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  1. Sega Trademarks Sonic Lost World
  2. Anyone else incredibly disappointed with Sonic Lost World being only Wii U/3DS?
  3. Your current thoughts/opinions/reactions to Sonic Lost World?
  4. Takashi Iizuka comments on Sonic: Lost World and the future of Sega
  5. Ys Speculation.. Sonic lost world
  6. The classic tornado is back in sonic lost world
  7. I hate Lost World's story so much. So very very much.
  8. What Gameplay Style Do You Want To See In Sonic Lost Worlds?
  9. What if Sonic: Lost Worlds Needs DRM?
  10. A Sonic Lost World News article
  11. New characters, new gameplay confirmed for Sonic Lost World
  12. Sonic Lost World Confirmed to Be Fake
  13. Sonic:Lost World Sega and Nintendo Partnership
  14. How many of you will buy a Wii U because of Sonic: Lost World?
  15. Stop comparing Sonic Lost World's exclusivity to Sonic Color's exclusivity
  16. Stop talking about Sonic Lost World's exclusivity
  17. I hope Sonic Lost Worlds is not boost to win gameplay,
  18. Regarding further info on Lost World
  19. Sonic Lost World Discussion (Theories)
  20. Nobody Cares about Sonic Lost World
  21. I at least hope Sonic Lost World is the game Sonic Unleashed should've been
  22. What do you think the "Lost World" is?
  23. I've Got The Solution For Sonic Lost World's Exclusivity!
  24. I've Got The Solution For Sonic Lost World's Exclusivity!
  25. I hope the "Lost World" is in Blaze's dimension
  26. What If Others were Playble in Lost World...
  27. Place Your Bets That The Sonic Cycles Will Apply To Sonic: Lost Worlds
  28. Sonic Lost Worlds to feature all New gameplay!
  29. So there is a rumour about a the Sonic Lost World teaser trailer to be out may 27th
  30. Is Nintendo Co-developing Lost Worlds?
  31. Sonic Lost World Gameplay (What I want)
  32. What kind of a title "Sonic Lost World" is anyway?
  33. could lost worlds have been sonic 4 episode 3?
  34. What do you NOT want to see in Sonic Lost World?
  35. Sonic Lost World. What Music do you want/expect?
  36. Old Rumors VS. Lost Worlds.
  37. Old Rumors VS. Lost Worlds announcement.
  38. Rumor: Lost Worlds new gameplay is similar to the Wisps in Sonic Colors
  39. Who Should Do the Music For Lost World?
  40. Just discovered some stages that will be in lost worlds
  41. Who do you hope gets into Sonic lost world.
  42. Sonic Lost World needs online multiplayer.
  43. New Lost World image - shows new friends!
  44. Why is the lost world make of floating hexagons?
  45. Other Characters In Lost World
  46. Chaos emeralds origin story - what if in sonic lost world?.....
  47. What is SEGA going to reveal tomorrow for Sonic Lost World?
  48. Multiplayer in Lost World
  49. 3 things that can ruin & make Sonic lost world.
  50. Debut Trailer for Lost World
  51. Spindash is back in Sonic Lost World
  52. Reactions to Sonic: Lost World
  53. What If Sonic: Lost Worlds Is Sonic X-Treme?
  54. Which subforum will Sonic: Lost Worlds replace?
  55. The Wisps are back in Sonic: Lost World! :O
  56. A theory about sonic the lost world
  57. What if Lost Worlds pulled a Street Fighter X Tekken?
  58. Now that we have the details, will you officially be skipping Sonic Lost World?
  59. lost worlds will probobly feature chaos emeralds in the plot......
  60. 3DS version will have 3D. New Lost World images.
