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  1. When are we getting sonic the hedgehog
  2. So... When will a trade system be implemented?
  3. what about an "Evolve" chest?
  4. Suggestion: Mechanism for Recurring Evolution/Sold Monsters
  5. Suggestion: Balance the dragon road rewards
  6. Suggestion: exp coins
  7. A couple suggestions
  8. Another couple of suggestions
  9. Excess level after evolution
  10. Feature Request: Minimal graphics mode?
  11. [Suggestion] Forum chat
  12. [Suggestion] UM training
  13. Progress bars for skill progression
  14. Change Team names via tapping?
  15. Suggestion: Wild Card Evolution Monster
  16. UR dragons
  17. Recipe's or more of the multi-part evolvable monsters
  18. Gray worms petition
  19. Monday's daily reward
  20. Suggestion: ability to trade monsters with friends
  21. Things we don't like about dragon coins
  22. Hero Coin Chest
  23. Monster Tome - Prizes every x new entries
  24. Purchase from the friend chest
  25. Next
  26. Monster Tome Filling Help
  27. Leftover coins in UM
  28. Player created story missions
  29. Add a reward for completing an event
  30. Automatic skill level up
  31. Weekly rewards.
  32. Forum evolution
  33. It's not worth to level up.
  34. Google+ Achievements.
  35. Multi-team quests
  36. From Ranking to Achievements
  37. Trading proposal
  38. A View From the Top
  39. "Regionalize" Ranking Events - Thread example inside.
  40. Friend's Fever Time...
  41. Rainbow Coin bonus for 100% Completion (Legendary Missions)
  42. Remove fever time cooldown
  43. Fever Timer Countdown
  44. Suggestions for the next ranking event
  45. Day 94: and I'm SpentOut
  46. Wiki page addition: Skill souls and evolution trees
  47. An arena
  48. Skill Level Upgrading - Change to % chance mechanics [DETAILS/EXAMPLES INSIDE]
  49. RE: Post-Day-100 Daily Rewards
  50. Just A Few Thoughs & Suggestions
  51. Things I have seen on DC SEA
  52. Post your Achievement Ideas!
  53. Skill Sorting
  54. Arena Team Testing - "Single Wave" test option
  55. Maximum friends list beyond 50?
  56. Rank event urgent mission feedback
  57. Suggestions for the Battle Event?
  58. Trading / choosing a monster
  59. Arena Team Building Suggestion
  60. Non-ranked Arena mode.
  61. Breathing space between ranking events
  62. go big or go home
  63. Monster Arena Stats
  64. Arena / Monster Balance / Skill Balance
  65. Poll: Should Confusion bombs allow you to kill yourself?
  66. So... why the name changes?
  67. Area Health Numbers
  68. NEW SKILL: Replace "Masochist" with "Juggernaut" [SKILL DETAILS INSIDE]
  69. Arena ended early?
  70. Event Timer?
  71. Friend-Optional?
  72. Multi-Elemental?
  73. About Urgent Missions
  74. + versions as evolution material?
  75. Japanese version features
  76. Something we can reliable work towards. Other ideas to give the player a goal.
  77. Trading and selling monsters with other players.
  78. More monster info re: arena stats
  79. Deevolution
  80. Ranking rewards
  81. Offline Mode
  82. Suggestion for a limited-time event
  83. Arena Battlefield Choice
  84. Thoughts on making The Arena more fun
  85. Resummon from Monster's tomb?
  86. Suggestion: Event Schedule
  87. suggestion music as MP3?
  88. Evolve menu organization
  89. Arena bonus for battling higher rank players
  90. Fail skill: Double Coin Drop
  91. new skills/ enemy skills suggestion thread
  92. REALLY hard bonus missions
  93. Give arena skill "Revolution" activation priority
  94. Game achivements
  95. Additional Elemental Piston Pushers
  96. Multiple arena teams
  97. ETA System - Embedded Time Attack
  98. Please have shorter events and more variety of events
  99. Specifics/Numbers on Skill Abilities
  100. More Social Interactivity with Fellow Coin Masters
  101. Events and Prizes Repeat
  102. Double wall skill
  103. Earn Monster Experience on Mission
  104. Offline dragon coins idea