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  1. Is it me or is Dragons Road bugged?
  2. Server Error?
  3. Chests missing?
  4. Database Error
  5. Crashing at summoning screen
  6. Unable to update? "This is the future app upgrade page of Dragon Coins."
  7. Push notifications for android users
  8. Crashing a lot lately
  9. Warning to all players: Read before selling monsters!!!!
  10. Sorry error has occurred
  11. Glitch?
  12. Why double coins doesn't combo with stun and lullaby?
  13. Fight timer during urgent mission
  14. Server error
  15. An horrible update
  16. Slow Performance on Stages
  17. Where are all my friends?
  18. is that ranking event fair or not
  19. Issue with Post-Mission Ad Popups
  20. Rank Points - Grammar errors
  21. Error -1002?
  22. Ranked Event Monster rewards at Level 1, NOT "Max" - Images inside
  23. Urgent Ranked Prizes
  24. Beyond the Door Mission: Rare Red Gem mix up issue?
  25. Push notification bug
  26. Special Missions Gone?
  27. Changing Facebook Links
  28. No urgent mission !
  29. Arena Bugs/Issues
  30. Out of date Lily tip.
  31. Minor Souls issue.
  32. Slight inconsistency in Dragon Road
  33. Issues around daily reset
  34. Help.dragon-coins.net no longer exists - New site for Bug Reports
  35. Cannot evolve 4 joker event characters into SR egg
  36. Missing Arena Coins.
  37. No UR in Fire Themed Featured Chest?
  38. Sunday Dragon's Trove medium has blue/red gems swapped?
  39. Certain Skills in Arena not de-activated after user is defeated
  40. Improve resuming game after switching applications
  41. Account Got Banned. Why?
  42. Black screen and missing images
  43. Arena team gets -1000 error for sixth wave
  44. Heal Coins
  45. List of Skills is outdated on the wiki
  46. Arena Skill change on evolution.
  47. "Come see ____ Monster!" Social Media posts redirect to website
  48. Arena
  49. Vaccine Clarification
  50. having a ton of connection issues since upgrading to ios8
  51. New UM not available
  52. Teams keep being deleted since upgrading to iOS 8
  53. Angel incorrect in-game
  54. Drastic screen transition time slowdown since update to iOS8
  55. Can't restore back!!!!!!
  56. iOS - Can't get in-app mobile view of wiki back
  57. Vampire mis-classification or wrong skill
  58. Purchased coins didn't deliver
  59. Trying to evolve flame dragon error 10800
  60. More connection errors
  61. I can't sell or fuse some monsters designated as team
  62. Monster skill name mixed up Mirror Attack/Counter Blow
  63. Anyone using Bluestacks
  64. Confused Team Cleave
  65. Debs please fix all then errors occuring in the game...thanks
  66. Battle coin rewards
  67. [28/11/2014] No featured chest
  68. UM friend push notifications not working
  69. not recievin ranked event rewards
  70. Server errors again
  71. rankings cleared out
  72. Unable to purchase rainbow coins
  73. Losing lots of stamina or missions taking too much stamina
  74. Played all day NO UM SPAWNS
  75. Wrong monster selling price
  76. game crashes on successful arena or mission
  77. Connection issues
  78. restoring data
  79. Connection and Crash Issues
  80. There are no Arena opponents available at this time. Check back later.
  81. Last Resort ability still not working correctly in Arena
  82. No big daily bonuses after day 301?
  83. Twitter error
  84. King of Diamonds Evolution problem
  85. Game doesn't start. Goes directly to home screen.
  86. 11-20 place receiving child of clay in the last UM event
  87. You have a special offer in the shop. (Always times out/connection?)
  88. Double Rewards for Arena Ranking Event?
  89. Anyway to get old account details back?
  90. Urgent Mission Notification
  91. Whois Is Dragon Road. ?
  92. Stuck On Title Screen
  93. "Error - 1002" for a YEAR!