  61. Madara Uchiha would make a great villian to Sonic Lost Worlds
  62. How Do You Think The Wisps Can Connect Lost World's Story?
  63. Sonic Lost World: Level Editor?
  64. What if Sonic Lost World was the 1st ever Sonic game in the series?
  65. Chances of Lost World appearing on Xbox360/PS3 down the line?
  66. Sonic Lost World: Plot Speculation
  67. What if the Sonic game after lost world...
  68. Wasn't Nintendo supposed to publish Sonic Lost World?
  69. Sonic Lost World Trailer Hi-Definition
  70. Sonic: Lost World's levels are very likely to be much longer than before.
  71. New subforum?
  72. No banner or background graphics?
  73. Please put Pro Controller support in the game!!!
  74. "Sonic Birthday Party 2013" in Tokyo Joypolis
  75. Super Sonic Galaxy. Will you buy it?
  76. So will all of the Lost World threads be moved here?
  77. Is the plastic-like look of the game...
  78. What to do when the WiiU and 3DS is nearly dead in my nation?
  79. The level design just looks bad to me
  80. I noticed something....
  81. Who else is buying the 3DS version instead of WII U
  82. Sonic Lost World VS Sonic Dash: Graphics
  83. haha well then ;)
  84. Questioning Color Wisp Powers for SLW
  85. NEWS: Sonic Lost World Demo version is apparently ready...
  86. Is it just me or is Wisp powers...
  87. Will Sonic Lost World be playable at Nintendo's demos at Best Buy?
  88. From what I can tell it appears as though they're trying to blend several games.
  89. What do you want when it comes to writing?
  90. Look what I found!
  91. Who Else Wants LW to be Ported to PS4/One/Vita/PC?
  92. Water levels
  93. Which Wisps do you want to return?
  94. Sonic's friend are set to appear.....in the handheld version
  95. Would you buy a DLC expansion pack similar to New Super Luigi U....
  96. Fan Names for the Deadly Six
  97. Some say the Deadly Six are related to the Emeralds. I say...
  98. What are your thoughts on the new art style?
  99. This Looks So Saccharine Sweet, It Tastes Like Diabetes
  100. I think I might know what they might do for Parkour Moves
  101. Deadly Six Action Figures?
  102. Sheep can turn to red
  103. Do you know what else Lost Hex reminds me of?
  104. Lost World theme
  105. Will the plot suck
  106. You know the Knuckles rapper from SA2?
  107. What's your reaction on each Deadly Six?
  108. new sonic the hedgehog u
  109. What version are you getting?
  110. Sonic Lost World Trailer OST
  111. Deadly Seven
  112. The Worst Possible Thing That Could Happen?
  113. Cute One-Time Character?
  114. How Will Boss Fights Be Handled in Lost World?
  115. Will Lost Worlds be like storybook games.
  116. Who wants to bet that...
  117. Who thinks that Sega...
  118. Orbot and Cubot
  119. Orbot and Cubot
  120. For those of you who thought the Sonic Lost World trailer sounded like Rooftop Run...
  121. Deadly Six my not be Evil
  122. Why Do The Deadly Six hate sonic?
  123. Want Metal Sonic in Lost World?
  124. When You First Saw The Deadly Seven Did It Remind You Of....
  125. Sonic and Mario rivalry?
  126. Sonic Lost World Trailer, Footage, and Screenshot Analyzing thread
  127. Will Lost Worlds even last?
  128. Syrupy Tears Zone: 3 Nintendo Exclusives NOT slated for 2013 after all?
  129. Sonic Lost World Fan Art Thread
  130. Could lost world possibly have chao?
  131. SEGA releases single new Sonic Lost World screenshot
  132. Sonic Lost World Wii U and 3DS prices are set on Amazon
  133. Sonic: Lost Worlds, Nintendo-Exclusive???
  134. Mario promotes Sonic Lost World
  135. More details on Sonic Lost World will be revealed on IGN, this Friday
  136. Spoilers
  137. Miyamoto to participate in Gametrailers SLW demo??
  138. What if...
  139. Its friday!!!
  140. IGN Wii-U and 3DS Demo Gameplay
  141. This game looks excellent!
  142. Watching Sonic Lost World's gameplay, I miss the Adventure design more than ever
  143. The burning question of a second player
  144. Website launched
  145. what happened to the sense of speed
  146. Why is everyone complaining about how slow Sonic is?
  147. Where is the grinding
  148. Things that have returned from the past
  149. "Yeah Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are in the story scenes.... they get their spotlight"
  150. A small thing I have noticed
  151. I get the feeling they won't care for the modern fan later (characters)
  152. Sonic Heroes theme returns
  153. The parkour button would be much better without the insta run attached to it
  154. The music sounds terrible
  155. What does Chris Senn think of this?
  156. Character Speculation
  157. Petition Directed to Nintendo and Sega .
  158. Time Limit
  159. Which version will you be getting (initially, at least)?
  160. I think there are 7 worlds
  161. 3DS-New Wisp?!
