Tails Miles Prower walked through the jungle of the bushes and a bright light shine a path up ahead, Narrow but an escape from this place, He quickly paced his speed and ran forward to it, Panting from the speed he was going.

The brightness getting stronger as he approaches it, Shielding his eyes with his bare hands and stopped immediately, A voice was heard from ahead and his ears twitch, His baby blue eyes lit up and realized who it was, A smile growing on his lips and his heart beating faster with excitement and joy.

"And One day you'll hopefully Say, I want to be just like you! And hopefully one day you'll say, I want to walk just like you! And hopefully one day you'll say that man from above look like me!
And hopefully one day you'll say, id be so delighted only in my true Father!" The figure stood there near a lake and sat on a chair alone, His brown eyes looking at the water flowing to its current and fishes swimming through it, A small smile was formed and turned his attention onto Tails quickly flying to him with tears verging from his eyes.

"The Father, Remember me in my Mother's womb and knew me even before I was even formed and created, He knew everything and everything single detail that he created indeed, Even before it even afar came, Receiving this body and rejoicing in True Dad from above, Getting Butterflies greater than the world can ever offer Amen." The figure smiled to see Tails as he landed beside him and wrapped his arms around him, He returns the hug and grinned, Roughing up his head and his fangs almost going everywhere, Tails only whine in protest happily and fixed it Himself back to normal.

"I remember thinking to myself, Wow im so delighted in only in My Father in heaven who is greater than ever, Father God of Israel saw my first smile, He nurture me and loved me unconditionallay, His perfect love can definitely cast away fears, Supporting and lifting marvelous dreams and blessings everyday day and every years, Now every day, I'm growing bigger with a good fruit, His words seeded in my heart and forever more Amen." The figure stood up from his chair and held onto Tails hand and walked him through the valley of a town nearby, The chair was already gone which Tails looked back, Concern for his belongings but didn't had to worry any longer, Knew it was going to be all right.

"Since day one, I have been comfortable and had nothing else to matter, and wanting nothing more but to lay right in his mighty arms, Even the universe cant deny, we were created in his beautiful, Marvelous image, Even in our hearts God imprinted his Commandments into every man and women's hearts from the beginning, Must keep it so we won't go astray from his perfect plan for us, You have to keep him close in your hearts, I'll always praise and state the Thanks even in public onto The Lord for his beautiful sacrifice called Love, He did it for us and even with joy because he knew he's going to take us home very very soon Amen!" Tails looked up to he figures face, And curious to where he as taking him, He noticed the young fox staring up at him and he only smiled and looked forward, A Shop up ahead.

