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Thread: yakuza merch? [charms, keychains...ita-bag stuff!]

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    Smile yakuza merch? [charms, keychains...ita-bag stuff!]

    yoho everyone!

    so, to cut to the chase, i've become pretty interested in the whole "ita-bag" scene lately [these, for reference!] and i'd really like to start a yakuza one, but my problem is that i'm finding it sorta hard to locate yakuza merch. i've found some of the official merch like the tojo pins and stuff, but not only are they way out of my price range atm, but they're not really what i'm looking for either. i'm more interested in this kind of stuff, like phone charms, kesychains and badges.

    my problem is, i've searched tons of websites like etsy, tictail and even booth, and i've found very little...i'm hoping maybe someone on these forums will be able to guide me in the right direction. independent artists are completely fine with me, so if you're promoting your own merch or your friend's, that's all the better!

    thank you so much in advance!!

    [i really hope i posted this in the right place LOL]

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    Hey welcome to the forum! In my opinion there's no point of buying merch unless it's official. There's a sega shop in the works and plenty of merch coming up, lots Persona 5 stuff too from what I've seen. So hopefully there will be some Yakuza related things soon. In many cases you will be supporting people who steal from the creators and exploit the fans like those guys at Yakuzafan. My advice? Either do it yourself or wait for official merch.


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