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  1. PSO2 coming to US and EU early 2013!!!
  2. Ohai, PSO2 section. 0:
  3. Welcome to the New PSO2 Section!
  4. PSO2: What Should I Do?
  5. Character Race and Class
  6. PSO2 Screenshot & Movie Thread
  7. Come play on JP with us until US launch.
  8. Ships.
  9. Confirmed: Separate PSO2 Servers for each region.
  10. PSO2 in Steam. Is it possible?
  11. SEGA, put the PSO2 soundtrack on iTunes
  12. Will My Computer Run This Maxed Out?
  13. Access to PSO2 from outside players have been banned.
  14. Let's Discuss the New PSO2 Style
  15. Phantasy Star Online 2 at PAX Prime
  16. Any word on why PSo2 won't be on a console
  17. PSO2 on the Vita
  18. PSO2 Demo coming soon to west.
  19. charge to play ? or free
  20. Will my laptop run it ok
  21. PSP2 Infinity > PSO2
  22. PSO2 wins an MMORPG.com award at PAX !
  23. PSO2 english version: unofficial suggestions topic
  24. PSO2Pedia - Your (soon to be!) #1 source for PSO2 info!
  25. The Arkive is live! [PSO2 database from those PSUPedia people]
  26. Mac and Linux support?
  27. [My Room] Day / Night Cycle bugged
  28. Buying PC for PSO2
  29. Please help.
  30. Another question.
  31. PSO: What's your story?
  32. Team Recruitment: Newearls Luv PP - Ship 2
  33. New Wiki for Pso2
  34. getting new clothing
  35. Char. Creation - Naming Convention & Height
  36. Classic Ol Pack
  37. Umm?
  38. Anybody think a Wii U version of this game would work?
  39. Here's some suggestions
  40. Release date
  41. Is SoA actualy doing anything?
  42. PSO2 clothes
  43. Virtual Reality PSO?
  44. Shop system
  45. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting....
  46. A new beginning
  47. So, is this game actually coming out?
  48. PSO2 SOA *Advertising Help or Anything else*
  49. So if we don't hear anything by February..
  50. I'm not gonna lie. SoA is really ticking me off...
  51. Contact with Sega regarding PSO2?
  52. So is there the possibility of a "subscription" account like in the Japanese version?
  53. Gender specific accessories/clothes
  54. Pso2 questions
  55. Why I DOnt Play PSO2
  56. Soniti I'M Making
  57. new pso2 team!
  58. Check This Out Real PSO2
  59. Petition to SEGA for PSO2 West update
  60. Vita
  61. Sega confims delay PSO2 WEST
  62. Tired of Waiting for this game?
  63. the "My room" will it remain Pay Real cash to rent it?? ...
  64. would this able work with pso
  65. for wartecher nation
  66. SEGA why do you troll us?
  67. Last hope : E3 June 11-13
  68. Make a Beta Version
  69. there's allways a english patch (not like i lost hope of SoA of releasing pso2)
  70. Sega Hates Us
  71. how long is pso2 sega id going to be down for?
  72. PSO2 is confirmed for South East Asia in English.
  73. I may have found hope
  74. Game Suggestions
  75. it's not an easy game to localize
  76. At least tell us this is still happening...
  77. Time to face our fear
  78. PSO2 (update)
  79. PSO2 update of sorts , still delayed :(
  80. Saga Is Slacking
  81. One year of no PSO2
  82. Sega has a hate website now
  83. @Seigi Kisuke (or anyone playing the english patch, really)
  84. We Want Answers!
  85. Im a force trying to get fighter as subclass
  86. Pso2 still coming west at some point new interview with sega
  87. Unlocking fighter as a braver
  88. live streaming
  89. Attention please!!!
  90. PSO2 on iMac
  91. live streaming
  92. Anti Cheat Measures for PSO 2...
  93. So no PSO2 at PAX?
  94. is this true that i can do a youtube video from sega product ?
  95. new pso2 fan here and still hoping
  96. I have the Original US game on the DVD, just got the no gameguard exe from here:
  97. Sega has a lot of catching up to do...
  98. Watched my friend Sui play this game in a stream and...
  99. off topic:Yakuza officially dead in the US,Sega shuts down every official site not jp
  100. *News update, PSO 2 doing well, but still not coming to US.....yet*
  101. Petition: Please include Braver and Dewman in Upcoming English Releases...
  102. Getting JRPGs Out In English Is Harder Than You Think
  103. I hope this really is a rumour ;/
  104. nProtect works on windows 8?
  105. i just got this free prize winners xD and i wonder how long will this last..
  106. Similar game to PSO 2 that is very successful
  107. Lol has anybody seen this?
  108. Mixed reports about PSO2 in NA/EU (11-26-2013)
  109. Sammy to use dormant Sega IPs
  110. So Sega Whats the Deal?
  111. Pso2 or PSU
  112. Whats everyone been up to since psu ended?
  113. The next RPG you would wanna see?
  114. Relic Entertainment possibly working on PSO2?
  115. 2014 updates please ^_^...
