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Thread: Sonic blast,. U experienced players please read

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    Default Sonic blast,. U experienced players please read

    Im new to this. Sonic blast I believe, is what I'm playing, on nice Android.
    EVERYTIME!!!!!!!, That I get to the end, I fight the yellow and pink zaz Boss, and it fails Everytime!!!! I wait till the horizontal lines come together, and then I hit it, and it will never, never blow zaz Boss up, so I can continue,. I've looked all over YouTube, and no help,

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    Moved to Sonic Games. It might get more replies here than in a forum like General Sega Discussion or Mobile Gaming.

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    Are you sure it's Sonic Blast? I can't remember a pink and yellow boss in the game, maybe red and yellow?

    This video is a collection of every bossfight in the game, except the true final boss.
    Maybe you're talking about the boss at 6:00 of the video...

    In this video the player is playing bad, don't take the video as example.
    When Eggman shoots the laser, you must reflect it back at him.

    Sonic is stuck at the center of the screen, but if you run left or right, he will rotate a wheel; the wheel will make the small platform above him, move right or left; you must place the little platform under the laser, each time Eggman shoots it.
    If I remember well, you can move the platform even when Sonic is off screen, and you need to do it because if you move the platform when Sonic is on screen, you won't be able to place it in the correct position in time.
    Keep the platform at the center until the boss starts shooting the laser, so you must move it only half of the course's lenght and you'll be faster.

    Anyway, Sonic Blast is like the worst Sonic game ever made, the gameplay is glitchy and some stuff is unintuitive, there are lots of problems, so it's not your fault if you have problems with this game, it's the game that's bad.
    That one is not even the final boss, if you collect every Chaos Emerald you will be able to access the true final boss that's even harder and more glitchy than that, it's almost impossible to defeat it without being hit and losing rings, in cheap ways (that's why you only lose 10 of them each time instead of all of them, because the boss would have been impossible to defeat otherwise).

    This is a video of the final bosses done right:
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