"And bless the day, Father knows the struggles to the core of our hearts, But you were soon going to have to make that choice in those days, Rather, Father God or nothing, Remember to be aware that the worlds going to try to wear you down like a storm, Crashing against and rocking like a fish boat, Father God is the one that keeps his promises and his words, Even on their heads he place the crown, Promising Life and even more abundantly, Everyone was his before their parents had receive them, Yeah, Having babies is a Blessing from him from above, And just know He loves you more than your families and friends, His love having no measure, Perfect in Power and Awesome that's called Love, God of Israel who sits on the throne, For he is Amazing to admire! And he will always inspire! And it never even expires Amen!"
The shop door open wide and the fragrance was a taste of mint, Miles Tails twirl by the smell and enjoy every bit of it, The figure stopped to the worker and Tails looked round in awe and so many things, And Gloves with a baby blue color belt wrap around it, It looked cool and he always wanted to be cool, Tails turn his attention to the figure and he knew and smiled, Walking to and observed it, He shook his head and Tails ears went flat but notice the figure held something else in a box, He open it and reveal it to him, It was a glove with a long sleeve style, Reaching almost the elbow like able to fold and place something on it to keep it folded, Tails eyes lit up with admiration obviously shown on his face, Looking back to the original gloves and back at the Gloves the figure was giving to him, Tails took it instead and didn't hesitate to wear them, They were quite big but knew he could still use them if it was tight enough, The figure held his hand first and place waist watch on it, only it didn't had clock and tighten it up for him, The figure smiled, Did also to the left hand and made sure that it as folded. "And One day you'll hopefully Say, I want to be just like you! And hopefully one day you'll say, I want to walk just like you! And hopefully one day you'll say that man from above look like me! And hopefully one day you'll say, id be so delighted only in my true Father!" The figure led Tails to the exit of the shop and mint smell was gone, Welcoming the smell of grass and dirt and refreshing breeze of warmth, Of the air blowing, Tails looked up to the figure, so grateful yet had no way expressing, Wrapping his small hand on his bigger hand, The figure held it tight but not enough to hurt him, Walking out of the village and eventually ended up in the middle of thousands of flowers and field of grass ahead, The figure only looked up towards the skies with a tear going down his cheek, A Bright cheerful smiling never failing to leave his lips. Always treat your mother good, Because she loves you and if she doesn't love you neither will she comfort then do not worry, For the Father will comfort you like a Mother would, Treat your wife even better and love her like Jesus loves the church and be for one another, Never talk down on your kids but help them learn of the Father and never spare the rod no matter how they cry and beg, Don't spare it because it will get rid of that spoil from their hearts and they will not act out like those from afar because of no love and did not love their children but let them freely go out and create chaos to themselves, But the Father from above indeed will discipline them because he loves us all unconditionallay, And one day when they fully grown, They won't go a stray from it, God blessing mothers with babies from the natural way and to those that was sadly forced, But a great blessing that can heal a broken heart and make that mother weep, Thanking God for this young child that is created in the image of God, God gave them these to both sides to the non victims and victims and blessing them, Showing he doesn't favor anyone, God gave them such a geat blessing from above to love and hold and cherish them forever Amen

Tails lean his head against the figure's arm, His tails twirling happily and comfortably, The stars showing and the sky turning night and the sun going down slowly, it was going to be cold, but there's nothing to worry about because Tails knew it was going to be okay, The figure wrapped Tails into his arms and kept him between his legs, Lowering his head over Tails, Comforting him and keeping him warm, His eyes getting heavy and shutting them afterwards, The figure smiled and felt the cold blow against him, His body shiver slightly and smiled even more and shut his eyes also. And remember if youre ever in a troubling situation, Hold that Faith strong and know the Father will take it all away, Because he's bigger and greater than all our situations, God is gonna give you things the world wont understand, But only to you alone and if these people try to knock you down where you stand, Just remember always where you stand, Remember God is always there for you and hell never let you down, Remember, Never quit that Faith and Never let those try to hold you down, Now hold onto that Faith and depend only on him and I'm sure you'll make it all way and know that The Father Loves you so much, There's no measure! And knowing The Father is gonna take us up very soon, God is gonna hold you up, Be Faithful and humble, Delight only in The Father, Just keep God first always, Pray and give it all to him because he cares for you, And just keep strong in that Faith no matter how hard it gets, And One day you'll hopefully Say, I want to be just like you! And hopefully one day you'll say, I want to walk just like you! And hopefully one day you'll say that man from above look like me! And hopefully one day you'll say, id be so delighted only in my true Father!" Tails eyes lit up, His baby blue eyes glowing in the darkness and the chains breaking and eventually broke, His fur glowing bright golden, He made a fist and stared at it, Remembering where exactly he stands, A Bright tear going down his cheek that quickly disappeared, He looked towards the solid sealed doors, His eyes turning quickly into bright red eyes, Burning and bright red cape flowing behind him, And in flash, The door was broken down and the poor animals and some rebel soldiers that were locked away in their cages, They were gone also, A bright golden trail of light going towards the skies and disappearing.

Eggman slam his fist on his keyboard and stared at his camera, Shocked by this and almost pull on his mustache in rage, Wondering to himself how can this be, And turned away and walked out his personal space, Tripping over a banana peel that he forgot to throw out and fell face first on the solid ground, Groaning in pain.

A figure stood there, Looking up to the skies and smiled and turn himself around and walked away. You don't have to worry bout tomorrow for anything, It's gonna work out to your favor only in our true Father from above who is the Mighty King! God of Israel! And no other Amen!" Smiling cheerfully and brightly and never failing to leave his lips.