  116. why no MMOs for xbone (and why PSU 360 got boned)
  117. Can you recommend a good video card in this list for this game
  118. SEGA please make PSO2 for wii U
  119. Your favourite Phantasy Star title?
  120. Small Question For People
  121. Either cancel the game or give us news.
  122. And if SoJ is wondering why these games don't do well in the West..
  123. Why must Sega be like this?
  124. Dear SEGA
  125. Does anyone know of alternatives that are like this game?
  126. Favorite PSO/PSU Moments?
  127. Has Edward@SEGA gone?
  128. Suggestion: PSO2 EN Global...
  129. RIP pso 2
  130. Any news on the US release of PSO2
  131. New GPU for pso2 and newer games, any recomendations?
  132. The latest "update" from kotaku...
  133. Is the Phantasy Star Franchise Dead
  134. want to join the jp pso 2 but need help
  135. Confirmed IP Blocking for SEA PSO2 Beta
  136. Couple of questions regarding PSO2
  137. any good place to download character design ?
  138. Eward of sega/ PSO2 is cancelled!
  139. Is there any way to get a Mag Evolution Device by playing or paying SEGA
  140. PSO2 Beta Key
  141. Sega?
  142. Will pso2 be available soon
  143. guys stop asking about pso2
  144. PSO2 at E3 Maybe?
  145. Question
  146. A new PSU type game idea
  147. still can't login
  148. SEA IP block worries me.
  149. can one account be shared all resource for all char ?
  150. Does SEGA care anymore?
  151. Wanna get into PSO2 SEA??...
  152. SEGA announces news about PSO2 in the West!... Still delayed.
  153. if i play hunter to level 40 and then braver to level 40,how will it affect my char ?
  154. Gu/Hu or Fi/Hu
  155. Ne1 help new ppl to pso2
  156. What's a good class to start?
  157. Sega, you're funny.
  158. 2 years nearly
  159. PSO2 SEA Help please.
  160. Big favor
  161. Play PSOBB Offline While You Wait For PSO2 To Come Back
  162. is this false advertising?
  163. PsO2 Help?
  164. What will be your starter class
  165. Unconfirmed rumor
  166. Can anyone answer this ?
  167. Ummm
  168. Need help here plz
  169. how to download pso2es ?
  170. Phantasy Star Online 2 France
  171. North American release of PSO2?
  172. Hey how is everyone?
  173. If you really want this game to come to the west then
  174. Petition... I know I know...
  175. PSO2 Open World
  176. I need help with this installer
  177. because the patch Arks translate of PSO2es no Work?
  178. Pso2 na/eu
  179. Not entirely sure I should post this here, but...
  180. Anyone wanna add me on SOA pso2 version?
  181. Latest Info on West Release
  182. phantasy star universe private server
  183. tired of waiting for pso2 try this
  184. To PVP or not to PVP??...
  185. I think i'm going to be sick...
  186. Anyone here playing Destiny?
  187. SEGA, drop everything and finish this for a Western Release! (Please)
  189. Where is Pso2?????
  190. [OPINION] West is not ready for PSO2
  191. about PSO2
  192. Just cancel already
  193. A game sort'a like PSO I found...
  194. The PSO2 train has passed, but how successfull could it have been?
  195. The Sega&Phantasy Star Fan
  196. My observations about pso2 and what sega releases
  197. I demand that you release PSO2 in the west.
  198. Recent News?
  199. Sega CEO said something
  200. PSO2 Anime Announced!
  201. Account conversion possible?
  202. Another theory guys!
  203. SEA PSO2 No Longer IP Blocked?
  204. PSO2 - West
  205. PSO2 controls not working please help
  206. Missing Item; Please help me find!
  207. why are you doing this
  208. Are we still getting this or going to get PS Nova?
  209. Sega in a nutshell
  210. Doing the impossible!
  211. Taking bets now.
  212. PSO2 Coming to PS4!!!
  213. So Sega won't release the English Version?
  214. Forget about it.
  215. PSO2 Forum Sega Issue
  216. i wanted pso 2 at one time but there is a better game thay hit the shop on p4 & xbox
  217. Why do Phantasy Star Soundtracks all suck after 3?
  218. 9 gig update twice?
  219. Good builds for Oberon?
  220. Sega should Kickstart this game to see if it gets a big enough response.
  221. Phantasy Star Online 2 "For Xbox One"
  222. In-game Menu simulator with English translations for reference
  223. PSO2 For PC??
  224. The Real Reason.
  225. Phantasy Star Online 1
  226. Why even have this forums still open?
  227. At this point, should we still be excited or just honestly give up?
  228. Why not bring PSU to Xbox 1
  229. Im sorry to bring any life at all to this dead forum, but I want peoples thoughts...
  230. Can everyone please stop talking about Phantasy Star Online 2 heading west?
  231. PSO2 West when is it coming??????!!!
  232. why won't sega make PSO2 in english
  233. PSO2 west when will it happen
  234. POS2 West Will Never Die!
  235. Hiragana authentication help
  236. Maybe there is a hope
  237. PSO2 West still happening??
  238. Pso2 west is finally happening yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! About damn time!!!!
  239. Still waiting....
  240. Happy 5 year anniversary guys
  241. So I heard PSO2 made it to the west
  242. PSO2.com gone?
  243. This has to be the saddest forum ever...
  244. A thought about all of this "Hiatus", and what SEGA won't tell us straight up...
  245. main reasons why English PSO2 never came to west.
  246. American Version?