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    After failure of Valkyria Revolution(sorry, but it's true), I think Sega should create a new spin-off, called Valkyria Online, that totally recreate original game's gameplay, but with multiplayer.

    It should be F2P, so it'll attract more people(especially chinese ones, they love f2p games). But it shouldn't be too Pay2Win. It'll have "card"-alike system with lootboxes. Each lootbox will contain cards(tanks, characters, upgrades and utilities) of different rarity(normal, rare, super rare, ultra rare).

    You will gain gain currency after each battle. And you can spend them on lootboxes. Or you can throw real life cash on your monitor and get bunch of lootboxes. It will also have Starter Pack, in which you'll be guaranteed to obtain Ultra rare card. You can trade cards, that you don't need to for gear points, that'll be can wasted for upgrades.
    You will even can obtain notable characters, that will probably be Ultra Rare rank(Like Alicia without her OP form, Rosie, Largo or even Marina Waifustan).

    For each battle you only can use 1 or 2 tanks; and up to 8 characters.
    Each side will have 2 minutes for a turn, so they won't take much time longer(30-40 minutes?).

    What do you think about it, guys?
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    No thanks
    We want Panzer Dragoon SAGA 2 RPG on PS4 and other home consoles, please Sega, please Nagoshi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by City Hunter View Post
    No thanks
    Dude, come on. Playing skirmish vs real people is more way fun than vs bots.
    BTW, this:
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    Honestly, I'd rather they make VC4, with a multiplayer mode like VC2 had. Of course, no loot boxes or micro-transactions.

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    Since VC1 remaster was a success, why not continue down this road?
    I've got already VC1 on PS3 and VC2 on PSP but I gladly bought VC1 on PC and plan to get the physical Europa Edition on PS4 later on. And I'll gladly buy VC2&3 on whatever platforms they'd remaster/remake them on.


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