Hi folks,

This forum is the place to post all troubleshooting and tech support-related threads.

All threads of this nature have been moved from the General Discussion forum into this forum.

Some gamers have experienced issues when playing Universe at War; if you're among them, there are some different options for receiving help.

http://www.sega.com/support/index.php is the official SEGA Knowledge Base and is constantly being updated with troubleshooting solutions. Keep in mind that Universe at War is still relatively new so more and more solutions will be added in the coming weeks and months.

The official Petroglyph forums at http://www.petroglyphgames.com/forums/ are another good place to find answers to your tech support questions.

You can also post in this forum, and any gamers or moderators that have experienced similar issues or have solutions to that particular issue may be able to help.

Also, there is another patch currently submitted for certification that should clear up some of the problems people are experiencing, so even if you can't find the specific answer to your question, the game will have a patch available soon that might provide the answer!