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Thread: New Logo Project SEGA

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    Lightbulb New Logo Project SEGA

    Hello team!

    My name is CÚsar, I am a Brazilian designer, addicted to games and I have SEGA as part of my childhood.

    In September I made a project aimed at the company, a new logo that covers a concept of global connection, something that modernized the brand, but that did not destroy its tradition.

    I am trying to make SEGA aware of this project, just to get feedback, it would already be a great victory for me.

    The project link is this one:

    I wonder if they can help me with a contact or some way I can get to them. Thanks in advance!!

    Thanks for all!!

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    I like all the concept but the breaks in the S and the E drive me insane.
    That level of accomplishment when you've finally made it to someones ignore list! Priceless total victory!


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