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  1. The Machine Age Has Begun…
  2. Anyone else worried?
  3. Trust system
  4. Release date
  5. Binary Domain Walkthrough
  6. Media Blowout
  7. For those of you comparing this game to Vanquish...
  8. Box art
  9. Game Play Demo Video
  10. Binary Domain Preview Event
  11. Anybody looking forward to this game. Seems kinda empty here...
  12. little interview with Mister Kikuchi
  13. New trailer ! Binary Domain: Bigger than you think!!!
  14. Where is PC?
  15. In-game language selection possible?
  16. Binary Domain - Assasination Attempt Trailer
  17. Will there be a demo ?
  18. Demo on February 1st in Japan
  19. Demo Impressions?
  20. Binary Domain: Clans
  21. Binary Domain Needs Shoulder Switch
  22. Got the game !
  23. unsatisfactory voice recognition
  24. First Review on IGN - Scored 7.5/10
  25. Will Pre-order offers be available for sperate download?
  26. Only £24.95 at Zavvi
  27. Online lag is destroying a great game
  28. secondary weapons on squad mates
  29. So when are the yakuza character skins going to be available for download in europe?
  30. One of my new Fave Games
  31. I love BD
  32. Completing Campaign for multi-player unlocks?
  33. No one online!!!
  34. Multiplayer Problems NEED FIXING
  35. DLC
  36. Game fixes online
  37. Preorder Multiplayer Pack?
  38. Leveling in invasion
  39. This section needs a background imo...
  40. What a Campaign?
  41. Upcoming Patch!
  42. Does Binary Domain...
  43. Will SEGA patch Binary Domains Multiplayer?
  44. Binary Domain excelent review
  45. BD Versus or Invasion anyone? (PS3)
  46. PS3 bluetooth headset issues..
  47. this game's multiplayer is AMAZING (ps3)
  48. Dan and Faye *Spoilers
  49. Shotgun problems
  50. ASnyone up for an organized tournament?
  51. Difficulty in the truck
  52. Sadly Multi player is completley unplayable
  53. Multiplayer gameplay footage...hurray I found a match!
  54. Forced to Play Team DeathMatch
  55. Dear BD Developers...
  56. Looking For People To Get Challenge Master And Invasion Achievements
  57. I saw the Streets of Rage references in Binary Domain SEGA....
  58. i managed to find a data capture game (ps3)
  59. Problems with Binary Domain MP
  60. Trying to get a good game of Operations going on Ps3
  61. Favorite load out to use
  62. Get out of the way, wtf sega???
  63. Best Binary Domain Content On My page includes live commentary
  64. Two simple things that could give a boost to the multiplayer
  65. Trying to enjoy binary but MP is killing it for me
  66. Multiplayer Is Dead On Xbox 360
  67. Sega do some updates for christ sakes
  68. Comprehensive list for Binary Domain Online Improvements
  69. Binary Domain coming to the PC
  70. Add offline local co-op PLEASE SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. Binary Domain PC Release?
  72. So when is it getting release for PC?
  73. Where's this game?
  74. Can you level up on Invasion?
  75. BD is AWESOME! But the cover art doesn't do it justice.
  76. Looking for 360 gamers for MP
  77. PS3 Multiplayer games ONLY FINDS JAPANESE GAMES? WTF
  78. For all the americans
  79. Finally picked up the game. Impressions?
  80. Binary Domain Xbox360/PS3 - £12.85 - at Shopto - great deal
  81. 1.02 patch
  82. SEGA pre-order
  83. Binary Domain [PC] Three important issues
  84. Glitchy water texture in PC Binary Domain
  85. Again with the Optimus problems -__-
  86. Patch 1.02
  87. To PC Binary Domain Players
  88. Jesus christ, fix the multiplayer in the PC Version
  89. How many endings are there?
  90. Completion achievement glitch?
  91. There is very Serious problem for the performance of A card
  92. hey how do you get
  93. Win Binary Domain on PC
  94. Binary Domain Multiplayer Problem
  95. game not runing
  96. Problem with Razer Onza
  97. screen flushed blue with 3d vision
  98. Binary Domain PC (Retail)
  99. Dropping your secondary weapon?
  100. Voice Recognition Bug(PC)
  101. June 8: New update released for PC version
  102. New User several major issues with Binary Domain - need assistance
  103. PC Patch 2: Still some problems...
  104. Binary Domain Graphic Drivers Problems
  105. Dan Marhsall Pack DLC? Yakuza character skin DLC?
  106. Interesting Video
  107. Binary Domain Steam Sale
  108. Amazing game, tyvm Sega
  109. Merchandise request: please release the OST for purchase.
  110. [Fan art] Faye Lee
  111. If Faye is not picked in the monorail mission ... ( spoliers !! )
  112. BD2 idea custom built nanobots
  113. Ressurect this game on PS3
  114. Binary Domain is $4.37 on GMG! What are you waiting for!
  115. Binary Domain Sequel
  116. BUG: No way to skip end credits...
  117. BUG: "Chapter select" mode give us no upgrades...
  118. Binary Domain on GOG.com
  119. sigh
  120. Support
  121. big botaeng best new character in 2012
  122. Binary Domain Original Soundtrack *NEW* FLAC AUDIO
  123. Binary Domain is one US PS+ games for November
  124. binary Domain
  125. shock shot