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  3. Knuckles looks hilarious now
  4. Welcome to the Sonic Boom Forum!
  5. Exclusivity
  6. Thought in the art work?
  7. What do you like about the new designs?
  8. About Sonic's friends...
  9. SEGA Launches New Franchise Strategy for Sonic the Hedgehog with Sonic Boom
  10. Hopefully these developers figure out how to make Tails, Knuckles, Amy playable...
  11. Sonic Boom in a nutshell.
  12. Sonic Boom in another nutshell.
  13. Are you up for the lack of Sonic Team in this game?
  14. Here are some more details (show and game)
  15. Would you play Mario Bros Boom?
  16. So, now that they're making a Sonic Boom show and game...
  17. Do you want Online Multiplayer?
  18. Sonic Boom revealed.. in 2013?
  19. Why not a red scarf?
  20. Heh heh, I just had a thought...
  21. Your current thoughts/opinions/reactions to ''Sonic Boom'' the game?
  22. My Two Cents on Sonic Boom (TV Show And Game)
  23. What's the Point of the New Designs?
  24. How did you react when you saw all this new stuff ?
  25. Oh I hate this.
  26. Sonic Boom (Game)- how are you feeling so far?
  27. Is Sega Going To Keep Those Models From Sonic Boom?
  28. 3DS version of Sonic Boom....
  29. I can get used to the new designs ,except the bandages(and knuckles)
  30. So how did Sonic and Knuckles get their third degree burns
  31. Sonic Boom- Not for Japan
  32. Sonic Boom Episode Ideas
  33. My initial thoughts on Sonic Boom (show and game)
  34. Multiplatform Someday?
  35. Sonic Boom Official Website
  36. A Quick Concern
  37. My likes and dislikes about the upcoming Sonic Boom game
  38. One thing I got to say about Amy.
  39. "We want to appeal to western audiences" They say...
  40. About the cartoon
  41. Theorize about the bandages here!!!
  42. Sonic Boom SMILEYS
  43. Women Are Wiser
  44. I'm not understanding why people dislike the redesigns
  45. Amy may be better......
  46. If they redesigned Eggman into Egg Roosevelt...
  47. Sonic boom
  48. SammyClassicSonicFan
  49. Guys.
  50. Sonic Boom Fan Art Thread
  51. Co-op
  52. What's the Theme Song going to be?
  53. So...
  54. Sonic Boom going for more platform heavy, combat oriented gameplay over speed?
  55. So what Guest Stars would you like in this series?
  56. The new character designs reminded me off...
  57. I thought we'd learned with Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)...
  58. How long...
  59. Looks like this game will focus on delivering a "strong storyline".
  60. My thoughts on Sonic Boom Wii U trailer
  61. If Sonic Boom Is super successful, do you think it will replace the current universe
  62. I'm very excited about Sonic Boom - Sonic just got 20% cool :D
  63. I'm starting to like very much the new design
  64. Crazy thought I had.
  65. Thoughts on the game.
  66. Possible design inspiration?
  67. Did I dream this?
  68. News. Sonic Boom seems to be only the second game in the Nintendo deal.
  69. (FANMADE)Box art.
  70. Sonic Dash and Sonic Boom?
  71. Are Orbot and Cubot out of this?
  72. 60 FPS or bust.
  73. does SONIC BOOM mean no more friends?
