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  1. Sonic Battle
  2. Interesting article about the upcoming handhelds, Check it
  3. Sega Arcade Gallery!
  4. Sonic Advance 3 <First Screens>
  5. Metroid Zero Mission...
  7. Spyro Attack of The Rhinocs- Need som help
  8. N5!
  9. Sonic Advance 3 screens!!! ::nice::
  10. who has a gba?
  11. another NEW handheld-introducing Gametrac
  13. Sonic Advance 3 not just coming to GBA....
  14. N-Gage reminds me of taco
  15. mario glitch
  16. Wheres DS?
  17. pokemon ruby
  18. GBA BOMB
  19. What do you think about the N-Gage?
  20. The N-Gage
  21. Handheld Wars
  22. How do you get the password for Goldensun1
  23. Shining Force RDD for the (GBA)
  24. DS Screens
  25. Sony's PSP Delayed Till 2005
  26. GBA SP
  28. Anyone Got a NGPC?
  29. Famicom GBA
  30. Why the N-Gage? Why bother?
  31. may i ask you all one very small favor?
  33. Max Payne screns
  34. Shining force Ressurection for GBA....
  35. First PSP screen in EGM could be a hoax!
  36. Sidetalkin with teh NGAGE
  37. "Staight Talk on teh N-Gage..."
  38. neo geo pocket color is alive
  39. PSP to PS2 portability
  40. Famicom Minis
  41. GBA emulator coming out for....ZODIAC.
  42. What accessories does your GBA/GBASP have?
  43. I would by an N-gage as a new phone
  44. The lost games.
  45. Do you like fire emblem?
  46. Nintendo DS set to be called Nitro?
  47. Gba Owners
  48. Virtua Cop & SEGA RALLY Coming 2 N-GAGE!!!
  49. King of Fighters and Metal Slug come to phones!!!
  50. More Project Nitro Details
  51. What's this Mario vs. Donkey Kong game?????
  52. Nokia CEO concedes N-Gage sales slow
  53. Why not transfer....
  54. Gameboy Advanced can play movies!!
  55. Prototype of NG-X already exists
  56. Nokia at it again
  57. N/M, that NG-X article's wrong...
  58. Comix Zone for the Gameboy Advance?!?!
  59. The Nintendo DS to Feature Instant Messaging
  60. Is Zodiac out yet?
  61. I finally got my Neo Geo pocket color system today
  62. A Link to the Past/Four Swords
  63. Sega to release an MMORPG for the N-Gage
  64. New Sonics for GBA
  65. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town lounge!!!!!!!
  66. Spyro and Crash together for the first time!!
  67. Megaman X ...
  68. GT2 Advance: Rally Racing for GBA
  69. Sonic X episodes!
  70. Nes On GBA!!
  71. Master System and PC Engine get emulated on GBA!!!
  72. PSP
  73. GDC: Sony America shows first PSP in-game footage
  74. N-Gage 2
  75. First Official PSP Title!!!
  76. GDC: Programming The PSP Report
  77. Nintendo to Release NES Classics for the Game Boy Advance
  78. Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm...
  79. ng-x to be unvield in 2 weeks
  80. about to buy my 4th GBA...
  81. Sony PSP is the Shiiznit
  82. Two screens have to be the dumbest idea ever!!!!
  83. Old SEGA Games to be made into GBA titles
  84. Ninty shifting its target audience for DS-it will be pricey
  85. some good news
  86. New Limted Edition GBASP - Virtual Boy makes a comeback!
  87. N-Gage Not a Gaming Console... Easy as that ...
  88. NINTENDO: MORE ON DS (Just The Stuff You Wanna Read)
  89. Pathway to Glory: Nokia's "Shenmue"?
  90. The Official GBA SP headphones
  91. Is PSP going to have any sonic games?
  92. Who thinks sega should come out with another handheld!
  93. FF 1 and 2 both coming to the GBA
  94. First N-gage 2 pics?!
  95. I picked up Astroy Boy:The Omega Factor
  96. N-Gage Compared To N-Gage2 ( Gagers This is Exclusive )
  97. N-gage for sale
  98. Final Fantasy for GBA!!/Square Enix games for GBA
  99. N-Gage QD Officially Announced!
  100. THE N-GAGE QD
  101. wats ur best handheld console?
  102. The Sales Numbers Are Here: March 2004 NPD Numbers
  103. What game would you like to see on a Mobile phone...
  104. Can anything really hurt GBA
  105. shining series GBA bound
  106. GameSpy: e3 Handheld Expo 2004
  107. gameboy advance
  108. Nintendo Patents Game Boy Advance Emulation
  109. GP32
  110. Has anyone ever played the Neo-Geo Pocket?
  111. Nintendo's DS Attracts Major Worldwide Third Party Support
  112. NDS vs PSP
  113. MAME comes to Ngage!
  114. what is the best game on the gba today?
  115. I'm sold to the nitendo DS
  116. First DS picture released! It looks like the real deal!
  117. Has anyone seen the pictures and info about DS?
  118. DS Screens Just in
  119. PSP Screenshots In
  120. Gamespot's Nintendo DS impressions
  121. LOL PSP is huge!! Game Gear Sized..
  122. Who thinks that Fire Emblem is a really awesome game?
  123. Sonic DS, Project S, other games revealed for PSP and DS
  124. Nintendo DS is an online console!!!!
  125. psp specs
  126. picture the size of the DS
  127. Pelican to make shoulder straps for the PSP..
  128. Yea, the DS definitly has awsome graphics...
  129. have anyone here ever seen teh psp actually turn on at E3?