  162. About Windy Hill
  163. Why Lost World is Super Mario 64 to the Super Mario Galaxy-th Power
  164. Whatever happened to working to attain and keep Sonic's speed?
  165. Drill is on the 3DS version?
  166. Sonic 'fans' need to stop their whining.
  167. There is one factor that will lead to Lost World flopping
  168. *NSYNC should reunite and perform for this game
  169. the return of super sonic
  170. To Aaron Webber
  171. >>>>>> Sonic Lost World CHAT <<<<<<
  172. Gamexplain's Trailer and Gameplay analyses...
  173. About that Best Buy demo. . .
  174. What if we got a demo?
  175. No momentum
  176. this will be the best sonic game ever
  177. Post All Sonic Lost World E3 Footage Here
  178. Sonic Lost World to be released on October 13th!
  179. The Deadly Six's Character Names are...
  180. New Sonic: Lost World 3DS trailer
  181. Even MORE WII U Gameplay Windy Hill/Desert Ruins 2
  182. E3 impressions
  183. Remember how you guys used to go all mad at Jim Sterling?
  184. How much #Swag will Sawnik have in this game?
  185. Takashi Iizuka Interview @E3 2013
  186. Why SLW needs to be serious and dark as opposed to light and cartoony.
  187. Fans should not be surprised that critics are surprised that Lost World is good.
  188. I can't be the only one who's glad this game is 60FPS.
  189. Is it me, or does Sonic seem to be really slow in 2D compared to 3D?
  190. I'm alright with this game's art design (and here's why)
  191. Would you like to see another "Cinematic Level?" *Sonic Colors Spoilers*
  192. Why Sonic tries to clone Mario?
  193. You know what's ironic?
  194. About Sola Sonica as a whole and in this game in particular
  195. Windy Hill without E3 noises
  196. Windy Hill music with no sfx
  197. This soundtrack... hot dayum, matey
  198. I found the secret behind all of the sonic fanbases problems!
  199. About some of the animals you can rescue
  200. found the 3DS trailer music
  201. GUYS.
  202. Deadly SIX = SIX Main Stages?
  203. don't overdo the 2.5D
  204. How bad should the "Deadly Six" be?
  205. Waaron in jail for making Sonic 06, SLW interview and Big The Cat the game announced!
  206. i aint about dat autorun dawg
  207. Sonic lost world $ Sonic X-treme : possible connection?
  208. Sonic lost world $ Sonic X-treme : possible connection?
  209. 3DS Story/Level changes?
  210. Sonic Lost World Reward Sing
  211. I hope SEGA got a lot of money for making this exclusive.
  212. For anyone who thinks Sonic Lost World looks kiddie
  213. I'd like to have an option in this game
  214. I'm not feelin' this
  215. Speed may have gotten too big an emphasis in previous games but ...
  216. Do you think the next Sonic game will have similar gameplay to Lost World?
  217. A hubworld? With Parkour?
  218. So, anyone still excited for this game?
  219. New Iizuka interview reveals more details about Sonic Lost World
  220. Where is Sega going with this?!?!
  221. SLW haters, answer me this
  222. One thing I would tweak at this point in time...
  223. New Direct Feed Footage
  224. SEGA released a new Screenshot
  225. Out of those three levels from the E3 demo...
  226. Three new clean high quality videos of the demo levels
  227. Enough with the Mario comparisons. You know what Sonic Lost World really looks like?
  228. Cutscenes / Story
  229. Will the badniks dissapear?
  230. super sonic in lost world?
  231. enough of this "multiplayer"
  232. One really minor thing that can make this game much better
  233. Why the new style is good for Sonic.
  234. Did they remove the jump dash mechanic from Sonic again?
  235. what characters should appear in Sonic Lost World
  236. Sonic games should be fast and beatiful
  237. Opinions... Opinions...
  238. What zone will each deadly six appear in?
  239. Final Fate of the Deadly Six?
  240. The Deadly Six battles
  241. Super Mario 3D World made me think...
  242. It feels like SEGA and Sonic Team are trying to exploit the Genesis fans
  243. What do you think of the Wisps returning?
  244. Dude, Like Whoa, What if This Is The No Zone?
  245. Does this game have the ranking system?
  246. Bean the Dynamite should appear in this game
  247. What Will the Final Boss of Sonic Lost World be?
  248. What themes would you want to see...?
  249. Iizuka notes similarity between SLW and Mario Galaxy
  250. What if this game was critically panned, flopped, or both?