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  1. Alien film franchise coming to next-gen systems
  2. First Post!
  3. Developer?
  4. Strategy
  5. MONOLITH is the best developer for FPS
  6. Marines - Sound Off!
  7. I just got banned from Obsidian.
  8. WARNING: If you screw this up, I will hunt you down!
  9. Aliens FPS Game
  10. Check this out
  11. Music for trailers
  12. What would you like to have in this game....
  13. Aliens Movie
  14. I just hope!!
  15. Aliens FPS is using Unreal 3 Engine
  16. Alien RPG what do you want from it.
  17. A piece of my mind about Sega's involvement with Aliens
  18. The Alien Franchise
  19. SEGA + Aliens = SWEET!
  20. Gearbox offical.
  21. 'Bout Damn Time
  22. Gearbox official alien site & forum
  23. Obsidian? Really? Are you sure?
  24. Merry Christmas!
  25. Some Thoughts by Me
  26. Should Sega go after the AVP and Predator Licenses as well?
  27. Will the new Aliens game be anything like....
  28. THANK YOU GOD!...(Sega and Gearbox) ;)
  29. Your Best Single Player Moments In AVP2 (The Game)?
  30. Alien Environments.
  31. Quick question!
  32. Seen All the Alien Films And Preditor films...
  33. will any of the next-gen alien games follow the film aliens
  34. WHich Alien or Aliens design do you prefer?
  35. Aliens FPS+RPG = ?
  36. Some Alien gaming news :)
  37. Different directions
  38. Now that Sega has the ALIENS license again...
  39. What do you want to see in Aliens FPS game?
  41. My personal idea's and two scents to these ideas.
  42. I know its early but....
  43. Southpaw
  44. Make the game adults only
  45. Fox/Strause Bros, Low IQ? Pros + Cons for AVPR
  46. Aliens - Story/Plot/Setting Ideas
  47. online gaming
  48. people who are making this please play alien trilogy
  49. Will this game be for PC?
  50. How I would design the Aliens Game
  51. Aliens: Colonial Marines on the cover of Game Informer!
  52. 8 players Co-Op Alien Hunt, 14 players Species Survival,
  53. Should players play as Aliens online for A:CM
  54. weapon characteristics and HUD in A:CM
  55. story campaign be open ended + team survival simulator?
  56. 8 Page Game Informer Aliens: CM Full Story and Screenshots!
  57. Marines should not all look the same! Player customization
  59. WonderCon 2008
  60. PC Beta?
  61. Advice for Devs.
  62. Aliens: CM is what Alien Syndrome (Wii/PSP) should've been
  63. Facehuggers
  64. A must have: easy-to-use level editor
  65. Release Date ? ? ?
  66. Are these leaked pictures real?
  67. Where are the RPG details?
  68. Where is the Giger,s design?
  69. Make it EXACTLY like aliens!!
  70. What weapons would people like to see?
  71. Great... Graphics from 2004...
  72. PFC Hudson?
  73. Aliens Online MMO from the 1990's info inside
  74. cant wait for the game, but im a little sceptical...
  75. Coloniel Marine Ideas!
  77. do aliens have eyes?!!!
  78. More News
  79. How SEGA can keep this game tactical.
  81. Problems with this game and realism
  82. AI Spawning and related issues in Coop games
  83. Aliens Special edition
  84. How to do Armour Customization
  85. UnrealEd
  86. Some More Suggestions..
  87. who else is looking foward to this title, and why?
  88. Storyline
  89. i think it would be cool
  90. Colonial Marines special edition.
  91. CVG Interview with Mike Gallo
  92. Proper Website
  93. Please don't rush the game out the door
  94. A bit confused, wasn't there 2 Alien Titles coming out?
  95. SEGA Gamers Day Aliens teaser trailer
  96. Aliens: Colonial Marines at E3 2008
  97. Better be 1080i ....
  98. Aliens: Colonial Marines preview
  99. High Rez screenshots from GI mag
  100. Please God.....Have this game make up for the last 20 years.
  101. Good or bad??
  102. The "Everything We Know so far about A:CM thread"
  103. analizing aliens
  104. pre-order
  105. Aliens and Queen
  106. Why ACM was not at E3 (explained)
  107. Aliens Colonial Marines, Gearbox talks.
  108. i love the alien and predator franchise.
  109. 3 New Pics
  110. A:CM view and characters
  111. Is this going to be a PC game or a console game?
  112. An ALIENS game that can finaly beat Aliens C64 game ( 1986).
  113. First ever footage of Aliens: CM
  114. Will this game ( PC version ) come with modding tools?
  115. A:CM Controller and Squad set up.
  116. What system do you plan on getting this game for?
  117. ... packing state of the art firepower
  118. Squad Roles?
  119. Other consols besides ps3 360 & pc
  120. Why is there no news regarding this game?
  121. continuity on this game
  122. The Fate of AvP2 (PC Game)...
  123. Tokio Game Show
  124. Hmm an interesting thought
  125. Anyone else disappointed that....
  126. 4 Player Multi-Offline
  127. Co-Op Mode - /sign here!
  128. Most likely new news!!!
  129. Petition to Save Aliens: CM
  130. *Parody Video* Aliens: CM Cancelled? AJS Announcement
  131. whats up with the silence?
