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  1. Sonic Generations announced!
  2. What Stages Would you like to see in this?
  3. ok, i will now permit people getting excited about the new game
  4. Will The music be different for both modern and classic sonic?
  5. well...(trailer inside)
  6. Can we celebrate with some HD screenshots/wallpapers?
  7. Spin-Dash is back! + gameplay trailer
  8. Your reactions after today
  9. i know this question is gonna come up so here goes nuthin
  10. Sonic Generations Custom Art
  11. Well it sounds like Roger Craig Smith
  12. What kind of Achievements/trophies do you want in this game?
  13. The HD Graphics / Hedgehog Engine?
  14. Same voice actor for both Sonic?
  15. Can You Play The Game Just As CLASSIC SONIC?
  16. Extra Characters and moves
  17. Sonic Generations is The Best of Sonic (ign article)
  18. Bosses
  19. What about the canon?
  20. The Graphics
  21. SEGA gives reason for Sonic Generations not being on the Wii
  22. Reasons Why Sonic Generation Will Be Disappointing (Joking... or not.. whatever)
  23. anybody wish they were 2 seperate games
  24. Classic Sonic is back but...
  25. Adventure Field
  26. Classic enemy chain bouncing
  27. Excited but
  28. Actual gameplay!!! (not the trailer)
  29. I Know Who The Mysterious Foe Is!
  30. Story speculations
  31. Free Roam/Adventure Field
  32. The game looks okay, but I don't like it
  33. Online Playability!?! Thread
  34. Not Excited About "Classic Gameplay"
  35. C'mon SEGA, we need a Limited Edition!
  36. I'm quite surprised by the amount of "complaint" threads.
  37. More focus on 3D?
  38. Sonic Generations Preview: Chubby Reign
  39. Sonic Generation Predictions...Again.
  40. Classic Sonic.........Here To Stay?
  41. Classic Sonic: 2d AND 3D GAMEPLAY
  42. A Couple Thoughts of What We've Seen.
  43. If they go through diffrent time zones....
  44. Something I noticed in the trailer
  45. Who wants multiplayer in Sonic Generations?
  46. Which Special Stages would you like to see?
  47. Congratulations, Sega
  48. Super Sonic
  49. Special Stages, Characters, Stages
  50. They're baaaacck
  51. Interview: Returning Characters, Co-op/Competitive Mulitplayer + New Gameplay
  52. Two reasons why this trailer was disappointing
  53. Classic Sonic Low Jump?
  54. Has anyone else noticed that...
  55. PC release please :)
  56. Spammable Boost?
  57. So... Who's gonna die this time around?
  58. what are you intrested in seeing work out?
  59. Honestly, my biggest disappointment about this....
  60. Why No Wii (Cas its Gonna be on Nintedo New Console)
  61. REMINDER: Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic are the only playable characters
  62. Im Sick of This No Friend Crap
  63. June Release? - IGN Quote.
  64. anyone else thinking about "the new foe"?
  65. Classic Sonic looks too happy
  66. Red Rings!
  67. Umm.....You guys DO realize that SEGA has shared the basic story to the game...right?
  68. Sonic Generations Chat Box
  69. Sonic CD jump sound
  70. Good lord sega, 10/10
  71. What's for Wii?
  72. Waiting until the Holidays?
  73. Who wants to see Fang the Sniper return?
  74. They are the EGGMAN
  75. Hmm does Classic Sonic have everything "Classical"?
  76. grrrrrrrr omg sega this game will be worse than sonic 06!
  77. Sonic Generations Banners
  78. Heres what worries me about Sonic Generations.
  79. Sonic Generations - Demo?
  80. Classic Levels vs. Modern Levels
  81. Classic Egg-botnik? Also, air-running!
  82. So i herd you liek Hedgehog Engines?
  83. anyone else hoping for...
  84. PLZ SEGA select crush 40 for the main theme
  85. So... Sonic Generations (2d bits) is essentially Sonic Fan Remix?
  86. Chao Garden!!!
  87. Sonic Generations Collectors Edition?
  88. Downloadable or on disc?
  89. Boost powered by enemies again, or rings?
  90. Super Sonic Gameplay
  91. Will There Be Sequels?
  92. Modern Sonic game mechanism
  93. Two formula's for 3 era's eh?
  94. Sonic Generations Soundtrack?
  95. Boss Battles in Sonic Generations!
  96. Sonic Generations to have multiple languages in europe
  97. Are there only 2 acts per zone? (one classic, one modern)
  98. Iizuka's interview, translated
  99. Sega Stop Using Sonic Unleashed Gameplay in Every Game
  100. Free Roam / Adventure Field is a Must Sega
  101. Will Having No Multiplayer Affect This Game
  102. Sega "Ive an Awesome Idea for Multiplayer"
  103. OMG no speed boosters (speed pads)
  104. Modern Sonic gameplay!!!! RubyEclipse can you answer?
  105. Modern sonic and classic sonic, whats the difference?
  106. Really didn't they say they'd make this game back around... 2003?
  107. Your reacion to To Gameplay Trailer!
  108. Some Informations from a german Website
  109. Think City Escape will be in this?
  110. Gameplay (Green hill zone) !
  111. How will they explain how Sonic's look changed?
  112. Would you want Supersonic?
  113. More evidence the Sonic Generations may not be good
  114. Does this game really need a plot?
  115. All I ask for 3D gameplay is that there are no unfair deaths
  116. Classic Sonic's return is great, but...
  117. Sit still and Calm Down: One User's Guide to Avoiding Unreasonable Hysteria.
  118. Classic Sonic's In Game Model....
  119. Invincibility Theme
  120. Post your ideal Sonic Generations story here!
  121. Sonic Generations (Classic Sonic) vs Sonic Fan Remix
  122. Something to Point Out...
  123. classic vs modern my main reason of favouritism.
