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Thread: PlayStation 4, Call of Duty, and Star Wars Battlefront win the November NPD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanine View Post
    Aside from the fact that digital sales aren’t tracked on NPD (digital can account for up to 50% of a game’s total sales nowadays)
    Even if Doom's NPD number was doubled, I get the feeling that it still wouldn't reach 100K lol.

    Though really, I doubt it's 50% on the Switch since Nintendo fans are the type to buy physical instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanine View Post
    DOOM and Skyrim were late ports, released at full price. The average customer picking up a Switch is more likely to pick up the flagship titles first before giving those a thought. This makes your earlier remarks about Sonic Forces outselling DOOM a bit amusing, like that wasn’t already a $40 title and in a genre bound to attract more consumers.
    That's why I would love to see Sonic Forces numbers so we can get some better scale and context to all of this.

    Regardless, I mean sure these are ports of successful games that already made their money, so it's not like the switch ports sales are going to effect a potential sequel or what not, and since they weren't made from the ground up and were for the most part just ported, I can't imagine needing much in the way of sales to break even.

    But then again, we're talking about 2 of the better ip's from the developer. A extremely well known, praised game in skyrim, and one of the better titles of last year in Doom, so if either under performed, I can't imagine wanting to go ahead with W2 which more or less falls in line with the same scenario of Doom like you mentioned, a full priced delayed port.

    Personally, I'm kind of in the same line of thinking with you here, they're old games, and really there's nothing special about either of them, as aside from added dlc and some nintendo fanservice, it's the same ugly and broken skyrim, and Doom is an old game that is an impressive bench for the switch to prove that it isn't as weak as everybody thinks, but at the same time I can imagine anybody who really was excited for the game already played it already and wasn't going to double dip, even with "the boon of being on the go."

    Idk, there's a part of me that wants to ride all of this off as just a bad year one for ports, and frankly the way 2k shipped out their games, they didn't deserve sales either, and if they don't decide to support the switch, you're not losing anything with games that are more or less broken and near unplayable.

    But then again the same thing happened with the wii U with delayed ports that didn't perform well and barely 2 years later, it lost nearly all support,

    So hopefully the games lived up to betheseda's expectations, whatever they were, and all of this is nothing more than a mere bag of shells.
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