  132. Aliens Colonial Marines leads PSW Magazine Issue 115
  133. Talent changes??
  134. Aliens Roleplaying Game
  135. Cancellation Rumours Denied
  136. Multiplayer?
  137. Finally, I joined after months of hovering
  138. Aliens: Colonial Marines coming Early 2009!
  139. Do you think we'll get to play as Xenomorphs?
  140. A question to Gearbox
  141. YES OR NO!!!
  142. Online Versus mode?????
  143. Pushed back to 2010!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  144. Sorry to say this, but Sega your still incompetent
  145. Sega is pathetic
  146. Sega broke its promise
  147. Sega sux
  148. Announcing the Lay Off of the President of SEGA!!!
  149. Additional features!!!
  150. 7 Canisters of CN-20???
  151. Idiot Sega cancelling ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES? :):):):)!!!!!!!!
  153. The game is canned for sure
  156. SEGA please don't screw up AvP3!
  157. New Aliens: Colonial Marines Teaser
  158. Sega looking for new devoper to takeover Aliens:CM!
  159. Stop saying canned (this post may be pointless)
  160. Theory of optimism.
  161. We want new news on A:CM!!!
  162. Bad news, Good news and Great news!
  163. RANT#1 A:CM!!!
  164. Aliens RPG is cancled as well as AliensCM (proof inside)
  165. I heard a rumor on AvPGalaxy that this got canceled.
  166. Is it Aliens RPG or Aliens FPS?
  167. Quotes from the game.
  168. Will you pre-order the game?
  169. Don't lock or delete this forum.
  170. What the hell is going on SEGA?? Give us some god damn info!
  171. AVP 3 for PC?
  172. New AVP3 screen shots!!!
  173. The Plot ideas...
  174. Planet-Aliens.de Fanpage to A:CM, AvP3, Aliens RPG
  175. When will Sega Gamer's Day be held this year?
  176. Gearbox says A:CM is still in development!
  177. AvP teaser trailer
  178. First bad news... AvP
  179. Sega whats this?
  180. AvP3 Pre-E3 footage
  181. Predator using two wrist blades?
  182. AvP 3 Feature interview
  183. Aliens vs. Predator @ E3
  184. New AVP will be great!!
  185. PS3 owners like R1 for primary fire.
  186. What multiplayer modes do you want?
  187. AvP: 18 minuites of gameplay + producer talk
  188. Mini gun in AVP3
  189. Breaking news for aliens fans!
  190. Avp3 wishlist!!!
  191. *Sigh* This will be censored or banned in Australia.
  192. Please release a limited edition!
  193. Please remove the ability for Predaliens to take trophys (E.G Rip out their spines)
  194. What needs to be in avp 3!!!!!!!
  195. Aliens RPG is officially cancelled
  196. AvP3 Multiplayer balance discussion.
  197. AvP - Alien speed concerns...
  198. Which Aliens game will be better? AvP or ACM?
  199. Futher projects? - Worth a read -
  200. AvP3 Q&A With Rebellion
  201. Rebellion is doing AvP....Not Monolith
  202. So anyone from Aliens Online here?
  203. Sega why can't Wii?
  204. Don't make Marines an afterthought
  205. Rantings of an Old AVP Fan! Where is my Walking stick!?
  206. Aliens MMORPG
  207. Should aliens forum have its own skin?
  208. Why is there an Infinite Space video on AVP's page?
  209. The one thing that will make you buy AVP3 (PC users)
  210. GamesCom 2009 - YOUR chance to interview the AvP developers
  211. Which faction will you play as first?(AVP)
  212. AVP3 or ACM - Game Mods?
  213. Community exclusive - brand new AvP Marine Trailer
  214. Want Aliens: Colonial Marines? Bug SEGA.
  215. Demo?
  216. Aliens vs. Predator at the Eurogamer Expo!
  217. Left handed control!
  218. Rebellion - Suggestions, Fears and Hopes.
  219. Alien, Predator, or Col. Marine?
  220. Please Let the Predator's Energy Recharge Automatically But Slowly
  221. AVP3: Predator/ Marine Weaponry??
  222. Joystiq AvP impressions
  223. Beta or demo anytime soon???
  224. New Aliens Screenshots from GamesCom
  225. Great hands-on from IGN, new info + MP info!
  226. Aliens vs. Predator @ GamesCom 2009
  227. Aliens Colonial Marines release depends on AvP sales.
  228. Gearbox wants A:CM as much as the fans do
  229. Official Aliens vs Predator Website?
  230. 18 Player Online...MAY Cause Alot Of Lag :(
  231. Any Vehicles In This Game?
  232. Demo?
  233. No New Trailers :(
  234. DEVS game mode what do ya think?
  235. Bug Love!
  236. How Come There So Secretive
  237. Best 14 seconds yet watch this !!!!!!!!!!
  238. Is It Me Or A New Theme?
  239. Controls?
  240. Player placeable Sentry Turrets.
  241. Comeon guys...where you all hiding?
  242. So the Aliens can see through walls....
  243. New AvP images & concept art
  244. I realy hope they model a few large MP maps
  245. avp3 sounds not very impressive.
  246. Bug life cycles
  247. Demo please
  248. Alien Reveal Trailer
  249. My AVP Fan Trailer - Check it out!
  250. Some questions regarding AvP