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  1. Morskoj stole my ziyad (-9999999999 money bug)
  2. Game freezing need some feedback
  3. well, this game is a bust online so far, for me anyway
  4. Need Help!
  5. Bug
  6. GUIDE: For everyone having trouble connecting to a game
  7. Potential Server Issue
  8. Anyone getting kicked from servers?
  9. ADMINS please read.
  10. HELP
  11. No Squad
  12. i picked the wrong team twice !!!!!!
  13. Squad Joining
  14. Random Game Freezing
  15. What's the deal with the single player freezing?
  16. Help please.
  17. Gunnery software not adding stability boost. (bug?)
  18. Comm troubles online
  19. Briefing room ready bug
  20. **Tech Support -- Troubleshooting Your Network Connection**
  21. Can't Connect to Anyone Online Games
  22. Suddenly the game switched my allegiance
  23. Same as Mayuko
  24. Profile deleted! :((
  25. Disconnect at end of mission
  26. Wont let me play game, someone help!!!
  27. it wont let me join games
  28. DrunkenBigRay -999999999 creds
  29. Mic doesnt work in Battle
  30. Help
  31. joining squad
  32. DagNasty $-999999999
  33. Lost Squad
  34. More than 2 squads in a Neroimus War game?
  35. -99999999999999 Cash Bug. Please Help My Sqaud mate.
  36. can 360 wireless adapter work well in chromehound.
  37. Can it even be fixed
  38. When you don't join mission
  39. High Definition Issues!
  40. Invisible players and lobby
  41. -999,999,999 debt (please help)
  42. Welcome to Open Beta
  43. Rann89 $-999999999999
  44. unable to play with FRIENDS
  45. Not Sure If This Is Tech Support But Its A Bug Report
  46. $-999999999
  47. Canít hear anyone
  48. Question on the occurancy in the freezing problem
  49. Only able to access Japanese squads.
  50. ETA on -999999999 bug fix
  51. Well, I have -99999999999.
  52. Cannot joing Squad games
  53. Patch for briefing room time
  54. PROFILE GOT DELETED 8( PLz Read Its important PLZ
  55. Squad problems(HELP!!!!!!!!)
  56. My Solution for unable to connect with squad problem.
  57. I keep getting dropped from games...HELP please
  58. another -9999999999999 - fix dosnt work.
  59. Annoying squad lobby issues after match
  60. tech support number
  61. -999999999 prob here too. Help!
  62. fake debt need help!
  63. Much needed functionality:
  64. Hosting vs Searching for games (connection issues)
  65. Squad Emblem
  66. Is Chromehounds at fault?
  68. Maintenence
  69. End of war #2?!?!?!?!?!?! youve got to be kidding me
  70. Squad members not being able to see flag marings on HQ
  71. Unable to join the squad
  72. How long will the servers be offline?
  73. My 'time played' is stuck
  74. Bug Report - Missing Functionality
  75. Could a Sega Rep tell us what bugs are fixed after a patch?
  76. 6VS.6 doesnt work
  77. they fixed my -999999999
  78. WHY does it keep freezing and why can I only play with my
  79. Lottery Application Limit
  80. Player disconnect issues (exploit?)
  81. HOW LONG FOR -9999999999999999999
  82. Website feature request
  83. Help?
  84. -999999999 issue update
  85. The downtime is unacceptible.
  86. Game keeps freezing - Help!
  87. Might as well post the private chat problems
  88. Connection issues.
  89. The freezing tests
  90. Add your name if your Xbox freezes playing Chromehounds
  91. I found the problem to freezing
  92. Sega maintenance techy guys please read
  93. Lag issues?
  94. Complaints Galore....
  95. Connection Issues (YAY)
  96. Does Sega even care?
  97. hmmm, Imagine that
  98. How to PERMANENTLY Fix the Population Issue!
  99. Downloadable Content Hogging the Online Shop?
  100. I know it's probably a lost cause, but...
  101. Ever since the Server Reset I can't join people any more
  102. -99999999
  103. Contacting Forum Administrators
  104. Um my live info for ChromeHounds?
  105. Can't connect to anything!
  106. Openin
  107. aftermath of -999999999?
  108. Proportion of users experiencing crashes.
  109. Need a Patch For Enemy and Friendly Icon
  110. Lottery not returning money.
  111. So where to now? -999,999,999 bug
  112. "Failed to connect." when joining a squad.
