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  1. Welcome to Dragon Coins!
  2. Featured Monster: Munchworm
  3. Featured Monster: Sparkling
  4. Featured Monster: Brickle
  5. Evolve Material for Evil Dragon ?
  6. Featured Monster: Ponicorn
  7. Evolution and monster level
  8. Friends without benefits?
  9. A game that devours it's own replay value?
  10. Hello There! requiring lot of info
  11. Selling monsters
  12. Fusion Strategy Guide
  13. summon ticket
  14. Dark Elemental
  15. Shadow Element friend add list
  16. If I had to explain this game to someone in roughly 10 seconds. . .
  17. Featured Monster: Astronomichron
  18. Questions about current Urgent Missions event
  19. Dragon Coins Wiki
  20. Adding New Friends with High Tier Cards
  21. I spent more time than I'm willing to admit.
  22. Any chance for more forum avatars?
  23. [Guide] - Tips for Beginners (Levels 1-20 / Chapters 1-4)
  24. Red Gem generation/randomness
  25. All Soul drops
  26. what just happened?
  27. So many things wrong. KEEP UP
  28. My tips for Fellow beginners
  29. Few Queries,Help Much Appreciated!
  30. missing monsters from the wiki
  31. Color Scheme of the Forum
  32. General Discussion forum for mobile
  33. What is the reward for Clearing all 3 stages of Dragon road?
  34. General Gameplay and Ravager Miracle Evolution Videos
  35. Help with Red choices!
  36. What are PUSH NOTIFICATIONS and How to activate them?
  37. 5 All Blast fused and Still not even single Skill Point up??
  38. Awesome Arcjaguar+Light Monsters Combos!
  39. List of normal mission chapter bonus monsters?
  40. Text/chat app for Big Events
  41. [Suggestiuon] Buying MAX STAMINA,COURAGE and COST? In game Market for RCs?
  42. Dragon Abilities
  43. The Devourer-Help?
  44. Counting Thread!
  45. Journey to SR+ Dragons
  46. [KNOW-HOW] How to check your buddy's team
  47. Secret of the Hold (Ch.5)
  48. How do you calculate defense of the team??
  49. Not letting me evolve a character
  50. Dream Team & Skill Combinations
  51. problem with the forum
  52. How tough was ultimate fables of fire?
  53. ┐Daily rewards?
  54. Anyone else not getting final RED gem in HARD Dragon road (water)?
  55. Featured Monster: Saurian Hero
  56. (FRIEND REQUESTS) Strategic Player seeking Friends!
  57. Event for Joker?
  58. New Urgent Missions - pirate queen
  59. Recommendations for Light/Shadow missions?
  60. Post to twitter and Facebook
  61. Hero coin collecting efficiency
  62. Chapter 6 Strategy
  63. Chapter 3 Final Boss DEVOURER Strategy
  64. Returning Limited Time Missions
  65. monster book bug?
  66. Bonus coin drops
  67. Way too much gold
  68. Elemental Weakness chart
  69. Monster stats
  70. When is the urgent mission over?
  71. Monsters not available in chests
  72. monday dragon road back to having U dragon as hard reward
  73. How Does Pirate Queen Alwida's Cost Crusade skill work?
  74. Miracle Evolution
  75. Radiant Dragon Skill How does it work?
  76. Can't get push notifications on my Samsung Galaxy S5
  77. I'm predicting these to come after Pirate Queen~
  78. will I be Stuck with 'U' Dragon on Hard Mode Leaf Dragon road now???
