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  1. Kingdom Conquest II
  2. Kingdom Conquest 2
  3. how to download KC2?
  4. KC2 Question
  5. Meet the KC Community Team!
  6. USA release?!
  7. Greetings
  8. Skill successful rate
  9. High reign
  10. Unfair Season 1 for US/UK players due to no new worlds
  11. KC 2
  12. World 7 (open)
  13. Claiming KC1 rewards for KC2
  14. Are Skills Different?
  15. Skill Removal
  16. Got some gameplay Qs
  17. KC II - Invite Codes
  18. WARNING!!! Quest wipe your mobs...
  19. Lvl 1 Towers
  20. Skill Synths
  21. SEGA. Good job!
  22. Translation Feature = Fantastic
  23. Question about ruins.
  24. Resource Base? The point?
  25. Acquire skill success rate
  26. Can you send an invite a to a World server player to your Alliance?
  27. question about unit cost?
  28. Moving my Base
  29. Doom quest - finding the light
  30. How is your base constructed?
  31. Ruins replenish?
  32. Catapults... Are they truly worthless??
  33. Rescue the Locals
  34. Lv7+ Lands
  35. Invade Castle
  36. What's the point of taking over lands?
  37. Cant build any more warehouses?
  38. Defense Bases
  39. World 7 lag/ freezing
  40. Typhoon- where to find what skills are based on
  41. question about KC2 AOE skills
  42. Penetrating attacks?
  43. im back but im clueless
  44. Losing battles with full units after so called defeat????
  45. How to increase a Commander's army cost - what is the max?
  46. Remove a skill?
  47. Whats ur build, or what ur trying to build?
  48. Problem with level 6 lands?
  49. Help with understanding how to really expand territory and take towers
  50. Geting Units back After stationing them on a Land
  51. Auction Buy it now
  52. cant dispatch to dungeon now wth
  53. Please clarify current promotion!!!!!
  54. Buying extra combat points?
  55. Can't Log Back In To World 7
  56. omg only few hundreds dp for capturing tower?
  57. New Invite code: 0efc93d9
  58. Help with choosing which land to expand into??
  59. Taking a tower
  60. Randomnize crystal thingie above shop and resident
  61. Ask Questions for an Upcoming Google+ Hangout!
  62. New Game Display Information and what it means
  63. Chinese New Year Event Invitation code cf366630
  64. Transmigration?!
  65. Using MyPage
  66. Dispatch quest help
  67. Chinese New Year commander question
  68. What Do Dungeon dropped Jewel attributes Mean?
  69. Swag Suggestions
  70. Suspicious acitivity already in W7....
  71. Suspicious Activity on World 7
  72. Does Dungeon difficulty rise with number of people in it? (Or did it just change?)
  73. INT is best stats to focus on?
  74. Need help with Monster Nest lvl3. The one with the Elephant
  75. Your thoughts on the different races & skills.
  76. need some good skills
  77. Level 8 Land
  78. Skill Synthesis - Enhance Take Forever
  79. Entrenchment - What now?
  80. What happens when you or alliance is subbed?
  81. Overpowered mob?
  82. Mobile forums
  83. How to get multiple defense bases?
  84. How to get multiple defense bases?
  85. Horrible Lag Help?
  86. Difficult to get the Three Kingdoms Hero - CaoCao
  87. Quest about the ruin lvl1
  88. Strength of a level one tower?
  89. question about commander command list
  90. iPhone + Android
  91. Race Tier Bonuses
  92. Can you move monsters to other units?
  93. Stealth nerf on packs rare drop rate?
  94. Capturing another castle
  95. How to set up the Entrenchment function
  96. Road connections to castle - connecting from back of castle?
  97. Is a bug race ok
  98. Land MC
  99. tower MC
  100. Ruins MC
  101. Commanders
  102. how does someone take over a tower thats nowhere near them?
  103. Awakening skills and lowed skill rank!
  104. Does mind shift stack?
  105. Someone explain penetrating attack skills?
  106. Cannot Access Functions of Alliance Aide
  107. Is that a crazy bug? Lv 7 Land monster issue
  108. Need Image Ressources
  109. New Military Base - best way to start new unit
  110. When to attack a lvl 1 tower
  111. Post your favorite skill
  112. Post your favorite mosters here
  113. Castle Regeneration Rates
  114. Connectivity Issues
  115. Hard to find equipment
  116. Resource bases
  117. Is this bug???
  118. Abandoned Mine Information
  119. My game data got deleted!!!!!
  120. Land levels, what do they mean?
  121. Lvl 5 nest
  122. Dungeon question
  123. flame sword
  124. Looking to take my first tower.
  125. Building on territories?
  126. Attack damage cap?
  127. Help with entrenchment
  128. Conquered castle. Then what ?
  129. More then 9999 units?
  130. parent alliance / sub tower bug?
