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  1. Sonic Colors Announced for Wii and DS
  2. Welcome to the Sonic Colors (Colours) Forum!
  3. So who is shocked by this new game announcement?
  4. So judging from what we know so far....
  5. This game is awesome! :D
  6. I wonder what characters will be in this game?
  7. What do you think will be the other Wisp powers?
  8. Preview In Next ONM
  9. How is this an SMG ripoff?
  10. SOA Product Page Confirms NWFC
  11. SEGA IS INSAAAANE! (Sorry for caps)
  12. Wii or DS?
  13. The game was just announced what is going on?!
  14. Sonic Colours News Thread [I will update Each Time a New Info appears]
  15. Good idea, SEGA.
  16. Is this game following the storyline or is it a spinoff?
  17. I liked seeing only sonic and tails
  18. Should this be on home console?
  19. Should this be on the 360/PS3/PC?
  20. The mario fans boys said that this is a Sonic Galaxy, 7 thinks why this its lie
  21. Music conspiracy.
  22. Awesome! But whats with title?
  23. This should be on 360 and PS3...
  24. Does anyone think...
  25. The first cutscene looks fantastic
  26. Why I love the title!
  27. Gamecube controller?
  28. Title!, this game shoulda been made for gameboy color.
  29. Who wants a title change?
  30. the boost gauge
  31. Is it me, or is the model...
  32. Woah, SEGA slow the **** down ...
  33. Unleashed advice taken?!
  34. Why exclusive to the Nintendo systems?
  35. Who is the title's developer?
  36. Sonic Colors trailer analysis by 1up.
  37. I think this title will be amazing from what i have seen and read.
  38. Sega I Miss Cream out Her in the game
  39. What Colors Says About Sonic's Future
  40. Yes! **** YES!
  41. Another small victory for old school fans
  42. Maybe Colors will re-introduce...
  43. Nintendo Power Also Have Big Preview
  44. Sonic Colours Info
  45. Name or not, this looks good
  46. Don't get your hopes up
  47. How do you want levels to be accessed?
  48. Releasing November 2010?
  49. In regards to Super forms...
  50. To hub world or not to hub world?
  51. Trailer 3D Test...
  52. Should sonic colors have a wisp garden?
  53. Personal Perpsective on Sonic Colors
  54. Colours: 7 Letters; 7 Emeralds?
  55. The Title -- more specifically, the extra 'u'
  56. Japanese site
  57. What if the Wii & DS versions can interact?
  58. Shadow...
  59. Apparently Sonic Colors is pretty good
  60. Sonic Team making the Wii version, Dimps on board for the DS version.
  61. Quicker than time can flow
  62. Could this be it!?
  63. Wisp Gimmick like Sonic Heroes powers?
  64. This is Sonic's LAST CHANCE!
  65. Online
  66. this game, how its better to play?
  67. The Wisps are Evil Spectres
  68. You know what's kinda funny?
  69. Sonic Colors?
  70. Who wants Hyper (Sonic)-active fun?
  71. Final boss? (n n)
  72. TSSZ Exclusive: Sonic Colors Developed by Storybook Division, Meant for Young Crowd
  73. IGN Review.
  74. Cou...Could Sonic Colors Be Su Minus Werehog...
  75. Sonic Colors comic-adaption
  76. Thank God For This Game!
  77. I think the gameplay is going to be a Speedy Sonic Gameplay With More Fun-Feel
  78. Cyber Track 3 Come back?
  79. So .... Online Play is Confirmed ... what do you want online play to have?
  80. who still gonna get sonic colours even tho its aimed at kids
  81. UK retailers begin release date speculation
  82. Sonic 3D blast!
  83. Release date?
  84. a game play footage will be available at E3 (june 15 2010)
  85. You know how the games gonna be in a theme park..............
  86. what music type you like for this game?
  87. Who wants a Orchestred Score for Sonic Colours
  88. Carnivals + Space = Win
  89. Personal reactions to the game.
  90. I hope Tails gets good gameplay and role
  91. Emblems anyone?
  92. A Mario Galaxy Rip-Off, Really?
  93. Game videos
  94. How do you want the Spin Dash to function if it's in this game?
  95. First. Sonic Colors remix. ever??
  96. I find it odd...
  97. Nintendo Power Impressions!
  98. ds version
  99. Amy needs to be in it.
  100. Leaked Sonic Colors Photo featuring Eggman
  101. theme parks?
  102. This game looks interesting.
  103. Poll : Add a "New" Hill zone to this game , Sonic Team!
  104. Sonic color chao garden
  105. Please Add a New Trailer and make it a game trailer about the game + Give us more inf
  106. Possible theme song?
  107. Leaked story detail
  108. Nintendo Power info - Zone information, Sonic Colors is Sonic Rush 3
  109. Dosen't the teaser music sound like
  110. Sonic colors, apart of the main series?....
  111. Why is it that...
  112. I've been ignoring it for a while but...
  113. hub worlds please sonic team?
