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  3. Am I the only one who can't connect to any of the worlds?
  4. Android Nexus 7 cannot play after the latest update today
  5. how do i report a player for breaking the rules?
  6. Thread Section Suggestions - All Are Welcomed!
  7. R1Alliance New lord GIVE subs/towers FREE to 2-man alliance. GMs help! we're bleedin
  8. IOS pre-registration redemption problem
  9. Help with account
  10. Game keeps freezing...
  11. Kingdom Conquest Won't Even Open on Nexus Tablet
  12. KC1 is now a garbled mess on my new phone.
  13. Need Help? The KC Support Team is Here!
  14. Email account no longer active...
  15. Subsidiary Alliance
  16. Gathering Campaign HUGE BUG! Please FIX before reward distribution!
  17. Not receiving Combat Points
  18. KC1: Pre-Mature Season End Compensation
  19. PLEASE Open New World on Android!
  20. KC1: Transferring Accounts Between Different Devices
  21. Adjust DP distribution
  22. Rarity
  23. Urgent - Need Season Close News Update on Android
  24. 100mc Button
  25. (不正CPの購入)Illegal CP by japanese alliance
  26. Registration issue
  27. Horrible Font in Android from Recent Patch
  28. Endlessly loading territory screen pages
  29. World_86
  30. Raid mode
  31. Auction selling list
  32. Make More Super Rare Beasts!!!!
  33. The Lillith
  34. Building Destruction
  35. Facebook Connect Account issue not fixed after 2 months!
  36. KC1 KC is crashing more than ever. its getting worse and worse
  37. Citipati Danse Macrabe Skill Bug
  38. AssasinWerewolf skill 'Merciless Worker' dont fire at all.
  39. Hybrid Team vs Same Race Team
  40. Two Loopholes for the Game Design (Change lords twins within 24hours & Unbeaten lord)
  41. LDL, attractive malice skill
  42. !!!!!!!Complaining on deactivate innocent player!!!!!!