View Full Version : For Max and Team Sega:Idea's for future patches and updates.

11-21-2008, 09:03 AM
Thanks again Max and the entire Sega and Secret Level team!!

Here are my suggestions for future updates on PS3; from most important to least:

- An additional repulsor type. A streaming, solid beam type similar to the Comics, cartoon and movie. (Love the pulsing types as well)

- Have missiles/grenades shoot from the body/shoulders like in the PS2 and pc Versions. (I recommend the same animation for stopping in mid-air with flaps open if there is no time for a new anim.)

- Utilize both arms in firing repulsors with R2/R trigger fully compressed and one arm when held halfway.

- I noticed on the 1.02 PS3 patch that the Extremis armor no longer has the short range energy burst weapon. Just the same missiles that the Ultimate Armor has.

These are not as important as the first three, but if time allows, would prove to be great additions.

- Energy surrounding fist during punching and the addition of mid-air melee punching.

- When trying to walk slow while shooting weapons, Iron Man would transition into a running animation instead of continuing to walk.

- Sometimes sound drops out during intense gameplay.

- A free roaming, no time limit mode for all One Man Army Levels, with re-spawning enemies, and the First Flight level as a free roam option.

-More foot soldiers (for realism and experience)

- If at all possible, an additional melee grapple for tanks occurring at random aside from the original one.

There were more from others players, but I felt that these were the only ones needed and would take the least amount of time to develop.

Thanks alot! :D