This is a conduit clan which will be ran by me. As of now we have about 10 members and r allied with 2 clans, one of which is really good in Call of Duty World At War. Our site is almost completly custom made by me and our clan members. Custom moving clan banner with special members listed in it. Custom XAT chat box background. Custom playlist background. We feature a chat box(XAT and Chatango), music, forums.

If you join before the game comes out then you wont have to try out. Since there are not many members yet, if you join and we get to know each other alot then it can be an easy chance for you to become a moderator or assistant leader of what is going to be a great clan. I am still looking for more clans to ally with and or merg with but only if they come to our site and use our names

Our clan colors are blue and black with a little bit of white. So in clan wars we will have our character costumes and weapons be those colors (i heard u can change outfit and gun colors)

I have been leader of an undefeated Super Smash Brothers Brawl clan and also another Super Smash Brothers Clan that was 9-1. I have very good leadership qualities and some of my members say that i am the best clan leader that they have ever had. I make sure that everybody in the clan is respected and that even if we have little members we will stil be a very succesful clan.

The secrets to my tactics for the clan warz and the way i am running my clan tryouts are something that i would like to keep to myself and will tell my members who i thinkk r trust worthy and wont just go out to tell another clan. But again if you try out before the game comes out then u kinda get to pass the tryouts since i cant really test you.

So yeah if you would like to become a member of Point Blank then please come to my website at