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  1. sonic rox
  2. Buy Dreamcast Games!
  3. Connecting Dreamcast back online for PSO
  4. DC still alive and kicking....:):):) that is.
  5. Blue Stinger
  6. Genesis vs. SNES
  7. anyone else misses ooga booga and daytona usa online??
  8. does anyone have a shenmue 2 disc 3 save file for me??
  9. Old Genesis game tip needed (Crack Down)
  10. So I noticed PuyoPuyo Fever....
  11. What's Your Favourite SEGA Era ???
  12. Which Sonic is the best?
  13. wHo sTill uSes tHeir dReamcasts?
  14. does anyone have a free isp for dc?
  15. Did anybody here this....
  16. Dreamcast is freaking awesome
  17. Sega Nomad
  18. "Rare" games?
  19. customize the he.ll out of it YEA!!!
  20. I hope it's not just a rumor...
  21. Dreamcast; a system in between generations (TRIBUTE!)
  22. What's your favorite DC game of all time?
  23. Okay, now let's get all the emualtion thing clear...
  24. Saturn Imports. Who owns any?
  25. Dreamcast is resurected!!!
  26. Will Sega be making any new consoles. I have some ideas
  27. Rumor or Truce? Dreamcast 2?
  28. Beats of Rage
  29. Official "Samba De Amigo" Topic
  30. Who wants to game online with Starlancer tonight?
  31. Buy or not to buy?
  32. Half Life on DC
  33. R.I.P Dreamcast
  34. big the admin is the best!
  35. What's Your Favorite Crazy Taxi Game For Dc?
  36. What's your Favorite DC Racing game.
  37. SUP dreamcast fans
  38. Dreamcast Reproduction
  39. PSOver 2 US ver back online
  40. Nomad or GBA?
  41. New costom web browser for DC
  42. Just picked up some classics...
  43. What has been your favorite piece of hardware from Sega?
  44. Dreamcast alive and kikn emulation wise
  45. Is Dreamcast dead To the Sega Fans?
  46. Is Dreamcast dead To the Sega Fans?
  47. World Series Baseball 2K2
  48. all Sega systems
  49. Whats your favorite console
  50. Samba de Amigo
  51. Is Sonic Heros coming out for DreamCast?
  52. Anyone playing on (PAL) version of PSO?
  53. Sega Master System
  54. your DREAMCAST!
  55. Whats the best sega system ever made?
  56. Dreamcast is Dead
  57. Segan Master System 2
  58. question about saturn, please help
  59. Old Sega Game Help
  60. Who has the oldest or newest Dreamcast??
  61. Moderators needed for UltimateGamerForums.com
  62. Shenmue on Saturn
  63. DC Clicking Noise...
  66. Who thinks the Eternal Champions Series was underrated?
  67. Prototype Pictures
  68. Does the sega sports special edition DC work with cd-rs?
  69. Can some of you guys do me a huge favor?
  70. Movies of SA and SA2?
  71. SEGA Should Ask Fans To Help Make New Game System
  72. Can someone tell me?
  73. may i ask you all one very small favor?
  74. saturn import (st key/4mb ram swap trick)
  75. Is it worth it?
  76. Just beat Shenmue II!
  78. sega system names
  79. If sega made a new system, what would YOU call it?
  80. what system would you like to see sonic on
  81. Quick Sega Q
  82. Speed Devils!
  83. question for you sega employees
  85. Anyone remember Super Hang on?
  86. Problem with my Dreamcast
  87. DC Menu!
  88. Cool concept i came up...how Sega can go back to consoles.
  89. SEGA!!!
  90. SEGA!!!
  91. Need help with Tennis 2k2
  92. sega dreamcast was my only online experience,n boy was it th
  93. SWEET!
  94. Sega Web Browser
  95. Sega Dreamcast Tech Demo: Streets of Rage!
  96. THPS 2
  97. Shenmue II on the sega dreamcast
  98. Is anyone here playing any STreetFighter games on DC ?
  99. Sega Dreamcast
  100. puyo puyo sho!
