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Thread: Localization Rewrites

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    Default Localization Rewrites

    So on two occasions the localization producers for Yakuza said that they completely re-write the text AFTER it's translated, then things like f**kboy and buttball get added in conversation.. This is insane to me. Why would they pick apart translated text from experts in Japanese and English, then twist it up and take up more time and money?

    I've watched "Let's Players" for a long time, and on almost every playthrough I would hear groans and disapproval when Majima says "Cool story bro." Am I alone on this or does this seem like a thing that makes no sense on any level? I mean first the fact that a rough street smart Yakuza would go around saying things like "buttball" and "Cool story bro", memeing it up in 80s Japan makes zero sense. Not only that, memes are really like buzzwords that will make the game look really outdated. Nobody does "all your base" jokes and think wow that's hilarious, because it's outdated and sad.

    Do you approve of all of this? What do you guys think?

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    I'm not a big fan of this, but I'm happy that the tone of Kiwami seems to be closer to the rest of the mainline games (3-5) than 0.


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