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Thread: PlayStation Experience 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diceman View Post

    "Yeah I'm the whiny one here who doesn't know what I'm talking about. I don't lash out on the person because they can't see the games that I do"

    Glad you admitted that. I didn't lash out on you, I just said - and you quoted - if you don't like it don't play it. You being on a Yakuza forum is pointless.

    "Crying for not getting enough or all Yakuza games due to the series overall poor sales here in the west.(Honestly, how is it their fault?)"

    Mismanagement. New console is due in about 2 years, their localization efforts have always hurt the series. It's pretty well documented how it's their fault. Again, all lost on you. You can't even read.

    You do realize people can see your post history? Your hobby is causing problems around here and harrassing people. All you do is came in with insults and baiting, derailing the original topic. Judging by your use of the English language I'm gonna guess you're Sega's new PR Social Media representative.

    Now, if you have any problem with me personally DM me and we'll sort it out, because if this forum is active you would be banned. There's no reason for you to ruin this thread.
    I love how much you are constantly sidestepping and making it look like I'm the one with the problem and constantly ignore things what I say and get upset for having a opinion on them. I have played the games and I do have what I say for wanting Sega bringing better and different games. And I do know why Sega has a problem of selling these games. You admitted yourself these games aren't for everyone, translation "these games are not made for the market here", there for it's not their fault that these games hence who is really whining that they have not announced more Yakuza games. My first quote is towards you because you got upset that, I mean look at your older post. If I haven't played any Yakuza games, I wouldn't make any post here in order to make a point.

    I haven't derailed the topic, all I want from Sega to announced brand new games that is not Yakuza related at PSX. You however got upset that I compared to certain gaming franchises that release the exact same game yearly and again you lash out not only me who gave out an honest say about the games but you snapped at two localizing producers who can't localize every installment of the series. Remember what their reason why didn't they want to localize 2 and 5 originally, there weren't that many fans out there who play these games. Again how is it their fault and no using the "not localizing in time "excuse especially how many Yakuza games have they localized since 2014?

    Listen, I tend to be cynical, earnest, and honest, what I do in the internet is my business. What I don't do is click baits, harrass, derail, or insult people. What people do here is not my business. But it does seem you have a obsession with the Yakuza series to the point where you think that the company is only good for is Yakuza*Looks at your older post* and don't like people having an different or negative opinion about it.

    Lastly, if this forum keeps going its just going to get blocked so no one comments on this topic anymore. So I haven't broken any guidelines on this forum. You however can get easily banned for the way you're behaving so might as well stop right here.

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    The whole topic went from PSX to why you don't like the games. Don't play it, don't bother anyone with your unfounded opinions on a Yakuza fan forum. You're not well equipped with enough knowledge about the series even to argue its previous production.

    Edit: Sent you a DM, we can continue the discussion there.

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