  79. Fusing Evolved Soul monsters?
  80. Evolution: says Monster "Not Owned" even though I'm staring right at them?
  81. Does a monster keep it's skill points after going through a miracle evolution?
  82. Need friends for urgent missions
  83. Your friends only see/uses your MAIN party's leader!!
  84. The elusive Polly Phonic
  85. Where to obtain Skeleton / Funibone?
  86. Is stop really op? Or just troll
  87. Day 30 cumulative prize glitch
  88. Effective Way to beat PIRATE QUEEN ALWIDA (ANY LEVEL!!)
  89. "See All" option removed from summon
  90. Protectors Release event strategy
  91. "Protectors of Astronomichon" bug
  92. The 10X Summon option for featured chest
  93. Protectors release event missions
  94. Protectors Rare Drops?
  95. Red gems not spawning
  96. Putting down Dragon Coin till fixes.
  97. Download Failed you may not have purchased this App??
  98. "Dumb Things You've Done" Thread
  99. sega changing monster artwork
  100. Urget Missions
  101. Let us be Facebook friends
  102. Who should I leader for friends?
  103. Question about Skill Leveling
  104. Berserker comeback cube??
  105. Unfortunately..Bye bye Dragon Coins
  106. Monster Sell dropped
  107. Ubisoft's "CSI: Hidden Crimes" has an error
  108. Hello! New player seeking guidance
  109. Question about monday's dragon road
  110. Featured Monster: Chronos
  111. Lord of the Firmament strategy help
  112. Looking for green R-dragon (bonus reward)
  113. One month in - Very Successful Teams?
  114. Apple starts banning apps that reward video views and social sharing
  115. Stuck on 5-6-6, need tips
  116. Where can i find them?
  117. Next urgent mission: Koryu
  118. Comeback Cube monster list updated!
  119. Dragon road hard (dark), 2nd red gem...
  120. Featured Monster: Koryu
  121. The "See All" option is BACK! :D
  122. Why is Koryu appearing less frequently then previous bosses?
  123. Boss-Slaying Alliance: Post your Koryu Summons here!
  124. Question about Monster stats
  125. Urgent mission help
  126. Forum Organization: Give us your feedback!
  127. Best way to get gold coins?
  128. Max Hp / Max Attack of every Monster
  129. A few questions from a free player
  130. Game music
  131. Where to get Sootsoldier?
  132. Enemy skill discussion thread
  133. Andromeda Skill
  134. Event Fatigue
  135. Evolve material supplemental icon?
  136. Chance to level up skills seems much too low
  137. How does the Color Boost skill work?
  138. Kind of new to the game and have some questions
  139. Anyone interested in a Group chatroom on LINE messenger?
  140. My New Challenge
  141. Booyah!
  142. Is Cost a legacy stat?
  143. Big Success?
  144. Orb monsters 3rd evolution
  145. Future urgent?
  146. What happens after chapter 10?
  147. Friendliest friend chest ever!
  148. Max Friends, Stamina, Courage
  149. I no longer get videos to watch
  150. Which LEADER shows up for friends?
  151. Cracking the chests
  152. Another question about monday's dragon road
  153. Smaller Monster Tome?
  154. Next sr event?
  155. Damage Increase Skill comparisons
  156. Urgent Mission: Konohana Sakuya
  157. Question about the new urgent mission
  158. Just unlucky?
  159. Featured Chest or Wait?
  160. Question about sturday/sunday dragon road
  161. Joker (Next Urgent Mission?)
  162. Shadow Chain
  163. Wow lucky friends chest or something else?
  164. Your opinion on Fast levelling monsters
  165. Dragon coins and phonecalls on android
  166. From the free summon....
  167. May not be the best time to spend Friend Coins
  168. The camber of the game
  169. Release Event - Thieves
  170. Koryu benefit
  171. Ungaikyo evolution
  172. D mup monsters
  173. Null experience bonus?
  174. UR draw rates
  175. Beat the game.
  176. Saturday - Jack of Clubs is AMAZING!
  177. Joker event
  178. Wiki Changes
  179. Is that monster a glitch?
  180. Tired of not getting the bonus monsters..
  181. Fusing with a max level monster?
  182. Do I Keep it or sell it?
  183. My first ever maxed out monster!
  184. Odds of skill level-ups when fusing in skill souls
  185. Ranking Event Link in Japanese?
  186. Soon.
  187. UR+ Azazel
  188. Where can i find him?
  189. So...Steely Spree
  190. Wow has anyone ever tied
  191. SR Dragons... What would you do?
  192. Urgent Mission - Ahriman REVISIT
  193. Anyone else looking for more active friends?
  194. Resource Issue
  195. Best Friend Monsters for Urgent Missions
  196. The Next Ultra Rare/Ultra Rare+ Is.......
  197. [Feedback Request] Urgent Mission Push Notifications
  198. Choose your destiny :P
  199. Saturday Ace of Spades is Pants.
  200. Takeover Prevents Triggered Enemy Skills
  201. What should I fuse?
  202. Joker, Am I Screwed?
  203. One man loss will ruin your gold coins drop
  204. Lucky Streak & Choices
  205. What do you pay to play?
  206. Comeback cubes troll me
  207. Does everyone have all the urgents
  208. Untamed release event
  209. New same skill mechanics
  210. I'm playing this game now but...
  211. New Subforums!
  212. 8-5-3 Down!
  213. Saturday's Queen of Hearts is depressing
  214. Fun with Fusion - AKA the Math of Fusion
  215. Please don't delete me :P
  216. Confirmation: Are "Slow" Monsters really 'the best' over time?
  217. Card error???
  218. Divine pusher vs end pusher
  219. Urgent Mission - Pirate Queen Alwida REVISIT
  220. Friendship and The Eternal Struggle. (Come on, Give it a read.)
  221. How to evolve R and SR monsters reliably?
  222. Increased chance of Big Success when fusing?
  223. Share/show your main team
  224. Saturday's King of Diamonds is gold
  225. Am I the only one that wants to give up on DC?
  226. Boost multiplier for leadership skills...
  227. Make it Rain!
  228. Only getting blue gems?
  229. Friends- Arcjaguar and more.
  230. Earnings Coins / Selling Magic Fuzilite ?
  231. Need active friends
  232. Dragon Shower
  233. Double coin wall
  234. R+ Monster on par with SR ones
  235. A good bug
  236. Deadly combo used for bosses/urgent missions
  237. SR Dragons: Twin Shot
  238. The new UR
  239. chest broken?
  240. Deities Release Event
  241. Release event Deities
  242. Cleaning up my Friend List
  243. All the current UR/UR+'s
  244. Collecting Them All
  245. Weekend's Jack of Clubs revistied
  246. At what point does the game become challenging for you?
  247. Cant upgrade past level 5.
  248. About those Ads...
  249. The UM SR+ Group: Actually a pretty darn effective team?
  250. Arcjaguar balance issue