  131. Didn't get event ticket.
  132. A good game with few players?
  133. Arrggh!!! Out of quests!
  134. Commander Liu Bei ... Was the afford wort it?
  135. Construction time
  136. Commander Lu Bu ... Was the afford wort it?
  137. City pictures !
  138. Large Engagement Campaign III
  139. Castle health??
  140. What each race is good at: The Race Info Thread
  141. Large Campaign
  142. Endgame?
  143. Advice for iPhone 4 users in dungeons!
  144. Taking over a castle,
  145. Quest Lists...
  146. Commanders
  147. Questions about skills
  148. How to unlock more skills
  149. Im subbed... now what?
  150. Jewels underwhelming for anyone else?
  151. Level 9 Academy Upgrade Bug
  152. Acquiring Skill Synthesis Feedback
  153. Debris Towers
  154. Getting Ready to Attack a potentially Strong Neighbor
  155. Auction Max Price change with no warning... or mention at all.
  156. Is there a world 7 problem on world 8????
  157. Alliance lord changes...
  158. Chance of getting R/SR cards has been decreased !!
  159. Level up castle from map
  160. Travel Speed
  161. Ancient ruins
  162. Dispatch pts from ancient ruins?
  163. Mail system
  164. My Page gifts
  165. Interview with the Kingdom Conquest 2 Community Team!
  166. Alright,faill 7 times in a row using CP, how I supposed to continue?
  167. Is a warrior the weakest of all the fighters
  168. [22 Resource Building] Where to Build Sawmill, Quarry, Iron Factory
  169. Official KC2 Fansite Kit - Make Your Site Today!
  170. Land Lvl 8 and Resource Bases
  171. Dear Sega
  172. White Winged Colossus = Discrimination? ( not the kind you think...)
  173. Ancient Ruin Level 11
  174. How do you handle extra resources?
  175. Giant, Dragon, and Demon labs
  176. Question about Mage Skill
  177. What is the price if you have the most debris?
  178. monsters number changed?
  179. Goblin Battering Ram
  180. Giant Labs
  181. Clarification on eastern bunny campaign
  182. Heroic Statues
  183. Vassels and Contribution Points
  184. Post 200-Reign Quests
  185. Petition: change dullahan's base skill!
  186. Updating of SR Pack????
  187. Best Mage skill build?
  188. Petition: Permanent Increase Monster Slots
  189. Stimulate Commander Skill
  190. Using a 2nd device to play
  191. Castle HP and Recovery
  192. Enhance synthesis not picking up awake points XP
  193. Game tester????
  194. Heroic Statues needed after 200 reign?
  195. Anyone think the R or SR pack will ever be updated?
  196. HELP!!!what can i do when player attack me?
  197. KC2 costumer service is not helpful
  198. End-Game Information
  199. World 15 ETA?
  200. Units attacking together?
  201. Second base quest
  202. Does distance effect tower monsters?
  203. soooo... japanese CP is cheaper...
  204. KC2 Debris = FAIL & Bugged Wave resets - A Good laugh though!
  205. How can I move my units effectively
  206. Question about subbed alliance
  207. Debris handling is a joke
  208. Power of people quest need help please
  209. POLL: Should shards be tradeable?
  210. Kingdom Conquest referral code eefb796f
  211. Interview with Kingdom Conquest IIís Producer, Masamitsu Shiino
  212. Do u guys have any idea on where I can get some better equipment for my avatar?
  213. Will current event tickets dissapear?
  214. Which Monster Race looks the coolest?
  215. New referral code : ea7f6a52
  216. building quarry
  217. Weapon element
  218. Golden week
  219. how come i didnt get my present when someone entered my codes?
  220. Where to build resources the most efficient way?
  221. Does building shrines in military bases stack?
  222. Which Shrines do you level first?
  223. Communication is Key
  224. Got cool KC2 Content? Let us know!
  225. Poll: Are you in an Alliance or do roll solo in Magna?
  226. Sega, you're losing your most dedicate players!
  227. The best news you'll hear out of Sega this decade
  228. Entrenchment Questions
  229. Are we in wave 14th or -4?
  230. Will shards reset at season end???
  231. Commander Natasha
  232. Yonanashi says, "Goodbye, Conquerors!"
  233. Guy getting paid to play
  234. High Monster Count in Far Away Land?
  235. How is the Debris attempts on other Worlds? Please share here.
  236. Debris Declines - what to expect?
  237. Which SR Giant Looks the Coolest?
  238. Question
  239. I feel dumb
  240. What changes do YOU want to see?
  241. Every one please provide your thought on Sega's World unification Details #1
  242. Conqueror of the Week!
  243. If you free a vassal alliance do they stay intact?
  244. If you pay $ to pull for last Commander event, contest it through Apple Apps store
  245. #1 reason I want JP worlds merged with English worlds
  246. Cheater is World 15 - Sig
  247. Anyone ever have luck getting Apple to refund CP purchases?
  248. Which SR Commander is the best?
  249. What will happen when you play on multiple worlds?
  250. Merging Worlds PLEASE DELAY IT BY A MONTH