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  1. Dreams Do Come True! SEGA Announces the Return of NiGHTS into dreams…
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  3. Chances of NiGHTS avatars, themes for HD consoles?
  4. SEGA should make a replica 3D Control Pad for the X360/PS3/PC.
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  6. How much do you think it will cost?
  7. Likes and dislikes abouts Nights 1&2
  8. NiGHTs and Reala + NiD track announced for Sega All-Star Racing 2!
  9. How come the Saturn version of the port doesn't support widescreen?
  10. Should NiGHTS get a reboot or sequel?
  11. Do we have a release date?
  12. Should NiGHTS into Dreams be on iphone/ipad and android?
  13. Background wallpaper
  14. NiGHTS archie comic.
  15. Add-on Content Possibilities/ideas
  16. NiGHTS Into Dreams contest- Share your dreams and win a NiGHTS pillowcase!
  17. Twelve Minutes of Footage
  18. Have you played NiGHTS before?
  19. Is NiGHTS a boy or a girl?
  20. Achievements Revealed! (SPOILERS)
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  22. Awesome! Christmas Nights is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  25. Playable Sonic into Dreams for NiGHTS into Dreams HD
  26. Hows about the prospect of a NiGHTS 3 if this does well?
  27. Okay, This Game's Out on PSN Today
  28. New bugs and bugs fixed in this version vs the PS2
  29. Should I get this version, or splurge for a Saturn and a copy of the original?
  30. Ruminations: If NiGHTS vs. Reala mode were added via DLC
  31. Uhhhmmmm......how does this game work?
  32. XBL error Nights & SA2
  33. DiGi's final thought: A bit of perspective (Copy/pasted from the NiGHTS fansite forum
  34. Gillwing Trophy/Achievement?
  35. Nice to see some SEGA cameos in Gallery Mode
  36. HELP: Christmas NiGHTS mode problem
  37. Want to play as Reala?
  38. The controls...they're killin' me. PATCH, please!
  39. Are the Leaderboards inconsistent?
  40. Tips for A-Ranking?
  41. Pc version says out now ??? Where ???
  42. NiGHTS music coming to iTunes, Amazon
  43. Steam release date?
  44. Christmas NiGHTS
  45. Getting A ranks.
  46. Hello to everybody
  47. NiGHTS is out for PC... and completely unplayable.
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  49. How much content is in this game?
  50. Just bought it. Works well with some buggy observations
  51. Nightopian help
  52. Anyone ever seen this Nights into Dreams poster before????
  53. Why Nights Journey into Dreams just flat out FAIL!
  54. Game Crashes
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  56. Reminder: Go play Christmas Nights today! April's fool day...
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  58. Hoshino confirms NiGHTS isn't genderless.
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  60. parks and beaches. In fact
  61. Playing this on PC - No cutscenes or saving.
  62. It's That Time of the Year Again!
  63. The last level is hard
  64. Thank you iizuka-san
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