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Thread: Beware Toxic Sonic Community Sites

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    For the most part many are ok but lately with the release of forces I have found the Sonic Stadium to be pretty hostile to those that are looking forward to the game. And there is noting you can do if you want to defend the game but get yelled down to to let people bash it day in night but lord if you try to defend it. Regardless why is the sonic fanbase like this? I hear we are some of the most toxic fandoms out there on many sites and youtube many times. Its always classic vs 3d
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    It's not hard to spot, I wouldn't bother warning people because they can find out on their own. That said SSMB has become pretty hostile imo needs better moderation to prevent that mob mentality.

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    Locked. Please don't comment on other communities so we don't cause board wars on here.


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