  124. Cutscenes: How will they be done?
  125. Who thinks Classic Sonic should look more like this?
  126. Boss predictions and hopes for Sonic Generations
  127. For Those Panicking About The Classic Sonic Physics
  128. What do you think about sonic generations?
  129. Modern Sonic Spin Dash!
  130. New Sonic Generations Forum Skin!
  131. SG's artstyle
  132. Animal Friends!
  133. Sonic Generations Sonic Generator
  134. About dem uncolored rings
  135. Release date (Gamestop)
  136. Want to submit a legitimate suggestion toward the development of this game
  137. Doesn't make sense
  138. I'm Confused
  139. 2-D SOnic levels
  140. Are you comfortable with modern sonic game play?
  141. I think the game is still defenitly Alpha, at least the one in the interview
  142. Not really important, but a tiny complaint about the (classic) springs...
  143. Wow.
  144. Alternating beetwen both Sonics or 2 Storylines/Campaigns?
  145. Which levels do you think we will play?
  146. We want NEW levels, not all remakes.
  147. I see one huge after-effect with this game.
  148. Classic/Modern SuperSonic?
  149. Notice something bothering you about Sonic Generations? Post it all here :)
  150. Modern Sonic Special stages? How will they be done?
  151. Will Hyper Sonic work out here?
  152. *~Really loving what I saw in that new trailer~*
  153. Why is everyone COMPLAINING so much about an unreleased game?
  154. Good job Sega
  155. Why are everyone MAKING THREADS about complaint threads?!
  156. This is Sonic's LAST CHANCE
  157. Minor things that the game needs
  158. New Clear gameplay video with clear sound
  159. Delete Thread Please.
  160. MUSIC a symphony of Old and New
  161. you do realize
  162. How will Classic Eggman's name be?
  163. why does modern sonic boost?
  164. Wouldn't this be awesome?
  165. Green Hill Zone Remix
  166. Was it confirmed that classic Sonic will be mute?
  167. Sonic Unleashed 3?
  168. so whose gameplay looks better so far?
  169. These could be some cool extras!
  170. Sonic Generation.......Fan Game ???!!!!
  171. Sonic 1 Master System Zones?
  172. Do you think that these would make better skins.
  173. Wait so will "Modern" Sonic be used for the DC Era? If not how will DC Sonic look?
  174. Level Designs for Classic Sonic
  175. Am I the only one...?
  176. PS3=Lead Plattform?
  177. many reasons that reminds me
  178. Would you want Hypersonic?
  179. So...about a Japanese version of the game
  180. Classic Sonic vs. Modern Sonic
  181. Sonic Adventure 2 levels?
  182. Don't make your decision on this game after just one trailer.
  183. And the mystery enemy is...
  184. I found over 3 minutes of gameplay.
  185. Earning Boost
  186. Sega Does It Again
  187. Who you want in this game?
  188. A classic element that needs to be squeezed in the game!!
  189. How many Zones and Acts within them are you expecting?
  190. Boss/Red rings(Super Sonic) Idea
  191. What looks good in SG?
  192. What zones would you like to see included?
  193. 'Shadow'
  194. Generations and Sonic 4
  195. Will Classic Sonic become Modern Sonic?
  196. Sonic Generation Fan Game Classic Sonic Test ( Sound cool now XD )
  197. Let's just go ahead and say that the physics will be good
  198. New Wiki Of Sonic Generations!
  199. This is going to be a very short game
  200. Holy asifhaopweithawoiegn!
  201. What are these 5 rings??
  202. Should levels from handheld games be included?
  203. Story line and cutscenes, and VA?
  204. Just something I realized
  205. Classic Sonic Really a mute?
  206. A little disappointed that...
  207. Official gameplay
  208. Sonic's 3D gameplay style settled on?
  209. why did people think I was trolling?
  210. Sonic fans ENJOY YOURSELVES
  211. Shadow The Hedgehog
  212. Dr Robotnik in Generations
  213. I hope there aren't too many 2D sections in Modern's levels.
  214. Green Forest is perfect for this game.
  215. Remakes Of Non-Sonic/Shadow Levels
  216. Sonic Generations Easter Egg Idea
  217. Why Shad0w Should Be In
  218. Reminiscing on 20 years of Sonic ~Classy Thread~
  219. Extended Gameplay vid
  220. Why won't sega bring this to wii and 3ds?!
  221. I have an idea.
  222. The Official Bring Sonic Generations to Wii thread
  223. Release date?
  224. Framerate
  225. a few new screens
  226. Opened: Sonic Generations Japanese Site
  227. have to say classic sonic in 3d looks pretty good
  228. I have an idea!
  229. Hint Hint...(for Wii owners and others) on SG
  230. Green Hill Music!
  231. What will the Chaos Emeralds look like?
  232. NEW IDEA: What about Fusing Stages??
  233. Sonic Generations Official Theme
  234. What do you think of an Extended Grand Metropolis?
  235. What if they include Stages from Sonic 06?
  236. Classic Tails and Knuckles for DLC.
  237. why so picky?
  238. told ya the game is about his past!
  239. I think Tails Doll and Mephiles need to be in this game.
  240. Will this game be perfect?
  241. I gotta Q-Why is classic Sonic mute
  242. You know what could be cool? **Warning: speculation included**
  243. Sonic Spotlight: The fantastic fan remixes of Ubergrau
  244. Super Sonic, yes, it's another one of these threads.
  245. Sonic Generations on Wii?
  246. You're overreacting if you do one of the following
  247. Classic Sonic will be speechless and......
  248. Which version of this are you getting?
  249. I have they don't have the slapstick humor from Colors.
  250. I hope Chip gets a cameo!