  114. sonic colors
  115. Any word on how long it's been in development?
  116. Sonic Colours Playable at E3
  117. Rant on this game
  118. Saw DS screens and Wii screens
  119. Nintendo Power preview?
  120. Characters?
  121. A new game means new music
  122. If you could change the title..
  123. Sonic Colors Interview with Iizuka
  124. Sonic Colors takes "Nostalgia end level"
  125. Description Sounds Great Already
  126. Sonic Colors > Recent games - 70% of game is 2.5d
  127. Forget my "rant" topic. I'm in love with this game.
  128. This looks like it might actually be alright.
  129. Robotnik?!
  130. Official Sonic Colors "Thoughts" Thread
  131. The Final Boss: Place Your Bets
  132. For what platform are you getting the game.
  133. Hubworlds
  134. This isn't the final boxart, right?
  135. DS and WII Screenshots!
  136. Should be this moved up to 2011?
  137. Sonic Colors (Wii/DS) Italian Annoucement Trailer
  138. Sonic Colors Album!
  139. Do you think SC for Wii has Boost Bar?
  140. Urgent business - Tails Dies in Sonic colors?!!!
  141. You know something...
  142. This is extremely weird.
  143. Online gameplay in Colors!
  144. Silence!
  145. Is it weird that...
  146. For People complaining about it being Wii and DS Only
  147. in your think: what its better of this game?
  148. on-rails?
  149. Boss
  150. Sonic Colors = Sonic Adventure 3?
  151. Does this mean hub worlds are back.
  152. I had an odd chao garden idea.
  153. The Plot?
  154. Who's interested in this game?
  155. My thoughts on the game
  156. maybe this game have a new transformation?
  157. Any ideas on what the online feature will be like?
  158. Sonic Colors @ E3
  159. Wentos...
  160. New screens from E3
  161. CVG's Preview
  162. Did anyone post the Sonic Cycle yet?
  163. Sonic colors new trailer
  164. Joystiq Preview; Developer: "it's Sonic unleashed, minus everything but the running"
  165. Eurogamer's preview
  166. Destructoid Preview Sonic colors
  167. E3 gameplay
  168. Sonic Colors: New Interview with Takashi Iizuka
  169. The Sonic Stadium's Preview
  170. And more gameplay footage!
  171. Sonic colors DS boss
  172. Harmless Robots
  173. Destructoid's Sneak peak at Colors
  174. Anyone know whats in the Press Kit download?
  175. Sonic Colors?
  176. Sonic colors rated Ao???
  177. Even more Wii and DS gameplay, more TSS impressions
  178. ScrewAttack's first impressions of Sonic colors
  179. Colour me impressed
  180. New Exciting Gameplay footage by some one who actually knows how to play!
  181. Hold on a second...
  182. Sonic Color Vs. Sonic Unleashed (day time stages)
  183. I'm concerned regarding the spindash.
  184. Sonic Colour's music
  185. GameSpot Sonic Colors Impressions
  186. Sweet Mountain Gameplay(ACT 2)
  187. Should Sonic Colors have a Princess?
  188. The only thing that concerns me so far is the rank system
  189. Sonic Colours New ScreenShots! ...
  190. Animations of this game
  191. Regarding the lock-on...
  192. From the Video Footage at Game Trailers you have Seen, What Do you think of the game?
  193. Direct Feed gameplay
  194. Ign Preview
  195. Japeese Sonic Colors site updated
  196. IGN Preview : This just might be the best Sonic game of this generation
  197. Make long levels, devs.
  198. What i just noticed.
  199. Yet AnotherSonic Colors Preview: GamesRadar...Likes it???
  200. Loving The 2D Stages
  201. Is Jason Griffith NOT voicing Sonic anymore
  202. Best game about Sonic?
  203. How would you feel if this game was...
  204. New footage showing sweet mountain ACT 1 and no thing else we don't know
  205. The People From Sonic Team who are working on the game are ...
  206. Why not on 360/PS3?
  207. I think that this game
  208. The gimmick is good this time: here's what I think is why.
  209. WTF is this crap
  210. Sweet mountain gameplay!!!!!
  211. Will the DS version have the trick system from SONIC RUSH?
  212. I love tropical's music ALOT!!!
  213. Sonic Colors to have a good story?
  214. Tropical Resort Walkthrough
  215. Confirmed: Leaderboards
  216. I have to say, this game looks really good
  217. How Would You Feel If Werehog was just now Introduced?
  218. Title Screen and Ma screen revealed,more of Sweet Mountan
  219. Are there checkpoint signs in this game?
  220. Mario is space first?
  221. I have this idea for a hub
  222. Post Ideas/Suggestions for Stages and power ups and other things for the game
  223. Why does everyone want a hubworld?
  224. Sonic Colors reminds me of Christmas
  225. 1 reason this game might do well
  226. When is the REAL main theme gonna be downloadable?
  227. Jokes in Colors written by Happy Tree Friends writers?
  228. Best part of the theme song?
  229. You know, the moments where you mash A are very cheap...
  230. This needs more power-ups
  231. Celshaded?
  232. Port Colors to PC?
  233. Sonic Colors is a good idea for make one movie?
  234. Did you expect this game to be praised as much as it is?
  235. One thing I still dont like.
  236. You'll be getting...
  237. Extra characters on Colors DS?
  238. One thing that worries me that might ruin this game
  239. Length of the game... :S
  240. Longer Levels?
  241. Leveling Up Sonic's Speed and Equiping him with items like in secret rings?
  242. Eh...more like 360 daytime?
  243. And the Wii Can't handle Big Stages? Think again
  244. New DS gameplay footage
  245. The main theme for Sonic Colors
  246. For Thsoe Who Complains a lot about the Game Before Release
  247. Sally & Bunnie in Sonic Colours
  248. Unlockable Earth Planet (Sonic Unleashed Day stages Backward Mode) Feature?
  249. Wii Tropical Resort Zone Boss Footage
  250. Superior or Inferior