  101. online~international
  102. Reviews of Sega systems
  103. Everytime I come to Dreamcast Message boards....:(
  104. need help in remembering a game
  105. The dreamcast is giving me quite a bit of trouble...
  106. Its A Business...
  107. I need a list of DC games for school.......
  108. Microsoft and SEGA join???
  109. da best sonic
  110. List all active Dreamcast online games
  111. Did i pay to much?
  112. Anyone have the RF connector for the Genesis2???
  113. Aerowings 2
  114. About the Sega Saturn...
  115. Any Time Sensitives Games for DC
  116. Ummmmm yeah this sounds weird about DC but would it work ?
  117. OMG... I have Sonic Crackers and Sonic 2 Beta verson
  118. Dreamcast Game Back-Ups
  119. Dreamcast Game Back-Ups
  120. Sega Master System
  121. Panzer Dragoon Saga For Xbox?
  122. Whats the best system for Sega?
  123. 3rd party Controllers
  124. Whoa DC save games site still are up.
  125. My Dreamcast is eating up my dc games disc
  126. Dreamcast Console... Second best selling item on EBgames.com
  127. Dreamcast Trouble HELP!
  128. Dreamcast Owners
  129. Jet Set(Grind) Radio Music
  130. Anyone played TrickStyle yet?
  131. Was the Dreamcast a flop before it was even released?
  132. \*-Games you have beaten-*/
  133. Test Drive V-Rally, Le Mans, Sega Rally 2, Tony Hawk 2, R6
  134. may the dc be with you, allways. and test drive games, thps2
  135. Dreamcasts Sonic or Playstations Crash?
  136. Which to Dreamcast games are alike?
  137. New hand helds to have the 3D power of the Dreamcast
  138. BEST GAMES OF ALL TIME! dc,gc,xbox,ps2,ps, and classic games
  139. online play
  140. TWO SONGS I deticate to Dreamcast fall :( maybe u heard 1LOL
  141. Dreamcast troubles.
  142. What Dreamcast game do you play the most or like the best?
  143. Evolution
  145. Jet set radio
  146. Treamcast: the Ultimate Dreamcast
  147. What is the best?
  148. DC ROMS and EMU's
  149. If Sonic Heroes Came Out For Dreamcast, Would You Get It?
  150. Would a Dreamcast II even be realistic?
  151. Question About the 8mb Vmu...
  152. problems with my dreamcast
  153. Shenmue Book?
  154. Which Sega System makes the best doorstop?
  155. Pioneer 2 sigh...CRYS... whatver...
  156. Shenmue
  157. Sega Saturn Games
  158. VMU Mini games.
  159. Should i?
  160. Using Sega Systems as MIDI Modules?
  161. Dreamcast Online connection help.
  162. Dreamcast help please??????
  163. On-Line Dreamcast
  164. A Dreamcast Online Gaming list -need help-
  165. something about the N-Gage and the Dreamcast
  166. How much?
  167. Shinobi?????
  168. Can someone tell me what's wrong with My Dreamcast?
  169. Bleem for GT2
  170. using a Sega saturn joystick on a DC
  171. Hi my name is.... and I like Sega because...
  172. Sega's Next-Generation Plans
  173. Dreamcast Online
  174. What's your fav. Shining Force 2 battle
  176. What is a good co-op game?
  178. Sega Saturn games
  179. Can I still buy a new DC or get mine repaired?
  180. Your system's here
  181. Does anyone have prototype pics for ANY system?
  183. My topic about Sega continuing to support DC= A JOKE.
  184. [ Poll ] 3dfx vs power vr...would DC be better with 3dfx?
  185. Samba Help!
  186. DrEamCasT is TeH ShIzNiT!
  187. Controlers
  188. Sega REALLY does continue to support the DC! DC RE-LAUNCH!
  189. Sonic adventure
  190. Look at the cool stuff you can do with your Dreamcast!!!
  191. Bring Back Dreamcast And Put A DVD Add-On
  192. this has got to be a sting operation!!!!
  193. this place has sume interesting stuf for the DC
  194. Yur Dream console
  197. Help With Dreamcast
  198. Classix....
  199. What game should i get???
  200. Difference between JSG and JSRF?
  201. does anyone know if there are any megadrive games sites
  202. Omikron
  204. Castlevania: Symphony of Destruction
  206. Dreamcast acting weird...
  207. Anyone for a game of Sega Swirl via Sega Dreamcast & the
  208. Dreamcast: The After life
  209. Dreamcast Development Kit
  210. Tomorow is the DAY!! : That I have to say goodbye...>>
  211. Dreamcast VGA loving
  212. Grandia 2
  213. Sega Saturn Memory issues
  214. MegaDrive 2 Prototype (FOR SALE)
  215. Genesis Games
  216. Dreamcast owners Rejoice over PSO V1 and V2 comming back!
  217. Browser
  218. Dumb Dreamcast Question
  219. Cho Aniki announced for Dreamcast
  220. How do I set up my Dreamcast
  221. Browser disk
  222. SEGA Saturn With Nights Into Dreams Wanted
  223. really dumb questionn but please help
  224. free game to download...leagal too...plus source code
  225. howsa bouta round o quake 3 arena?
  226. looking for some old genesis hardware
  227. Awfully dumb Dreamcast question
  228. Skies of Arcadia Dreamcast question!!
  229. "Game Show Network showing the history of gamming"
  230. Skies of Arcadia question-GLICH?
  231. 32x adapter for genesis
  232. When did you buy your dreamcast???
  233. Did you have the modem for the Genesis?
  234. Is SEGA rereleased Dreamcast?? So confused.. don't hurt me
  235. Dreamcast Memory issues
  236. This might be a dumb question, but i REALLY need an answer!!
  237. Sega Saturn GameShark (impossible to find!!! ARGH!)
  239. Anyone in the Chicago Area there is some good Dreamcast news
  240. Sega Saturn Info
  242. What is the CD+G Channel feature on the saturn do?
  243. Samba de Amigo maracas
  244. VMU animations
  245. What is your favourite DC fighter?
  246. Sonic Adventure Help
  247. Sega CDX
  249. vmu-shenmue question???
  250. Hail SEGA as the stand alone Company.