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  1. Merry Christmas! December News, Quest, and Updates!!!
  2. Episode 3 Getting Holiday Cheer!!! Event Notice!
  3. Even MORE Christmas PSO1+2 Additions
  4. Welcome to the PSO Announcements Section (Readme)
  5. Late Notice- C.A.R.D. Revolution Update 12/4/2004
  6. New Year's Day Special
  7. Maximum Attack 1!
  8. Episode 3 Online Map Additions
  9. XBox Updates
  10. "Maximum" Updates (and more!) for the Gamecube!!
  11. White Day Events for Gamecube
  12. White Day and Principal quests on XBox
  13. Official Sega PSO: Blue Burst Page Up!
  14. Gamecube Hunters License Billing/Account Issues Fixed
  15. Cherries Will Blossom on the Gamecube!
  16. Additional Spring Decorations for the Cube
  17. Easter and Max on XBox
  18. Easter for GC
  19. New C.A.R.D. Revolution (4/12/05)
  20. Details on the US release of PS Universe announced.
  21. Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Community Website Opens!
  22. PSOBB Official Release (End of Beta Info!!)
  23. Episode IV to Blue Burst
  24. Yahoo Cup coming to PSOBB
  25. Halloween comes to GC PSO
  26. Easter has arrived on PSOBB and PSO GC
  27. NEW Episode 4 quests available on PSOBB!
  28. PSO GC outage on Tuesday May 23, 2006 *CANCELLED*
  29. Service Outage today at 10am GMT-8
  30. GameCube PSO Server Update [7/13/06]
  31. PSOBB gets 2 new single player quests - Episode 4
  32. Phantasy Star Universe US website open
  33. Phantasy Star Universe Forum now open!
  34. Christmas Time on PSOBB/PSU
  36. Phantasy Star Online: Server Downtime 3/15
  37. Ambition of the Illuminus: Expansion for PSU
  38. PSO Blue Burst - servers closing
  39. [1/11/08] PSOBB- Free Period Begins
  40. PSO Xbox Servers shutting down