  113. I lose my mic only in a mission
  114. Sal Kar Shop?
  115. No support for -999999999 glitch
  116. cannot read disc error
  117. Strange error...
  119. This game is too buggy.
  120. Poor Display
  121. Game Currency Balance
  122. What's This? O, It's ANOTHER Set Of Freezes.
  123. Lost Money
  124. Cant Be Stopped Clan Didn't Receive Bronze Patriot Award
  125. Different DVD drives and freezing problem
  126. Switching Allegiances
  128. Gamerpics
  129. Just wondering
  130. How can you play with multiple people on one 360?
  131. Latest war "glitch?" after downloads
  132. Sega, why can't we get an answer?? Freezes? Shop issues?
  133. Game freezing at end of matches/missions
  134. regarding the issues with freezes and online drops
  135. $-999999999 bug resolution poll
  136. squad room
  137. Possible cause of lockups/freezing
  138. Are there servers for CH in the USA?
  139. Major Network Issues And other Bugs
  140. It's not your game or 360
  141. Great job with getting my money back SEGA!
  142. Possible -999999999 fix
  143. Was able to clear up game Freezing problems
  144. ** Issue Support ** Black screen crash in single player mode
  145. Only DC when playing other people, not AI?
  146. Looked Everywhere for NAT fix.
  147. Issues Poll
  148. Crash Theories
  149. better way to connect?
  150. Xbox Live Connection Issues
  151. The Partition limit???
  152. My xbox 360 is destroyed!
  153. Cheating losers
  154. Gamer Tags
  155. Squads, being in main lobby alone
  156. Missing clan
  157. this is a love hate relationship
  158. No flag on enemy HQ?
  160. Screen Freeze
  161. the maintanance on the 25th and my 999999999
  162. Gamespot's article "Chromehounds in the doghouse"
  163. Chromehounds connect
  164. switched
  165. Possible cancelled/problems connecting message fix
  166. To The Site Admins!!!
  167. To all those angry about Chromehounds
  168. The Limbo Lobby - or Twilight Lobby bug (SEGA) Please fix?
  169. Disconnecting during Online Gameplay
  170. Invisible Mecs
  171. Theory about freezing! Spring auto-update!
  172. Go into main lobby and everyones there and you dont see them
  173. game freeze when enter shop in only 1 of my xbox live acc
  174. Possible nerf on pilers???
  175. My Xbox Live data won't load... and it keeps disappearing...
  176. Have a question about servers, some1 from admin pls answer
  177. able to connect after end of war.
  178. Losing connection as the game launches
  179. Another bug
  180. Please someone, answer this...
  181. Suggestion
  182. New Server Update Kicking out of Live
  183. ADMIN - Lost Squad Name - Help Please
  184. does anybody kno a tech support # for the US
  185. Were is my money saved
  186. No Flag on HQ Glitch
  187. whats the deal
  188. When does your chromehounds freeze?
  190. Unreadable disk error or Clean your disk message
  191. More a suggestion than a bug. About text popups when logging
  192. HELP! Lost everything.....??????????????????????????????????
  193. Now my xbox 360 is dead.
  194. Disconnected from Xbox Live
  195. I got the Black screen followed by ring of death on online.
  196. Problems..
  197. Most common form of crash
  198. Ive had -9's for almost 2 weeks now.
  199. Please stop seperating me and my squad.
  200. We might be being lied to.
  201. What if I'm the squad leader?
  202. So after the ring, my other 360 games work fine.
  203. Does one ring mean your 360 is forever damaged?
  204. Will my squad be disbanded???
  205. Potential fix for Three Red Lights from ChromeHounds freeze
  206. -$99999999 fixed???
  207. Who here has NEVER encountered an error
  208. 2 Weeks Are Up
  209. Marketplace Gamer Pics ERROR! Missing HVY GNR emblem!?
  210. Connection/Disconnection Issues are Getting Out of Hand
  211. Well I sold this game today.
  212. I demand the servers be fixed!
  213. changes in allegiance
  214. In pursuit of a refund
  215. $10M Donation
  216. Multiplayer?
  217. For those who own linksys router WRT55AG (v2)
  218. Anyone else having these problems?
  219. 2 360's on a router can't get in squad room together
  220. Money glitch (not the -999999999 one)
  222. Cannot join an existing squad
  223. You guys are ******* liars!
  224. I need serious help with some tech issues :(
  225. Parts and Experience not transfered to live, after 1st xfer
  226. Need an admins help
  227. Pretty certain that this isn't chromehounds fault but...
  228. -money root prob
  229. Lost Squad/Rank Data - ADMIN Please Help
  230. Deleted Money and Parts
  231. Bug Report: BGM settings not saving
  232. -999 thing
  233. Getting worse before getting better?
  234. my connection problems and mic cutting out (this game only)
  235. Those with Freeze problems: DOB of your 360?
  237. Machinegun lag
  238. Serious connection problems (Please help!)
  239. Very bad connetion problems (Please help)
  241. Can't communicate during battles
  242. Morskol -999 support not showing up?
  243. Can't see anyone in squad lobby and they cant see me
  244. How the h*** do you work this headset
  245. For those of you losing your 360.
  246. Updates for NON X-Box Live People- COOP FOR OFFLINE NEED TOO
  247. another server complaint
  248. Alllegience changing problem
  249. Help Please, squad split after last war ended!
  250. Lost squad renown.