  74. As of now, which seems more promising? The show or the game?
  75. Sonic Boom article in The Guardian . . .
  76. How good you think will be the Soundtrack?
  77. What if Knuckles wasn't bigger?
  78. The Character Designs could have been alot worse according to game devs
  79. Anyone else feel a distinct disconnect between the game and the show?
  80. My Concerns with How Sonic Boom Could Affect Sonic
  81. Trailer analysis by GameXplain.
  82. Not seeing much difference in character design
  83. LOL Media of Sonic Boom!!!
  84. Happy about not focusing on nostalgia?
  85. Hype train: Sonic Boom MS paint edition!
  86. What characters would you like to see in this style?
  87. Buff Knuckles actually makes sense.
  88. Will the Chaos Emeralds be in this game (and the show)?
  89. Sonic Boom, Yay or Nay?
  90. Sorry guys. No online play (but there will be returning characters and new ones)
  91. If this isn't the main theme of the game, there will be a missed opportunity
  92. Since this is the earth 2 of sonic
  93. why this game needs to do well and be a good game
  94. I want the four character's original appearances as unlockables/DLC
  95. I think this game is going to sell much better than LW
  96. Are you worried about any signature moves not returning?
  97. Guys I ... I just realized...
  98. Who here is going to buy Sonic Boom?
  99. A different perspective.
  100. Sonic Boom TV series seasons and future games
  101. Sonic Boom and Mega Man X
  102. I like this game alot
  103. so, what continuity will this be in?
  104. Should this phrase appear in Sonic Boom?
  105. Can I just say how good of a job the showmakers have done with Sonic's personality?
  106. Sonic Boom Pics
  107. Can soemone say what about this game is "so" good?
  108. The animation and design of the TV show are surprisingly fresh and fluid!
  109. The so called "nostalgia" is not a bad thing, is bad when 90% of a game is about it.
  110. Should Knuckles be a guardian in Boom?
  111. Sonic Boom being it's own continuity was a good decision
  112. Is sonic Boom really the end of "boost" Sonic?
  113. The return of forgotten Genesis era characters
  114. The new badnik designs.
  115. Your most intriguing part of the game trailer
  116. a Sonic Xtreme Developer working on Sonic Boom!
  117. How should Sonic's friends look/act if they reappear?
  118. Should SEGA release San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Sonic figures?
  119. If Nack/Fang were re-introduced in Sonic Boom...
  120. Should "Sonic Boom's" theme song be "Sonic Boom"?
  121. Oh, gosh! We're becoming classic fans! :O
  122. Changes
  123. 2014 advertisement related to sonic boom cast?
  124. Why Blue Arms Bother Me
  125. marine or cream possibly apperaing in sonic boom as well as various new charactrers
  126. So we got cow boy sonic didnt we ?...
  127. no online
  128. metal sonic needs to be a thing
  129. Why are people surprised that Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are now fast?
  130. CryEngine 3 revealed Sonic Boom almost a full year before it was annouced!
  131. Game development started in 2011 +other details
  132. Just Noticed Something...
  133. What framerate do you expect ?
  134. GamerFitNation interview with Stephen Frost of SOA
  135. ridiculous theory, what if sonic boom is classic sonic's alternate timeline?
  136. Voice Acting for Sonic Boom
  137. (For the sake of convenience) Post anything Sonic Boom related on your mind.
  138. Continuity
  139. Anyone Else Hoping the Other Characters Don't Show Up?
  140. Why Must You Hate?
  141. Knuckles appears to have a new voice actor. You like it?
  142. Chao Garden
  143. Sonic Boom: lighter or darker?
  144. How'd You React: Silver and Blaze are Full-Fledged Villains on the Show
  145. A better version of the Boom game trailer
  146. What will become of the others?
  147. The Screenshot thread
  148. theory(refined), boom continuity is generations classic sonic's future
  149. Boom Backstories
  150. Sonic Boom is an improvement...
  151. What if the blaze in sonic boom...
  152. Mr.Bob Rafei REALLY Wanted Sonic to Wear Pants
  153. Cameos in Boom
  154. The Future of Sonic Looking Good
  155. Must SEGA change Knuckles' design?
  156. Video interview with Bob Rafei
  157. A way sonic boom can be a good thing for the main canon
  158. What if each character represents a different part of the franchise???
  159. Sonic likes TY
  160. The Show is on. It has competition. Maybe Cartoon Network was not the best choice.
  161. The Show is on. It has competition. Maybe Cartoon Network was not the best choice.
  162. Release Sonic Boom on multiple platforms !
  163. Something I've noticed about overall reception regarding Tails...
  164. New details: The Chaos Emeralds do not exist in the Boom Universe.
  165. Other Sonic Characters you want to see in the Game/Show
  166. About Shadow...
  167. What Kind of Anthros Do You Want In Sonic Boom?
  168. How would you react if shadow in the show... dont skate ?
  169. Chaos Emeralds don't exist because...
  170. What are your hopes for characterization in Sonic Boom?
  171. Evan Baily (Show Producer) interview. Seems like a pretty cool guy.
  172. Select you character!!!
  173. Why I like Sonic Boom
  174. Which characters would you like to appear in Sonic Boom?
  175. if sonic boom is good, how about an adventure 1 remake?
