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Thread: English Yakuza 6 recycle Yakuza Kiwami 2 japanese cover

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    Default English Yakuza 6 recycle Yakuza Kiwami 2 japanese cover

    I have to be honest, while I appreciate all the work and the effort the localization team is making,I don't like the English Yakuza 6 cover, probably because of this:

    "English Yakuza 6 cover"

    "Japanese Yakuza Kiwami 2 cover"

    They just used Kiryu from Yakuza Kiwami 2 cover, that means that they could not use the original japanese Kiwami 2 cover in future

    What they should use for Yakuza 6 cover:

    definitively WAY BETTER.

    or just use the original japanese Yakuza 6 cover with Takeshi Kitano

    There is still time to change cover/offer multiple covers/reversible cover, anything.
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    For me, the cover of Yakuza 6, the english one, is perfect. Don't change a single thing, don't add a single other character. Kiryu, Haruka and her son. That's all Yakuza 6 for me.

    Maybe they'll do better than the one for the Kiwami 2 too ... Personnally I don't want a change in Yakuza 6 cover.

    BTW I think Kazuma's fitting better in the Yakuza 6 cover than Kiwami 2, so yeap, something else won't bother me.

    RE Edit, sorry I'm thinking in slow mo today xD I would like to see, for the cover of Kiwami 2 maybe like Kiwami 1, the Japanese (I dunno shortcut for Japanese was an insult xD) cover is not that good I think, something to change, remove the others character and put Goda and Kazzie in best place.
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