Model
  164. Conceptual Levels
  165. I want the ORIGINAL blue rodent in Sonic 4!
  166. Multyplayer?
  167. How frequently will the episodes come out?
  168. Sonic 4's graphics
  169. While we're at at, bring original Knuckles back!!!!!!!!
  170. ***Have SEGA Made A Mistake Calling This Sonic 4???***
  171. Here's an idea!
  172. Fix the running animation SEGA! (Sonic 4)
  173. interesting rumor
  174. Wow..
  175. let it be
  176. who thinks this would be a cool idea?
  177. Sonic 4's Music
  178. Homeage Idea
  179. What is this crap I am hearing about Episode 1 being 4 zones?
  180. Another problem that could affect the game somehow
  181. Something That I Noticed On The Sonic 3 Cover.....
  182. And it just keeps on coming.
  183. wut charctus shud b in sawnek for
  184. Poll time! Is the fun of the game more important, or the character looks?
  185. So, if we could only have one composer for this game's soundtrack...
  186. Can someone give me that picture
  187. stop whining about the graphics
  188. My own rants on this foolish, stupid complaining about the game
  189. Official Graphics, Sprite, Art Direction Thread
  190. Remix of Sonic 4's title music
  191. Sonic 4: Advice
  192. Here's My Take on the Classic Sonic Banner
  193. Is it me, or am I the only one that finds the homing attack cool for sonic 4?
  194. Sonic 4 - Notes from a long time fan
  195. This is the Sonic Model they should use
  196. Sonic 4 Needs To Be Innovative
  197. How Sonic 4 Should REALLY Be
  198. It could've of been worse.
  199. You guys have it wrong
  200. Do you think that all of this stuff about classic Sonic/new Sonic in Sonic 4 is BS?
  201. Chao raising in Sonic the Hedgehog 4
  202. .....If SONIC 4.1 Is The First Step Back To His Routes......
  203. A basic summary of the fanbase reaction....
  204. PLEASE Don't Make this Episodic
  205. Anyone surprised how accurate the story is?
  206. Project Neoclassic Sonic (Take 1)
  207. Classic Sonic model *pictures*
  208. This is exactly why I like SEGA, but HATE Sonic!
  209. yknow what would really tick off the "classic" sonic fans?
  210. Bonus stages?
  211. Level designs. Classic styles vs. Advance styles.
  212. How to make Sonic 4 a better game.
  213. Tweaker's Intro Music Sucks
  214. Odin sphere style sonic and a good idea :)
  215. Please sega give us the true eggman
  216. Make fun of fanbase
  217. Debug mode
  218. Sonic 4 title music in 8-bit
  219. Would this really have been so hard, SEGA?
  220. They're making a Sonic 4!!
  221. Who is actually making Sonic 4?
  222. Forget Old-school sonic, new-school Sonic, it's time for a next-school Sonic
  223. Complaining about complaining about complaining
  224. The worst possible news revealed
  225. Zone Idea Topic
  226. The beautiful evolution of Sonic Advance
  227. Enemies In Sonic 4
  228. Who is the other featured character?
  229. What Sonic 4 should be
  230. The best rant about sonic 4
  231. The reason why sonic games arnt good latley
  232. Why sonic games hav so many glitches!!!
  233. The reaso why voice acting sucks in Sonic games
  234. The reason why there are so many gimmicks in Sonic games now
  235. The reason why '06 is a bad game
  236. The reaso why Sega doesnt have a console system
  237. Do you think there are way to many power sources in the games?
  238. Top 5 favorite bad guys or bosses in a Sonic game
  239. So, What's your thoughts on all this noise
  240. Anyone like to see Debug mode in Sonic 4?
  241. The reason why Sonic 4 wont be good
  242. Anyone that Sonic 4 maybe similar to Sonic CD?
  243. sonic 4 japanese site
  244. Title screen background
  245. Any ideas on the bonus stages?
  246. Sonic 4 Special Edition Soundtrack Please!
  247. Friendly Characters or Badniks...?
  248. Wait so let me get this straight
  249. How SEGA can shut the classic fanboys up (Not a joke topic)
  250. My own version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4