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Thread: Yakuza kiwami 2 - guide / faq

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    Default Yakuza kiwami 2 - guide / faq

    If you're planning to import Yakuza Kiwami 2 (just like me) maybe this will help you.

    Unofficial guide (English Google Translate) -;http%3A%2F%2F

    Trophy list:

    All trophies [Platinum]
    Cleared the story of Majima [Bronze]
    Story Clear 1 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 2 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 3 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 4 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 5 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 6 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 7 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 8 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 9 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 10 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 11 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 12 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 13 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 14 [Bronze]
    Story Clear 15 [Bronze]
    I cleared all my main stories [Silver]
    It cleared with difficulty level LEGEND [Gold]
    I cleared 10 sub-stories [Bronze]
    I cleared 30 sub-stories [Bronze]
    I cleared all the sub-stories [Silver]
    I cleared 10 achievement lists [Bronze]
    I cleared 30 achievement inventories [Bronze]
    I cleared 50 achievement lists [Bronze]
    I cleared all the achievement list [Silver]
    I've mastered all the battle skills [Bronze]
    I have mastered all the heat actions [Bronze]
    I have mastered all other skills [Bronze]
    Funded a total of 1 million yen to sunflower [Bronze]
    I have mastered all the skills [Silver]
    Physical fitness exceeded 180 without equipment [Bronze]
    Attack power exceeded 180 without equipment [Bronze]
    Defense power exceeded 180 without equipment [Bronze]
    Heat gauge exceeded 180 without equipment [Bronze]
    I broke through one of the basic abilities [Bronze]
    All the basic ability was set to the maximum value [Silver]
    I cleared the sub-story "Ultimate Thug User" [Silver]
    I killed 100 enemies with equipment [Silver]
    I played all the play spots [Bronze]
    I won all the tournament competitions [Bronze]
    I cleared all bouncer missions [Bronze]
    Became a member of Four Shine [Bronze]
    Missed cabarette became 30 people [Bronze]
    I won the Cabakura Grand Prix [Bronze]
    I cleared the story of the water island [Bronze]
    I heard the trouble of all platinum cast [Bronze]
    I saw all the videos [Bronze]
    Became a member of Mashima Construction [Bronze]
    Employees of Mashima Construction exceeded 50 people [Bronze]
    I cleared the story of the clan creator [Bronze]
    Clan creator's mission clear score exceeded 200000 [Bronze]
    I opened all the coin lockers [Bronze]
    I ate at all the restaurants [Bronze]
    I took pictures 10 times on my mobile phone [Bronze]
    I drank all kinds of drinks from vending machines [Bronze]
    I destroyed the interior three times [Bronze]
    Possession exceeded 10 million yen [Bronze]
    I knocked down all the encount boss of the main part [Bronze]
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    No trophy about the Haruka's Mood, hope it's in this Kiwami at least. Don't like the new look of the trophies of Yakuza BTW.


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