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Thread: SFV Season 3 intro (+Sakura trailer)

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    Default SFV Season 3 intro (+Sakura trailer)

    Blanka is finally in SFV, thank goodness. <3

    I think I'm all in for the Arcade Edition update.
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    That opening is clean as hell.

    I'm disappointed that Q and Oro have to sit it out for another year or so, but I already got my most wanted back in season 1 (Ibuki and Alex).
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    Like literally the day I decided I was finally gonna buy the vanilla SFV game used and just buy the Hot Ryu dlc online they announced the arcade edition. I was happy I had held off for so long, but then they said the physical arcade edition is just the vanilla SFV game with a voucher code... so I was sad again. LOL. Still gonna get it though.


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