  176. Do you like the name "Sonic Boom"?
  177. Black Nerd Comedy Sonic Boom rant.
  178. How would you feel about this? Concerning Blaze and Cream.
  179. What if Shadow...
  180. Sonic Boom(Tv series) will reset in every episodes
  181. A Great Idea For A Cartoon That Can Rival Sonic Boom!
  182. Post Your Ideas for Boom Shadow's Backstory Here!!!
  183. So Sonic Boom Is Gonna Have A Negative Continuity?
  184. Sonic Boom vs Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
  185. How does the co-op work in 1 player?
  186. Do you want continuity for season 2(if there is one..)?
  187. Will Super Amy be in Sonic Boom?
  188. Sanic Buuum them sang leeked
  189. The "project" Hunnid-P was working on must have been this game.
  190. What do you want the theme song to sound like?
  191. Sonic Boom might have health bars!
  192. Hints of more characters...? *Pic inside*
  193. Post Sonic Boom Redesigns Here!
  194. Tomy Toys
  195. The problem with Sonic Boom.
  196. Should Sonic Boom have Online CO-OP?
  197. Sonic Boom
  198. What if this subforum was about the song and not the game?
  199. A message to haters and hypers that don't know how to enjoy Sonic games.
  200. The Sonic Boom designs make the modern Sonic designs look......
  201. My thoughts in Sonic Boom so far.....
  202. SONIC BOOM Desigm Changer thread
  203. Sonic boom will suck!!!
  204. What if...
  205. Bring Chao Garden back in Sonic Boom!
  206. Persistent characterization concerns
  207. The only way Sonic Boom became the main canon...
  208. The TV Show has the best mouth for Sonic so far.
  209. While I'm glad to see more characters playable, I remain cautious.
  210. Release date confirmed to be in May
  211. About the Evil Anthros (if any)
  212. A very weird dream.
  213. Gameplay footage?
  214. If ex-Naughty Dog devs cannot save Sonic, nobody can.
  215. Sonic Boom Announcement Event Recap
  216. On Western Character Designs
  217. Knuckles' new gameplay style
  218. If Shadow doesn't use chaos blast in Sonic Boom how will you react?
  219. 3DS
  220. A very weird dream THE SEQUEL
  221. This article suggests that the game has a near $20m budget...
  222. A very weird dream III
  223. And so I made a MC skin about this sub-series.
  224. Are the characters the same age as the STH Universe in this game?
  225. Sonic Boom: The Best Thing To Happen To The Blue Blur Since Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?
  226. Character design changes that you want/don't want to see with other characters
  227. The positive thought thread about sonic Boom
  228. Crush 40 for boom ?
  229. Orbot and Cubot will return!
  230. Sonic Boom - Behind the scenes of TV show and the game!!
  231. This game will probably go multiplatform
  232. Regarding sonic boom gameplay...
  233. Your current thoughts/opinions/reactions to the ''Behind the Scenes'' video?
  234. The "NEW" Knuckles short animation
  235. On Knuckles
  236. Which version will you be purchasing?
  237. How will Sonic fight?
  238. Sonic Boom Game NEW CONCEPT ARTS
  239. When will we get to see the 3DS version?
  240. Question about sonic boom...
  241. Sonic Boom: The Game Judger
  242. Do you wan't Sonic Boom to get skrillex music?
  243. This is how the designs should have been
  244. Is Amy really an archeologist?
  245. How will Amy turn out?
  246. I got it...
  247. Characters you would like to see redesigned
  248. Another video with Stephen Frost talking about Sonic Boom!
  249. How characters should work.
  250. Metal Sonic Return?! Sonic Boom