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Thread: Sould Sanzaru make a third game?

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    Default Should Sanzaru make a third game?

    I am going to say a heresy. I bought 3DS... okay, two heresies... and I enjoyed Sonic Boom Fire and Ice MORE than Sonic Mania. Maybe that's because it was completely fresh experience for me. It was completely unlike any Sonic I played before and the new spin on speed-based platforming was awesome. It's amazing how it can find balance between fast-paced and precision platforming, controls are SO GOOD (aside from 3DS being a horribly designed device which makes my fingers hurt).

    It has better incentives to replay than Mania (speedrun challenges, collectables, races, minigames with additional objectives, not getting hit in boss fights...), better story (not a difficult feat, even Sonic 1 is better, but I can't believe I praise Pontaff game for story) and it was fresh. It was enough for me to say it was totally worth it. Oh, and I love how instead of looking for the fastest path, I was looking for the slowest to find collectables. Nice way of extending the game.

    However, the room for improvement is still noticeable. This is really a Sola Sonica game at heart despite having Heroes-style switching. Sonic is the fastest and has the best mobility, both on ground and in the air and other characters lose their usefulness after collecting their stuff. They should have separate modes for even more replay value (Mania did other characters better), music is good but blends too much with the background, when it's automated it brings even Forces to shame and the final island is just one boss and minigames... and that's all I can complain about.

    I really want Sanzaru Games to make their third Sonic game. The improvement from Shattered Crystal is a proof of how fast they learn and their newest game might be pure awesomeness. They could even take few lessons from Mania to make it even more fantastic! It's a proof that Sonic doesn't have to keep the same Classic/Adventure/Boost gameplay formulas and their variations and can try something completely fresh and it will be fun, as long it's fast-paced platforming not bottled by annoying gimmicks.

    I just hope it won't be exclusive to 3DS, my fingers hurt and I can't record it.
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    Based on their first game about navigation and map I'd give them a crack at making a knuckles treasure hunting game.

    However sonic lost world 3ds played better than their sonic I'd prefer more of this.

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    Not a third Boom game, the entire Boom initiative needs to die. Sanzaru can stick around as far as I'm concerned, but maybe for more of a spinoff (as in, something that actually plays differently from a regular Sonic game and not simply a Sonic game set in an alternate universe). Their games are just too average for me to have confidence in another main series game.
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    Fire and Ice was decent enough that I'd give them another shot.

    We may as well have something other than just the cartoon, though the cartoon was the primary component of the initiative and the most successful one.

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    I wouldn't mind a third game, (though the first one was so bad, I didn't even play the second yet) though I would object to another 3ds game.

    I'm sure they can make a hd multiplat release across all platforms like mania, and they can probably save money with a digital only/budget game.
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    Surprisingly, there might be a third one planned due to the cult status of the show. Probably a holdover from when it was more popular.


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