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Questionable Content

You know where that line is, just don't cross it. Please refrain from posting content (and links to content) that is abusive, sexually-oriented, threatening, vulgar, hateful, obscene, provoking, sexist, racist, misleading, intentionally inaccurate, harassing, profane, privacy invading, persuasive toward illegal behavior, or contains viruses or other malicious code. Donít attempt to evade the word filter, and donít assume that because the word filter didnít catch it, itís appropriate. Please donít quote anotherís use of profanity. No matter who originates it, itís still a violation of the rules to post it. We do not allow discussions about politics, religion, or other potentially sensitive topics. Please respect other membersí preferences about being quoted. If someone asks you to remove a quote of theirs from your post, profile, or signature, please do so.

Personal Attacks

Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Be respectful of other membersí (including administrators and moderators) opinions, even if you disagree with them. A difference of opinion can be expressed without insults or bullying.


Please don't jam up the boards with senseless, empty messages. The message boards are not to be used for surveys, party postings, or chain letters. Please refrain from making senseless posts in order to pad your thread count. Threads with high spam content are subject to removal. In these cases, you will lose your post count for those threads. Please use your best judgment and try to contribute positively to the community! Any messages containing advertisements or commercial spamming are not permitted on message boards. Please use another venue to buy and sell your merchandise.

Off Topic Posts and Crossposting

Posting the same question across several boards (also known as cross-posting) is irritating to users. Please post your topic once and on the appropriate board for your topic. Posts and threads may be moved to a different forum if we feel it is a better fit there.

Avatars & Signatures

Custom avatars and signatures are a privilege given to members who have been contributing the community regularly. Users that violate these rules will be given an infraction and asked to correct them. Users who abuse the privilege of custom avatars and signatures may have these abilities removed from their account.

Original Game Concepts and Artwork

Sega does not accept submissions of original concepts or artwork for new games, or any ideas for enhancing or developing current Sega titles. We love reading your ideas, and you are welcome to post them, but they are for the communityís enjoyment only.

Piracy and Emulation

A user is not allowed to give links directly to pirated material or give links to sites containing pirated material. This includes but is not limited to Software (including game roms and images), music, magazine scans, any form of art, or anything else which is copyrighted. A user may freely discuss piracy on the boards, however may not actively engage in it in any way. Distribution of emulators or discussion of emulation is fine so long as game software or other copyrighted software (including a system BIOS) is not distributed illegally.

Personal Information

Do not post your own personal information, or the personal information of others. This includes IP addresses, email addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers.

Contacting Sega About Forum Issues

All questions, comments, and issues with the forum should be directed to You are welcome to contact us if you feel your content was removed unfairly, or if you feel you were banned unfairly. If you have an issue regarding a moderator, please send an e-mail to Please include your username, the username of the moderator and a detailed description of the issue. Just saying that someone isnít doing a good job is not detailed enough.

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