  130. PSP and DS comparison (videos inside)
  131. Nintendo announces 100 DS developers, 40-plus games
  132. All PSP! (Hands on exclusive, Games, Movies, and Screens)
  133. nintendo DS media sotrage pictures
  134. will the DS online cost any money for service?
  135. teh sonic demo for DS owns
  136. Now that DS and PSP are on the way.................
  137. Now that DS and PSP are unveiled....
  138. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
  139. viruses on the online handhelds
  140. new handheld called Nokia Pepsi blue
  141. gamestop makes handheld in 2005
  142. PSP to be $150 w/o Wireless abilities according to PSM......
  143. If what MagicDC says is correct...
  144. PSP will not make Sony money,price tag pretty much confirmed
  145. lol, the only playable game at E3 for psp is a 2d RPG game
  146. ds is goin to be in my arms once i get 200 dollars!
  147. Blockbuster has there own handheld it will come in 2005
  148. Rare is back with Nintendo (sort of)..
  149. Pricey Parts Threaten Profits of New Game Consoles
  150. The PSP would be really cool if...
  151. Where is the NDS in....
  152. Will the DS come in any colors?
  153. About the DS's online capability...
  154. N-Gage: Put a fork in it, it's done!
  155. N-Gage Graphics
  156. N-Gage compatible with Macs?
  157. Faliures
  158. Ok, Rare's Making DS Games, but...
  159. HALO to GBA!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (Rumor From EGM)
  160. EA Requests Double DS Dev Kits
  161. Microsoft Denies Rare Developing For DS
  162. PSP and DS Dated & Priced for Europe???
  163. Mario Pinball: looks amazing
  164. N-Gage QD Under $100?
  165. GBA total Sales
  166. Cheapest N-Gage Plan?
  167. Ashen
  168. some decent shot of the sonic DS screenshots
  169. Will there ever be....
  170. Sims on n-gage question
  171. Sonic N vs. Sonic Advance 3
  172. Why does everyone think DS will stomp PSP?!
  173. What features will the PSP have?
  174. nintendo ds is the best handheld of 2004
  175. Mobile gaming gaining ground in Europe
  176. N-Gage QD Is Awesome!!! (I used one)
  177. Sonic Pinball
  178. No NCAA 2005 on N-Gage :(
  179. PSP: The PSP FAQ
  180. Poll:Which one do you think is better GS or GS:The Lost Age
  181. When you think about it, Nintendo is playin with fire.......
  182. DS and PSP to launch on the same day in UK!?
  183. Game Critics award Best of E3-PSP beat DS
  184. PSP vs DS Gamefaqs.
  185. Analyst Dismisses Sony PSP, Says Nintendo DS Will Prevail
  186. nintendo ds
  187. Nintendo Announces New GBA Fire Emblem
  188. phantasy star gba
  189. Famitsu: PSP Vs. DS
  190. I beat sonic battle!!
  191. Nintendo Talks GBA 2 & Release Date
  192. what do u think will be better psp or nintendo ds
  193. EGM Reveals New Nintendo DS Developments
  194. Entertainment Weekly Gives Props To PSP!!!
  195. PSPvsNDSvsN-GAGE QD
  196. virtua cop for ngage ..... WOW!!!!
  197. N-Gage selling for 50 on ebay
  198. Moma Eve
  199. Which handheld is your fav of all time?
  200. What N64 games would u want on Ds?
  201. spider-man 2
  202. Just saw a review and pic of the N-Gage DQ, DS, and PSP.
  203. By the end of 2005, who will win the sales battle?
  204. PSP vs. DS
  205. $4.99 games at Circuit City...good games
  206. OMG! Someone has to report this guy!
  207. I was reading the lastest issue of *shudders* EGM....
  208. Your Favorite Handheld
  209. Lunar Legend
  210. $2.54!!!???? For Boktai?
  211. Just got a Game gear!
  212. Who Do You Think Will Win?
  213. How many hours did you play of Poke'mon Ruby and Sapphire?
  214. PSP: 75 new games revealed!
  215. Miyamoto: DS Wireless Internet Access Possible
  216. DS release date...
  217. The URBZ coming to the DS and possible DS release date
  218. Nintendo's biggest mistake ever
  219. Which handheld are you looking forward to the most?
  220. Sonic for Palm OS.....GONE?
  221. Did you play the Lengend of Zelda:a link to the Past on GBA?
  222. Trade sgea genesis bundle for gameboy color
  223. Anybody here own an N-Gage?
  224. Whats in your Handheld?
  225. Sega announces PSP and DS titles
  226. ZODIAC!
  227. I had a dream last night...
  228. Vintage handheld
  229. FINALLY a fresh Pokemon game.
  230. Nintendo Shows Final DS design and it is VERY SLEEK
  231. Top Ten Reasons to get Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green
  233. New Shenmue for DS
  234. Those GBA commercials
  235. 5 Square Enix titles in development for the DS
  236. Full lineup of Japanese DS games in development (IT'S BIG)
  237. sony addmits tehy want to take over the world
  238. psp sucks, critics and people agree
  239. a gamer was treated to shock therapy
  240. N-gage and George W.
  241. Psp...
  242. boo!
  243. Neo Geo Pocket. Do you like it or hate it?
  244. The DS
  245. Gran Turismo 4 on PSP
  246. Zodiac vs N-Gage
  247. Ign's Psp vs DS Round 2 *A winner is decided*
  248. US 3rd party DS games confirmed
  249. Who has the QD?
  250. 60 New DS Games Announced!